How Long to Thaw Ice Cream Cake: 2 Great Techniques to Use

how long to thaw ice cream cake

Making ice cream cakes can be quite tricky, especially when there’s no in-depth guide! Today we’ll discuss exactly how long to thaw ice cream cake and the techniques to use. …

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Can You Eat Fondant: Best Ways to Know the Difference

can you eat fondant

Fondant is an incredibly unique ingredient used to make beautifully detailed decorations for cakes and baked goods. But, can you eat fondant?  The short answer: fondant is edible. However, the …

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How to Thicken Caramel Sauce: Top 3 Easy Tips

how to thicken caramel sauce

Is your caramel sauce too thin for your taste? Don’t lose hope and follow these step-by-step processes on how to thicken caramel sauce. The quickest method to thicken a caramel …

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How to Wrap Cupcakes Without Ruining Frosting: Facts

how to wrap cupcakes without ruining frosting

Whether for selling at a bake sale or freezing for another time, you will want to know how to wrap cupcakes without ruining frosting. Individually wrapped cupcakes need to be …

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How to Transport Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes: Easy Hacks

how to transport ice cream cone cupcakes

You may want to know the answer to how to transport ice cream cone cupcakes. Let’s take a closer look. Please know that the easiest method is to carry them …

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How to Keep Pie Crust From Getting Soggy: 1 Easy Solution

how to keep pie crust from getting soggy

If you’re struggling with soggy crusts, then this is for you! We will be looking at exactly how to keep pie crust from getting soggy in one 1 additional step. …

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How Long Do Muffins Last: Best Storage Methods

how long do muffins last

From chocolate chip to blueberry, muffins are a great dessert. They are particularly great homemade, but just how long do muffins last? To help keep them fresh and delicious for …

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How Long Is Fondant Good For? 3 Helpful Tips

how long is fondant good for

Fondant can be a wonderful tool to use for decorating cakes. However, you may have wondered, how long is fondant good for? The great thing about fondant is that it …

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Does Gelatin Expire? Plus 2 Forms Of Gelatin

does gelatin expire

Gelatin is used in many different desserts including cheesecake, mousse, ice cream, marshmallows, jelly desserts, and more. So, how does gelatin expire? Fortunately, the gelatin you have on hand can …

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Can You Freeze Chocolate Chips? Freeze & Please Chocoholics

can you freeze chocolate chips

If you do a lot of baking, you will want to know, can you freeze chocolate chips? Whether for cookies, brownies, or muffins, they are a wonderful addition. Fortunately, these delectable …

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What to Do With Leftover Cookies? Revive Your Superfluous

what to do with leftover cookies

Most cookie recipes will make 24-48 cookies, often leaving you with many leftovers. So, you may wonder what to do with leftover cookies. Fortunately, there are some great uses you …

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How Long Can a Fondant Cake Sit Out? Best 3 Ways to Store

how long can a fondant cake sit out

If you’re familiar with fondant, you know it can be extremely tricky to store. So, how long can a fondant cake sit out before changing texture? Today, we will have …

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How Much Batter Per Cupcake? Measuring 1 Cup Easily

how much batter per cupcake

Did you know there’s an accurate answer to how much batter per cupcake hole? However, there are variables that we will explore today. In this article, we will be doing …

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Edible Body Paint Recipe: 4 Easy Recipes for Adults and Kids

edible body paint recipe

Today, we will be looking at an edible body paint recipe. There is more than one reason you may want to use edible paint for adults and kids. Whichever yours …

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Sheet Cake Decorating Ideas: 4 Easy & Amazing Ideas

sheet cake decorating ideas

Today, we will look at some sheet cake decorating ideas for beginners. While they vary in skill level required, they are all beautiful, fun, and easy! We will focus specifically …

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Why Are My Cake Pops Cracking? 2 Reasons & Easy Ways To Fix

why are my cake pops cracking

Are you new to the art of making cake pops and wondering why are my cake pops cracking? We have the answers for you and ways to prevent and fix …

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Does Cotton Candy Expire? 3 Easy Storage Methods

does cotton candy expire

Does cotton candy expire? Today, we will not only answer this question but look at the best ways to extend its shelf life considerably! By understanding how cotton candy works …

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