How to Write On Cookies: 3 Easy Techniques and Expert Tips

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Last Updated on February 20, 2023

Are you wondering how to write on cookies? How do experts get crisp lines and sharp edges? Today, we crack the code and look at 3 techniques!

Writing on cookies using a projector is the easiest method to use. But, unfortunately not everybody has one on hand. Not to mention, they are quite expensive! So, our techniques today are all projector-free, but still incredibly effective!

Writing On Cookies

Decorated cookies have always been extremely popular. But lately, people have started taking it to a whole new level. These cookies can make beautiful and fun additions to bridal showers, baby showers, or even birthday parties.

But, they have also become an opportunity for people to express inside jokes or happy announcements. You can use these cookies to announce engagements, retirements, or expressions of your love for someone.

Now, as you can imagine, these cookies will be quite expensive if you are having them made by a bakery. So, why not make them yourself? It’s easier than you may think!

how to write in cursive on cookies

How to Write On Cookies – What You Will Need

To write on cookies, you can follow two main techniques. You can either write on them using a projector or without using a projector. And, each of these techniques has further sub-techniques that you can use.

Regardless of the technique you choose, there are a few things you are definitely going to need. This is a fantastic royal icing recipe and a piping bag set.

Piping Bag Set

This set should include some piping bags and piping nozzles. We prefer using reusable plastic piping bags that can be washed and dried. The silicone and material bags often become moldy or tear. Not to mention the thick material is difficult to use and control.

When choosing a piping tip for writing, you first have to consider how thick your lettering is going to be. You can go bold and modern, or thin and cursive. Whichever style you choose, it has to be legible, otherwise, there is no point in writing on the cookies.

Your tips should be round and have a diameter of between 1 to 3 mm wide. Remember, we are writing on cookies, which naturally won’t be extremely large, So, your lettering is also going to be quite small and you need a tiny tip to create legible lines.

Royal Icing

There are quite a few types of royal icing you can make. Regardless, they all should have the same consistency in writing. If you have ever attempted decorating cookies, you know that to flood (or fill) cookies, you need a different consistency than when piping details on them.

For writing, you will need very stiff royal icing. But, it shouldn’t break when you write. The consistency should resemble toothpaste!

How to Write On Cookies Without Using a Projector?

Today, we will only be looking at writing on cookies without using a projector. This is because these techniques are a lot more difficult to do. And, let’s be honest, no one really has a projector on-hand!

So, without further or do, here’s how to write on cookies using our expert free-hand techniques!

Method 1: Freehand lettering

This technique has been used for centuries. However, if we are being completely honest, it takes a lot of practice and patience. It doesn’t just come naturally to everyone. But, it doesn’t require any special equipment.

To freehand some letters, simply use the piping bag and write your message. Try to apply even pressure on the bag while writing. Also, don’t rush the lettering,g, and keep the piping bag about 1 to 2 inches from the cookie. You can easily control where the icing drops and the letters it forms.

Practice on a sheet of paper before writing on the actual cookie. This also allows you to make adjustments to your message or the size of the letters.

Method 2: Trace a design

For this technique, you will only need a needle or edible food pen. Then, on your flooded cookie or directly on the surface of the cookie, you can write out your message first. When using a needle, make small indent dots outlining the letters.

By simply doing this, you can easily and accurately write the letters while still doing it by hand.

Method 3: Wax paper letter transferring

This is the easiest method to use for beginners. And, it works especially well when making bulky letters. For this method, all that you need is printed paper with your message on it and some wax paper. Make sure your printed message is the correct size and will fit on the cookie.

Place the piece of wax paper over the printed paper. Because the wax paper is transparent, you should see the letters underneath. Now, simply pipe over the letter and allow the royal icing to harden.

Once hard, peel them off of your wax paper and stick them onto your cookies using soft royal icing. Easy, right?

Expert Tips and Tricks

  • Practice your writing on other surfaces before writing on your cookies. And, it helps to plan the exact size and design before getting started.
  • Make sure your icing is the correct pipeable consistency. You want it to have a toothpaste consistency, not runny at all.
  • If you make a mistake, don’t worry too much about it. Simply let the icing dry and scrape it off. Then, start again.
  • If you want to decorate the background of the cookie with a solid color, the consistency of the icing should be slightly thinner. This is called flooding. First, you create an outline along the edge of the cookie. Then, you allow it to slightly harden before adding a ton of runny icing inside the lines.
  • Lift your hand slightly higher than the cookie. This will help you easily control where the icing falls. This way you can even easily make cursive letters.

Heavy Duty Disposable Tipless Icing Piping Bags

Which Cookies Are the Best to Write-On?

Cookies that have a smooth surface definitely work the best! These are usually some type of sugar cookie recipe or even a gingerbread cookie recipe.

It also helps if the cookies are hard and have a flat surface. They are easy to handle and you don’t have to work around bumps at all.

Can You Use Tissue Paper to Write on Cookies?

Absolutely. While it’s not commonly used as an option for writing on cookies because of its delicacy, you can use it if needed. It’s not only cheap and accessible but relatively easy to do as well. It doesn’t matter what color your tissue paper is, just so long as you can see through it.

Firstly, either print your design or wording that you’d like on your cookie. Once cut, add the tissue paper over the top and then carefully trace the image or wording onto your tissue paper, being careful not to tear.

Once you’ve completed the design, lay the paper over your cookie and trace it onto your cookie; then do so with your icing. It really is that easy!

What’s the Best Way to Write on Cookies?

There are many ways to write on cookies and the best option to use is royal icing or edible markers. Whether you use tissue paper, wax paper, a projector,r or free-handing, all can look great if you have patience and practice enough.

Write on Cookies

How to Use Stamps on Cookies?

Another popular way of decorating cookies is by using cookie stamps. To do this, you can buy cookie stamps from almost anywhere. Then just stamp your wording into the dough. It should only be lightly pressed into the dough, and not all the way through. Then take the stamp off directly upwards to prevent any damage.

Royal Icing Consistency for Writing

Consistency is key when it comes to writing on cookies and finding the correct texture is really important. It will likely take some practice, but it’s easily achievable once you get the hang of it. The texture should be like peanut butter if you’re looking for a similar comparison.

It needs to be the right consistency because if it’s too thin, it’ll likely spread out and bleed into the cookie. However, if it’s too thick, it becomes easily breakable and will need a large amount of pressure when decorating.

Template Free Printable Icing Practice Sheets

If you’re looking to practice shapes such as stars, swirls, circles, lines, raindrops, moons, hearts,s, and flowers, there are some great free templates to practice with. I’ve found that the ones from Haniela’s are amazing, and are a great starting point for any new bakers.

Cursive Cake Writing Font Templates

You may want to practice writing, as well as shapes. Wicked Goodies has fantastic upper and lower writing font templates and comes with popular phrases such as happy birthday and congratulations. You can find these templates here.

How to Practice Writing With Chocolate

If you’re wanting to practice writing with chocolate, rather than royal icing – all you need is melted chocolate! Before you begin, line a baking sheet with parchment paper and tape it securely. Chill for at least five minutes before you get started. Then melt your chocolate and add it to a piping bag. Print your chosen design and place it beneath the parchment paper. Practice by piping the chocolate over paper and stencil. Once you get the hang of it, you can move on to decorating your cookies.

Wrapping It Up: How to Write On Cookies

Writing on cookies might be intimidating and even frustrating! But, using our techniques and expert tips, you will become a pro in no time. If you know of anybody wanting to learn this new skill, feel free to share this article with them and let us know what you think!


How to write on cookies without projector?

There are 3 techniques you can use. You can either just try and free hand the letters, or first trace them using a needle or edible food marker. However, the easiest technique you can use is to use our wax paper method. Once the letters have hardened, you can stick them onto the cookies.

How to write in cursive on cookies?

Writing in cursive is a bit more difficult as the letters are all connected. But, by raising your piping bag an inch or two above the cookie, you each easily control where the icing falls and create intricate looks and curves. Also, use a thin nozzle to ensure the loops show clearly and the letters are legible.

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