How To Store Fondant Decorations: 4 Helpful Tips

how to store fondant decorations

Are you looking for superb ways how to store fondant decorations? Fondant decorations are an excellent way to cover cakes. Although, it can be challenging to work with, especially when …

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How to Transport a Cake in a Car: 4 Helpful Tips

how to transport a cake in a car

Knowing how to transport a cake in a car is vital if you are a baker. People may think that a baker’s job ends after baking. However, there are times …

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Seafoam Icing: 1 Easy Recipe For All Your Decorating Needs

foam icing

This beautiful seafoam icing is the perfect color for any occasion. It is a great choice to use on birthday cakes, graduation cakes, baby shower cakes, and holiday cakes. Many …

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