Seafoam Icing: 1 Easy Recipe For All Your Decorating Needs

foam icing

This beautiful seafoam icing is the perfect color for any occasion. It is a great choice to use on birthday cakes, graduation cakes, baby shower cakes, and holiday cakes. Many …

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How Long Does Fondant Take to Dry? Plus 5 Helpful Tips

how long does fondant take to dry

Many cake bakers use fondant when decorating cakes to create beautiful and elaborate designs. You may wonder though, how long does fondant take to dry? Fondant can be a great …

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Can You Eat Fondant: Best Ways to Know the Difference

can you eat fondant

Fondant is an incredibly unique ingredient used to make beautifully detailed decorations for cakes and baked goods. But, can you eat fondant?  The short answer: fondant is edible. However, the …

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How Long Does Chocolate Take To Set: The Best Guide

how long does chocolate take to set

Many bakers will work with chocolate, whether they are making candies in molds or decorations for baked goods. However, chocolate needs proper time to set to keep its shape. If …

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Baby Shark Cake Ideas: Jaw-Dropping Cakes

baby shark cake ideas

Do you have any baby shark cake ideas for your kids? In general, baby shark-themed parties have been popular with children today. And the focal point of the party is …

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Can You Eat a Gingerbread House: Best Kept Secrets

can you eat a gingerbread house

Making gingerbread houses has been a long-time tradition, but lately, more people have been wondering, “can you eat a gingerbread house?” While it may seem like a silly question, you …

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Does Meringue Powder Expire? Shelf Life and Best Brands

does meringue powder expire

And the million-dollar question here is… does meringue powder expire? We’ve got the answer for you. You’ll see, meringue powder needs special care although it is a non-perishable product. Indeed, …

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Make Your Own Chocolate Transfer Sheets: How-To

make your own chocolate transfer sheets

Looking to take your desserts up a notch? Want to add some unique and incredible decorations to your desserts? If so, you will want to know how to make your …

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What to Write on Bridal Shower Cake: Best Wordings & Sayings

what to write on bridal shower cake

Looking for different ways on what to write on bridal shower cakes? You can choose from classic to traditional, that never go out of style. Essentially, bridal shower cakes are …

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How Long Does Cream Cheese Frosting Last: Best Storage Tips

how long does cream cheese frosting last

How long does cream cheese frosting last and does it need to be refrigerated? The answer is indeed a yes; let’s take a closer look. In addition to that, you …

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How to Make Icing Less Sweet – The 4 Best Ways

how to make icing less sweet

Today, you’ll be given some sweet tips on how to make icing less sweet. We’ll also explain how to adjust the consistency of your icing and frosting. This tutorial will …

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How to Make Peach Color Icing? Master the Art of Color Mixing

how to make peach color icing

Are you interested in knowing how to make peach color icing? Remember that the suggested ratio is three red to four yellow when using gel food coloring. Generally, every part …

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How to Put Sprinkles On The Side Of a Cake – 4 Easy Ways

how to put sprinkles on the side of a cake

If you want to learn how to put sprinkles on the side of a cake, then this in-depth guide is for you! All of the techniques are easy and very …

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How to Thicken Coconut Milk: Incredible Recipe With 3 Effective Methods

how to thicken coconut milk

Wondering how to thicken coconut milk as cream? We have the best tips and tricks for you to achieve this. You won’t believe how easy it is to make it. …

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Is Gel Food Coloring Oil Based: A Must-See Guide

is gel food coloring oil based

Today, we’re going to be answering the question: is gel food coloring oil based? Food coloring is a great way to brighten up your favorite desserts. Using oil-based food coloring …

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How to Make Edible Glitter for Drinks: Amazingly Easy Recipe

Amazing Edible Glitter for Drinks

Today, we’re going to look at how to make edible glitter for drinks. If you are wanting to make your next get-together more exciting, edible glitter for drinks can make …

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Lego Cake Ideas Without Fondant: 3 Fun Recipes

lego cake ideas without fondant

If you are looking for Lego cake ideas without fondant, we have you covered. DIY Lego-themed cakes are everywhere and make great birthday cakes. But, most of the Lego-themed cakes …

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Bear Cake Ideas: 2 Delicious & Adorable Recipes

bear cake ideas

Celebrate your child’s birthday party and make it special by making one of these adorable bear cake ideas. These cake ideas are super fun! Not only that but also it …

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What Does Champagne Cake Taste Like? Easy & Tasty Recipe

what does champagne cake taste like

Do you still keep asking yourself ‘what does champagne cake taste like?’ If you do, then it is best to know that it tastes like champagne. Also, keep in mind …

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Delicious Sour Cream Coconut Cake Recipe

sour cream coconut cake

Are you looking for the best homemade sour cream coconut cake recipe? If you are then, I got you. This sour cream coconut recipe is extremely moist and has an …

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