Safari Cakes For Baby Showers: 3 Super Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss

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Last Updated on February 18, 2023

Looking for some ideas for safari cakes for baby showers? Take a look at this article!

Honestly, there is no better reason to get together than to celebrate a little human being who is about to come into this world. Babies are so cute, soft and have the most beautiful baby scent that I’m literally melting as I write this.

So, regardless of whether you are hosting a baby shower or gathering with friends at a potluck, take a look at this article to get the most unique safari cakes for baby showers ideas. I can’t wait to get into the details.

How To Get Started?

The safari theme in itself is quite fun and should evoke a feeling of happiness and excitement in the guests for all of the adventures that a new baby will bring, not only to the parents but also to the whole community. That is exactly why we suggest you choose one or even several statement lines that will run through the entire showering, from wall decorations to cakes and invitations.

Some of our all-time favorites include the following:

“The adventure begins!”

“The pack is getting bigger!”

“Welcome new baby to the jungle!”

“It’s about to get wild!”

Do you have any ideas of your own that you would like to share with us? Well, it sounds great, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below. We look forward to reading your suggestions.

Safari Cakes For Baby Showers

Safari cakes are among the most popular trends not only for baby showers but for all kinds of gatherings and special occasions. When you think about it, it is not so strange because many elements fit perfectly into this overall concept. For example, you can’t go wrong if you put animal cake toppers, edible colorful splatter, fondant animals, and leaves on the cake.

Is there anyone who can say that all this is old-fashioned or doesn’t like it? I have never met such a person. All the people I’m surrounded by are simply crazy about a safari-themed baby shower cake, and I hope that together we can pass that madness on to you, our dear reader.

Check out my favorite safari cake ideas below. I hope you will fall in love with at least one of them, although I think you will love each one individually because they are so unique.

Choose the finish

When it comes to safari cakes for baby showers, the most important thing is to choose what finish you want it to have. Accordingly, you can choose between a naked, semi-naked, or fully-covered cake. This isn’t just an unimportant step that you can skip, as it has an impact in so many aspects, from the price to the style of decoration, the texture and freshness of the cake, allergens, and dietary requirements, and much more.

Safari Cake Ideas

Let’s finally get to the point!

Pink and gold safari cake

A cute little girl is coming to your tribe? We are so glad to hear that! If you want to treat yourself or your friend who will soon give birth to a wonderful baby girl, I think you won’t go wrong if you choose a combination of pink and gold details.

For example, a cake can be super simple on the outside, bare without fondant, or some super heavy frosting because you know what they say, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”. Don’t shy away from these types of cakes as they are usually baked and layered with many types of fillings to add flavor and moistness.

Furthermore, in order to keep everything in the spirit of the theme of the party, you can decorate it with lion, giraffe, zebra, and baby elephant figurines. These figurines can wear crowns made from a combination of pink and gold flowers and green foliage. Additionally, you can put a pom pom garland and/or mini presents stacked together and tied with a ribbon bow, which will also be a combination of green, pink, and gold.

pink and gold safari cake

Tall jungle cake

After you started making a list of people you want to invite to this get-together, you realized that there will be more of you than you originally thought. We have got you covered! The best thing you can do is get a two-tiered cake. Besides, there will be enough for all the guests, so you can go with the theme.

Speaking of jungle theme baby shower cakes, try to imagine the following: The bottom layer of the cake is a super juicy chocolate sponge cake with chocolate filling, and the top layer is made of pillowy soft crumb and creamy vanilla buttercream. Can it get any better than this? – Probably not!

You can decorate the cake by stenciling it with royal icing or whipped cream, fondant animals, and animal-printed chocolate balls. Ingenious!

Safari experience with edible leaves

If you are thinking about making or purchasing safari cakes for baby showers, we have a great idea for you.

Namely, things don’t have to be complicated at all. For example, if you’re expecting a girl, you can opt for a classic cake like the White Cake with Berry-Swiss Meringue Buttercream (it’s pink on the inside). On the other hand, if you’re expecting a boy, you don’t need to go beyond a simple frosted ombre cake with buttercream or a cake filled with lollies (it’s blue on the inside).

As for the decoration, all you have to do is make the cake, cover it with frosting, and decorate it with store-bought jungle leaves, sprinkles, and pearls. Trust me, you can buy or order these decorations online for less than $8, and they can make your cake look like you bought it at the most expensive cake shop in town.


To Round Up

When you think about it, no party is complete without a cake to mark the occasion, right? The same applies when it comes to the imminent arrival of the youngest in your tribe. With a little creativity, effort, and time, it is really possible to make the most delicious and appealing safari cakes for baby showers.

We hope you find these ideas useful. I tried to make them modern, unique, and suitable for every skill level.

Have questions? Let me know in the section below.

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