Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? The Best Way To Do It

Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? The Best Way To Do It

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The question of whether can you freeze angel food cake is ages old, the short answer is yes but the real question is how? Angel food cake is a very special dessert. It is made out of, mainly, egg whites. This makes it a bit less stable than other desserts like cookies or brownies. In the fridge, it will not last longer than a week. So you can definitely freeze it if you find yourself needing to store it for longer. We have some advice, though, and we hope it is useful for you!

Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake?
Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? The...
Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? The Best Way To Do It

Freezing angel food cake is a great way to store it without it going bad in the fridge. It is a great candidate for freezing because it does not have oils in it. Oils are the main issue baked goods have in the freezer as they can separate from the rest of the dessert. In this case, you will not encounter that problem.

Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake

How Long can you Freeze Angel Food Cake?

Actually, it can last from 4 to 6 months in the freezer maintaining its first-day glory unscathed. What we do recommend, however, is that you freeze it as soon as you can. This will preserve its airy and fluffy texture and prevent it from drying out. I mean, it being a fat-free dessert is great but it does make it dry out sooner rather than later.

The Best Way to Do It

1. First, you will want to cut the cake into slices and wrap them in two layers of plastic wrap or aluminum foil to prevent freezer burn.

2. Place each slice, with its protective layers, inside freezer bags and label them. Remember to take the air out and seal them as well.

3. Place the bags into a large container and then into the freezer. You have a dessert for 6 months! Hurray!

The Best Way to Do It

This is a great way to do it because you will prevent any freezer burn. Angel food cake is a delicate flavor and is susceptible to picking up any odors that are present inside the freezer. Imagine a chicken-flavored angel food cake… That does not sound appealing at all!

This method will also prevent the cake from getting squished by anything, as you will place it inside a hard container.

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Defrosting Your Cake

Remember that to defrost anything, you need to place it in the fridge and NOT at room temperature! It will take a few hours for your cake to reach its pre-freezer stage, so be patient!

If you cannot wait, though, you can always just place it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

We recommend you eat it right away! It will dry out pretty quickly. If this happens, you can always add some fruit sauce, it pairs up nicely.

And another thing, never refreeze cake you have already thawed!

Defrosting Your Cake

As a final tip, if you ever see a green spot on your cake, then its time for you to dump it, no matter how delicious it once was. If it has a weird smell, throw it out too. Better safe than sorry!

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