What To Do With Mushy Apples – 8 Incredible Recipe Ideas

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Last Updated on February 17, 2023

Don’t you just hate opening the fridge to find that all your apples are mealy? Well, today we have the best ideas for what to do with mushy apples!

Our list includes some of the most traditional apple dishes, but we have also gone a little bit more modern with the idea. So, have we piqued your interest yet? Read on to find out what to do with mushy apples!

Why Do Apples Go Mushy?

Apples are one of the most popular everyday fruits. And while they are one of the longest-lasting fruits there is, unfortunately, they do go mushy after a while. Many people wonder why exactly that is.

Well, naturally you can guess that it has to do with aging. Apples, like all fresh fruits, are perishable. So, after a while their structure starts breaking down, causing them to deteriorate.

When apples go mushy, it is merely the start of them losing their freshness. At first, they may not become visibly bad or even unsafe to eat.

When apples are fresh, their cells are tightly packed and contain a ton of juices. This gives them a crisp bite and juicy flavor.

However, as they age, these cells start breaking down which causes their bonds to weaken. This means that they can no longer hold as much juice (moisture). In turn, it results in the apple becoming mealy and mushy.


Are Mushy Apples Safe to Eat?

There is nothing wrong with slightly mushy apples other than a somewhat unappealing texture. They are completely safe to eat and don’t contain any harmful mold or bacteria.

Only once you start seeing discoloration in the apple, rotten parts, notice a rancid smell and strange flavor, should you discard the apple.

And before you ask, unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to reverse this effect. It is a natural part of life. So, for that reason, we have compiled the ultimate list of what to do with mushy apples.

What to Do With Mushy Apples

Just because your apple has gone mushy and is no longer crisp, doesn’t mean that it should be discarded! Here are our top 8 favorite things to do with mushy apples. And, let this list serve as inspiration for more wonderful dishes you can make! Ready to get started?

1. Apple pie

Apple pie is naturally one of the most obvious dishes when thinking about what to do with mushy apples. This is because the filling for apple pie is cooked which makes them completely soft and mushy too! So, now there is no need to waste crispy juicy apples on a cooked filling.

And, if you have a very bland apple flavor, you can always enhance it with some apple extract. Otherwise, you can use natural enhancers like salt, sugar, and lemon juice. When these are used in the right ratio, they can create a delicious pie!

2. Apple crumble

Apple crumbles and apple pie mainly differ in how they are topped. Also known as a Dutch apple pie, this dish is topped with a streusel topping. Then, once baked, it creates an uber-crunchy pie that has even more flavor.

Now, the filling for traditional apple crumble does vary slightly from an apple pie. It often contains more spices and has a more juicy apple filling.

3. Apple filling or stuffing

Now, we have already discussed fillings for apple pie and apple crumble, but you can also make a delicious filling for a savory dish! For example, you can make delicious apple and pecan nut stuffing for chicken, pork, or turkey!

When most people research what to do with mushy apples, they always go for the sweet dishes. But believe us when we recommend giving the savory ones a try too!

4. Apple butter

If you aren’t familiar with apple butter, it is the first thing you have to make with mushy apples! it is essentially a type of thick spread that is used as a topping. As the name suggests, you can use it like you would regular butter on pieces of bread, crackers, muffins, and scones.

You can also use it as a dip on a platter, a topping for chicken nuggets, or a delicious thick baste for pork chops. Trust us, no matter how you decide to use it, it will be one of the best uses for mushy apples.

5. Apple sauce

Apple sauce differs from apple butter because it is much runnier. And, its consistency can even be adjusted to being a type of salad dressing. When making apple sauce, it often consists of cooked mushy apples and a flavoring liquid (used to adjust the consistency).

6. Apple bakes (cakes and muffins)

There are a ton of fun baking recipes you can make using mushy apples. But for most of them, you will first have to make apple puree. This puree is extremely easy to make. Simply cook the apples and blend them.

Once cooled, you can incorporate the puree into batters and doughs to make pancakes, muffins, cakes, bread, and pastries.

7. Apple bars

Apple bars are the perfect on-the-go snack to make with mushy apples. Essentially, you want to make a type of apple pie bar. The base is made with a crumble which is then topped with a stiff baked apple filling.

This stiffness can only be achieved by adding a thickening agent like corn starch or a roux. Once the entire tray has been baked and set, they are sliced into bars and served.

8. Apple crisps

Last on our list, but certainly not least, you can make apple crisps with mushy apples. And, considering you will likely be seasoning them with salt, the bland flavor of these apples can be easily hidden.

How long do apples last in fridge

To make apple crisps you will need a mandolin that can thinly slice fruits and vegetables. Once they are sliced, you can slowly dehydrate them in a low-heat oven or a dehydrator.

How to Tell When an Apple is Bad

Like all fruit, apples have a shelf life and can go bad. Fortunately, some distinct signs allow you to tell if your apple has gone bad or not.

In most cases, if an apple has a couple of bruises it will still be safe to eat, it may just not taste as good. However, drastic changes in texture and appearance are usually an indicator that your apple has gone bad. 


Change in texture is usually the biggest indicator that your apple has gone bad. If your apple has become soft and very mushy, it is no longer safe to eat. In addition, you want to avoid eating wrinkly apples

While the outside of the apple may still look good, sometimes the inside isn’t. If the inside of your apple is grainy or mealy, this is usually an indicator that it is no longer good. 


A change in an apple’s appearance usually indicates that it is no longer good. If the apple is covered in brown spots you want to toss it out as it will no longer taste good. In addition, if the apple has lots of holes and blemishes it is best to not take your chances. 

Also, if you notice any liquid dripping out of your apple then you should not eat it. If the sink appears dull and soft you should throw the apple out.


The smell is an easy way to discover if something has gone bad or not, including apples. If the apple has a sour or rotting smell then you should throw it out as it isn’t good anymore.


The taste of an apple can vary by the variety of the apple. However, if the apple has a bad taste when you bite into you should not eat it as this is a sign that it has gone bad. 

Insect Holes or Mold

Before eating, inspect the apple for insect holes or mold. If the apple has either then throw it away.

Insect holes are small, round holes that can appear on your apple. In some cases, the insect may still even be in your apple, which is certainly unpleasant.

Mold is white, blue, or green and color and comes with a musky smell and fuzzy appearance. Mold can appear on the inside or outside of your apple so be sure to check carefully. 

Healthy Uses for Old Apples

Just because your apple is getting old doesn’t mean that you have to throw it away. As long as it doesn’t display any signs listed above that it has gone bad then you can still use it. 

One option is to make a baked apple. You can add a little bit of cinnamon to your baked apple to make it an extra tasty treat. You can also chop the apple and add it to a salad for a hint of sweetness.

In addition, apples also make a great addition to fruit salad. You can even add chopped apples to your chicken salad sandwich as it will add a great texture. 

You can also chop up your apples and add them to a sangria for a refreshing drink. Old apples are also great for making apple chips, which make for a healthy snack. 

old apples

Bottom Line – What to Do With Mushy Apples

As you can see, there is no shortage of ideas about what to do with mushy apples. All you have to do is use a bit of creativity and think about how to hide the mealy texture and often bland flavor.

Let us know in the comments below some of your ideas on what to do with mushy apples!


What are mushy apples good for?

Mushy apples work best in recipes where they get cooked or baked. This can be anything from a filling, stuffing, sauce, or to make crispy apple chips. These techniques will also help hide their often bland flavor.

Can you cook mushy apples?

Not only can you cook mushy apples, but we recommend it. When you cook crispy fresh apples, they completely soften and lose this crispness. For this reason, when you cook already soft apples, as they won't really change texture as much. This way, you can get rid of them and not waste perfectly juicy crisp apples.

Can you use mushy apples for pie?

You can easily use mushy apples for either a traditional apple pie or an apple crumble. There are an endless amount of apple filling recipes that incorporated different kinds of nuts, fruits, and spices.

How long do apples last in fridge?

Once you have bought apples from the store, they will last inside of the fridge for roughly 6-8 weeks. Of course, this depends entirely on whether or not you store them correctly and how old they were when you bought them. Store them unwashed and individually wrapped inside the fridge.

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