About Me

Welcome to Cakedecorist, a lovely little place on the internet where baking is made easy!

My great passion for baking started when I was a little girl. I used to spend a lot of time with my grandma, who was an incredible woman and a big sweet tooth. As a true cake connoisseur, she could recognize every ingredient on her palate and recreate the entire making process, but would always add a bit of a personal touch. And she did it with such ease! Little is to say that her cookies and cakes were the tastiest ones I ever tried. I was her little helper, so she let me in on her secret – “Cakes taste the best when you are relaxed and have fun making them, love”.

In today’s day and age, when we live so fast and have very little time, it can get a bit hard to have fun in the kitchen. When the schedule is tight, it is difficult to relax and complicated recipes only make the matter worse. Having this in mind, I decided to offer my readers only the best, simple recipes, and a lot of easy tips and tricks for creating delicious pieces of art.

Karen Rutherford