3-Ingredients Cornstarch Cookies Recipe (Brazilian Cookies with Maizena)

3-Ingredients Cornstarch Cookies Recipe

These cornstarch cookies require just 3 ingredients and they’re traditional Brazilian cookies that you won’t be able to resist! They’re usually made using cornstarch and sweetened condensed milk, giving them a unique and light flavor. This recipe is suitable for varying dietary lifestyles and is super easy to make from scratch. But how do you … Read more

BEST Coffee Cookies Recipe (Espresso Biscuits)

BEST Coffee Cookies Recipe Espresso Biscuits

There’s nothing better than a coffee cookie to go with your cup of Joe, so you’ll definitely want to try this coffee cookie recipe. They’re espresso cookies that are filled with gooey melted chocolate. Is there a better pairing than chocolate and coffee? I certainly don’t think so! But how do you go about making … Read more

Coconut Pecan Cookies Recipe [CHEWY & EASY]

Coconut pecan cookies recipe

If you’re looking for the perfect coconut pecan cookies, then look no further. The ideal balance of both crispy and chewy, with the sweetness of the coconut and the saltiness of the pecans – they make for an on-the-go, easy treat. But how do you go about making these coconut pecan cookies? Let’s take a … Read more

Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies Recipe – Soft and Tasty

Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies Recipe

If you’re looking for a delicious strawberry cheesecake cookies recipe, then look no further! Buttery and tender cookies, bursting with the flavor of fresh strawberries and a tangy cream cheese filling. The tiny pieces of strawberries within the cookies add both flavor and texture. The edges must be slightly crisp, but the middle is light … Read more

NO BAKE Cookie Dough Bites Recipe

NO BAKE Cookie Dough Bites Recipe

If you’re looking for quick and delicious cookie dough bites, then look no further! They take little time to prep, require no eggs and also use treated flour to ensure they’re as safe as can possibly be. Whether you’re looking for a tasty snack or a treat for an occasion, these cookie dough bites are … Read more

What Does Flour Do in Cookies? Plus 6 Types of Flour

what does flour do in cookies

When it comes to making cookies flour is one of the most important ingredients. So, just what does flour do in cookies? As the first ingredient in cookie recipes, flour is essential to a delicious cookie. Without it, the cookie would not come together and you would have an ooey-gooey mess. Flour is not something … Read more

How to Write On Cookies: 3 Easy Techniques and Expert Tips

how to write on cookies

Are you wondering how to write on cookies? How do experts get crisp lines and sharp edges? Today, we crack the code and look at 3 techniques! Writing on cookies using a projector is the easiest method to use. But, unfortunately not everybody has one on hand. Not to mention, they are quite expensive! So, … Read more

Edible Paint for Cookies: Fun Food Art Recipe

edible paint for cookies

What to do when using edible paint for cookies? Keep in mind that colorful and decorative sugar cookies are perfect for any occasion. However, using royal icing for decorating sugar cookies is time-consuming. Suppose you want a convenient way to make colorful sugar cookies; try painting with food coloring instead. Painting with food coloring is … Read more

What to Do With Leftover Cookies? Revive Your Superfluous

what to do with leftover cookies

Most cookie recipes will make 24-48 cookies, often leaving you with many leftovers. So, you may wonder what to do with leftover cookies. Fortunately, there are some great uses you can put your leftover cookies to so they don’t go to waste. If you have a desire for cookies but don’t have anyone to share … Read more

Does Almond Extract Go Bad: Complete Guide

does almond extract go bad

Almond extract is commonly used in cookies and cakes to give them a delicious, deep flavor. Many avid bakers will keep it on hand, as they use it regularly in baking. If you have it in your pantry, you may wonder, does almond extract go bad? Almond extract gives baked goods a delicious flavor without … Read more

How To Make Skin Color Fondant: A Guide

How To Make Skin Color Fondant

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at how to make skin color fondant and how to incorporate that fondant into your baking. While they do sell skin color fondant nowadays, it’s relatively difficult to find in comparison to base colors of fondant. For this reason, sometimes it’s easier to just make your own; … Read more

How Long Do Sugar Cookies Last? 3 Easy Storage Methods

how long do sugar cookies last

How long do sugar cookies last? Generally, sugar cookies are soft, buttery, and delicious treats great for birthdays, weddings, and Christmas. Typically, sugar cookie recipes make big batches of cookies, and as fast as they run out, people want to make them in advance to share and eat them with others. So that leads us … Read more

Can You Eat a Gingerbread House: Best Kept Secrets

can you eat a gingerbread house

Making gingerbread houses has been a long-time tradition, but lately, more people have been wondering, “can you eat a gingerbread house?” While it may seem like a silly question, you would be surprised as to how many inedible gingerbread houses emerge during the festive season. Our answer; depends on how you want to use it. … Read more

Cake Flour For Cookies: Our Tips for Best Cookies

cake flour for cookies

From chocolate chip to sugar, you can’t beat freshly baked cookies. There are many different recipes and variations when it comes to making cookies. One variation involves using cake flour for cookies. This simple hack will result in some truly delicious cookies. However, cake flour doesn’t work for every cookie recipe, as it does change … Read more

Why Are My Cookies Not Spreading: The Best Tips for Cookies

why are my cookies not spreading

Wondering why are my cookies not spreading. It’s hard to beat freshly baked cookies straight out of the oven. However, if your cookies don’t spread they can lose their delicious texture. You may wonder, why are my cookies not spreading and what can I do to fix them. Cookies that don’t spread at all can … Read more

How to Make Meringue Without Cream Of Tartar: 6 Recipes

how to make meringue without cream of tartar

Learning how to make meringue without cream of tartar is a great way to make a delicious recipe. Also, they are beautiful white cookies that look like puffy white stars. In that regard, you can make these recipes if you have leftover egg whites while baking.  Furthermore, these meringue cookies are good to make for … Read more

Cookie Dough Dip Without Cream Cheese: Delicious Recipe

cookie dough dip without cream cheese

Let’s take a look at how to make cookie dough dip without cream cheese. We all love sneaking a bite of cookie dough before putting our cookies in the oven. Cookie dough just has an irresistibly sweet taste that is hard to say no to. Luckily, this delicious cookie dough dip recipe without cream cheese … Read more

Devil’s Food Cookies: Amazing Duncan Hines 20-Minute Cookies Recipe

devil's food cookies

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at devil’s food cookies. You have to try our lusciously sweet and chewy Duncan Hines devil’s food fudge cookies recipe. It’s hard to believe they take 20 minutes to make! This recipe, like virtually all of our others, is incredibly versatile and flexible. This means you can … Read more

What Does Cream of Tartar Do in Cookies? 4 Special Functions

what does cream of tartar do in cookies

Have you ever wondered “what does cream of tartar do in cookies?”. If you were planning on leaving it out, you may want to read this informative article. Cream of tartar is an essential, yet underrated, an ingredient in the kitchen. It has many important functions, yet people think they can just skip over it. … Read more

Macaron Recipe Without Almond Flour: Nut-Free Delicacies

macaron recipe without almond flour

Today, we’re going to be looking at a macaron recipe without almond flour. So, how to make macarons without almonds? Before anything else, many people do not believe that a macaron without almonds is possible as they think that a macaron is dependent on almond flour. For that reason, the thought of its absence is … Read more

Betty Crocker Sour Cream Cookies – Flexible & Easy Recipe

betty crocker sour cream cookies

Who doesn’t love a classic cookie? Well, we are bringing back these old-school Betty Crocker sour cream cookies and giving them a second life! They are easy to make and are relatively quick for old-school cookies. And, we have still retained their original tasty flavor and semi-crunchy texture- albeit not exactly like the original recipe. … Read more

Convert Cookie Recipe To Bars for Perfect Treats Every Time

convert cookie recipe to bars

Are you in a bit of a rush? Yet, do you have cookie cravings? And you ask yourself “can I convert cookie recipe to bars?”. The answer is yes. You can make them. However, you may find it tiring to do all that rotation of pans and scooping.  Additionally, what if you do not want … Read more

No Bake Rice Krispie Cookies: Quick Recipe

no bake rice krispie cookies

Craving for a recipe that is super delicious and incredibly easy? Try making these no-bake Rice Krispie cookies with oatmeal. This recipe will be super easy to make since you do not have to use the oven. Making this at home can also be a fun activity for your family; especially the kids. So indulge … Read more

Delicious Vegan Cookies No Butter Recipe in Just a Few Steps

vegan cookies no butter

Searching for delicious vegan cookies no butter recipe that is soft, tasty, healthy, and will melt in your mouth? Well, you came to the right place because aside from the things mentioned, these cookies are chewy in the middle, hardly crisp on their edges, and loaded with chocolate chips.  Vegan baking is not difficult to … Read more

Easy M&M Cookies Without Brown Sugar – 20 Decadent Treats

Easy M&M Cookies Without Brown Sugar - 20 Decadent Treats

These M&M cookies without brown sugar are extremely easy to make. They’re extremely soft, chewy, and loaded with sweet chocolatey flavors. Today we will show you how to make M&M cookies from scratch. And we’ve included some expert tips too. These will help make the cookies come out perfectly every time! Can You Make Chocolate … Read more

The Best Gingerbread Mix: Easy And Delicious Cookies

best gingerbread mix

This list of gingerbread cookie mixes only includes the best brands out there! They can all be found online and are budget-friendly too. For the best gingerbread mix, look no further. Today, we will be diving deep into the world of gingerbread pre-mixes, specifically for chewy cookies. We’ve included a wide range of products and guarantee … Read more

How To Store Frosted Cookies – 3 Effective Storage Options

Remove term: Do cookies frosted with royal icing need to be refrigerated? Do cookies frosted with royal icing need to be refrigerated?Remove term: How do you store sugar cookies with buttercream frosting? How do you store sugar cookies with buttercream frosting?Remove term: How long can frosted cookies sit out? How long can frosted cookies sit out?Remove term: how to store frosted cookies how to store frosted cookiesRemove term: Should I refrigerate frosted cookies? Should I refrigerate frosted cookies?

Do you know how to store frosted cookies? In today’s article, we’ll explore the best methods and tricks you can use to extend your cookies’ shelf life. What Are Frosted Cookies? You may be a little confused about this question. Frosted cookies are frosted cookies, right? Wrong! Today, there are so many different types of … Read more

What To Add To Dry Cookie Dough? Causes And 2 Easy Fixes

What To Add To Dry Cookie Dough

What to add to dry cookie dough to fix it? Today, we’ll look at 2 easy ways you can add moisture to a crumbly dry dough to save it before baking! Sometimes, store-bought cookies can’t satisfy your cravings. Only homemade recipes will do the thing. So, it’s almost devastating when you put in the effort, … Read more

How Long Do Unfrosted Sugar Cookies Last? Easy 3-Way Guide

How Long Do Unfrosted Sugar Cookies Last

How long do unfrosted sugar cookies last? We will look at the best way to store unfrosted sugar cookies to make them last longer than ever before! How To Properly Store Plain Sugar Cookies Before answering “how long do unfrosted sugar cookies last?” it’s important to understand how they should be stored. And what will … Read more

How To Moisten Cookies After Baking – 3 Foolproof Easy Ways

How To Moisten Cookies After Baking - 3 Foolproof Easy Ways

Did your cookies overbake? You don’t have to toss them! We have the ultimate guide on how to moisten cookies that will save your entire batch! Why Do You Need To Moisten Cookies? You would be surprised as to how many reasons there are to learn how to moisten cookies. But first, you need to … Read more

Delicious Tollhouse Sugar Cookie Recipe

Delicious Tollhouse Sugar Cookie Recipe

You simply can’t go wrong with sugar cookies, as they are a versatile, tasty dessert. This delicious Tollhouse sugar cookie recipe is one you will want to keep on hand for any occasion. They are great for Christmas or any holiday celebration you want to enjoy. This sugar cookie option is great if you have … Read more

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Recipes – Easy Choc Chip Cookies

Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Recipes - Easy Choc Chip Cookies

Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free recipes contain a ton of tasty baked goods. Today, we were inspired to make our version of a gluten-free choc chip cookie. This recipe, like theirs, is very easy to make, doesn’t take up an entire day, and is oozing with a ton of melty chocolate! What Are Bob’s Red Mill … Read more

Cherry Extract For Baking – The Ultimate Helpful Guide

Cherry Extract For Baking - The Ultimate Helpful Guide

If you are feeling like experimenting with some new flavors, why not give cherry extract for baking a try? It is incredibly delicious and easy to make! Cherry flavor is a lot more versatile than you may think. It can be used for both savory and sweet dishes and is extremely refreshing. It also naturally … Read more

30-Minute Delicious Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies

30-Minute Delicious Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies

Finding a working gluten-free cookie recipe can be difficult! Luckily, we have developed an easy recipe for Betty Crocker gluten-free sugar cookies! These cookies use a cake premix to cut down on preparation time and make your clean-up much easier. Furthermore, it is an extremely versatile recipe when it comes to flavor. So, if you … Read more

Sugar Cookie Dough Too Dry? – Reasons Why!

Sugar Cookie Dough Too Dry

Is your sugar cookie dough too dry? But before that, please know that eating a sugar cookie makes everything better. In addition to that, the best time to enjoy a cookie is during holidays when you get to share them with the people you love, and your house has plenty of the mouthwatering scent of … Read more

How To Make Cookie Dough Thicker

How To Make Cookie Dough Thicker

How to make cookie dough thicker? Thin cookie dough is a recipe for disaster. In essence, flat cookies are not great to look at and are unsuitable to munch on; thin cookie dough makes flatter and less flavorful cookies. So, if you want to grasp how to make your cookie dough thicker, here are quick … Read more

3 Fantastic And Easy Ways How To Fix Runny Cookie Dough

3 Fantastic And Easy Ways How To Fix Runny Cookie Dough

One of the biggest cookie problems we often run into is a wet dough. Luckily, we have some of the best methods for how to fix runny cookie dough. And, you would be shocked to learn how easy they really are! Today, we will look at exactly how to avoid these issues in the first … Read more

Storing Undecorated Sugar Cookies

Storing Undecorated Sugar Cookies

Simple yet delicious, sugar cookies are one of the most popular types of cookies. Properly storing undecorated sugar cookies is important so they stay as fresh for as long as possible without drying out. These tasty cookies are best enjoyed when they are fresh and chewy. The great thing about sugar cookies is that you … Read more

Best Ways How To Roll Dough – 3 Tricks To Prevent Sticking

Best Ways How To Roll Dough

Dough can be extremely challenging to work with! Luckily, we’ve created the ultimate guide to help you how to roll dough perfectly every time! Today, we will explore the many ways to prevent dough from sticking to your surfaces, and how you can roll even layers consistently. And, we have also included a tutorial on … Read more