How Long Does Gelatin Last

How Long Does Gelatin Last?

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Gelatin is used in many different desserts including cheesecake, mousse, ice cream, marshmallows, jelly desserts, and more. So, how long does gelatin last? Fortunately, the gelatin you have on hand can last for a very long time.

Gelatin has been used in baking for many years. It is a relatively common ingredient that many bakers have on hand. It is an important ingredient for enhancing the texture of different foods.

What Is Gelatin?

Gelatin is an ingredient used in making different foods that is translucent, flavorless, and colorless. It is made from collagen which comes from boiling different animal body parts including bones, ligaments, and tendons. Most commonly, pig and cow parts are used to make gelatin.

When dry, gelatin is brittle, but it becomes rubbery when it gets wet. In addition to being used in foods, it is also used in cosmetics, medications, vitamins, and more.

What does gelatin do to foods?

When added to foods, gelatin works as a thickening agent. In addition, it is also used to stabilize foods and enhance texture.

Gelatin is added to water where it is able to bloom. If adding it to a warm mixture, the sheets are wrung out and then added directly into your mixture. If you are adding it to a cold mixture, you need to dissolve the gelatin in warm water first.

What is gelatin used in?

Gelatin is used in a variety of different foods, both sweet and savory. One of the most popular uses for gelatin is gummy candy. It is also used in cheesecake, ice cream, yogurt, soup, mousse, marshmallows, dips, jelly desserts, custard, whipped cream and more.

Forms Of Gelatin

Gelatin comes in two forms, sheet, also known as leaf, and powdered. Both types of gelatin can be used in various foods.

Sheet (leaf)

Gelatin sheets are made from gelatin that has been dried and formed into a sheet. The sheets tend to be more popular and result in a clearer final product than powdered gelatin.


Powdered gelatin is made from gelatin that has been dried and broken up into individual grains. One tablespoon of powdered gelatin is the equivalent of four gelatin sheets.

How long does gelatin last in the fridge

How Long Does Gelatin Last?

When properly stored, gelatin can last for years unopened, as it essentially does not go bad. Gelatin should be stored in a cool, dry location such as a pantry. Both leaf and powdered gelatin have the capability of lasting for several years when properly stored.

Though gelatin can essentially last forever, you generally want to use it within a year of its expiration date. Even though it won’t necessarily go bad, it might not be as effective as a thickener anymore. However, in some cases, it will be just as effective even years later.

How to properly store gelatin

Store your gelatin in a cool, dry location away from sunlight and moisture. After opening gelatin, you can store it in an airtight container or Ziploc bag in a cool, dry area. Opened gelatin should be used within three months for the best results.

How long does it last in the fridge?

In most cases, there is no need to store powdered or sheet gelatin in the fridge, as it already has such a long shelf life. However, many homemade foods that are made with gelatin should be kept in the fridge.

Foods made with gelatin should be stored in an airtight container in the fridge. Though it varies by the individual food, most will keep in the fridge for four to seven days when properly stored.

Can you freeze it?

You generally want to avoid freezing powdered or sheet gelatin as it can change the texture of the gelatin. However, some homemade foods made with gelatin can last in the freezer for anywhere from three months to a year, depending on the food.

How to tell if  your gelatin has gone bad

Though gelatin rarely goes bad if properly stored, there are some environmental factors that can make it go bad such as heat and moisture. This can lead to your gelatin going bad, making it no longer safe to eat.

If you notice that moisture has gotten into your gelatin you should throw it out. If there is any mold growing on your gelatin you will want to dispose of it right away. In addition, if the gelatin has an off appearance, smell, or taste, it is best to just throw it out.

Storing Gelatin

Gelatin can essentially last forever if you store it unopened in a cool, dry area. It is best to store it in a pantry, where it will be away from any direct sunlight.

Do you have any questions regarding how long does gelatin last? If so, please ask any questions regarding storing and baking with gelatin in the comments.


Is it OK to Eat Expired Gelatin?

It is ok to use expired gelatin to make foods as long as it is unopened and has been properly stored in a cool, dry area. However, if your gelatin is moldy, has moisture in it, or has an off smell, taste or appearance, you should toss it out.

How Long Does Gelatin Last in the Fridge?

Gelatin can last for a couple of years in the fridge unopened and three months opened. However, there generally isn't a need to store it in the fridge as it last just as well at room temperature.

How Can You Tell if Gelatin is Bad?

The best way to tell if gelatin has gone bad is if there is moisture in the container or if it has gone moldy. In addition, you should toss out your gelatin if it has an off smell, taste or appearance.

How Long Does Gelatin Last After the Expiration Date?

When unopened and stored in a cool, dry location, gelatin can last forever. However, it is generally best to use it within a year after its expiration date, as it may not work as well after a year past the expiration date.

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