Sugar Paste vs. Fondant

Sugar Paste vs. Fondant

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Sugar paste vs. fondant. First and foremost, is sugar paste the same as fondant? Yes, they are essentially the same thing. Remember that it may be confusing due to the various names given to the soft roll-out icing. But, please understand that they usually call it sugar paste in the UK (United Kingdom). On the other hand, they refer to it as fondant in the US (United States), Australia, and other countries.

Sugar Paste vs. Fondant

The UK’s fondant icing is comparable to royal icing. Although, it does not set as firm. Keep in mind that it is a pourable consistency. Because of that, you can utilize it for dipping elegant tiny cakes. And every so often, you can decorate cookies with it.

Furthermore, you should know that the pros and cons rely on your purchased brand, including where you bought it. In this regard, please check if your sugar paste or fondant is for humid or hot countries. Also, double-check if it is necessary to refrigerate them.

In most cases, do not refrigerate standard sugar paste or fondant. The main reason is that the moisture and condensation in the refrigerator will affect it.

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Additionally, it would help if you bought low-cost supermarket brands. Likewise, you can explore other brands if you want to. Also, you might as well visit cake decorating stores since they sell trial bundles.

As more and more brands become famous, the Renshaws brand has always been the market leader. Keep in mind that it has been for over half a century in the UK.

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What Is Sugar Paste?

For starters, you can refer to sugar paste as fondant icing. It is a soft, malleable, and sweet-tasting icing. Also, you can roll it out effortlessly. In addition to that, it has a pleasant consistency. That is why it is ideal for decorating and covering a variety of cookies, cupcakes, and cakes.

Moreover, sugar paste provides a polished and smooth finish for cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. Talk about a dessert that appears professionally made that you can serve to your family and friends!

Furthermore, you can utilize molds and cutters. Therefore, giving you a chance to be creative in making your desserts. Besides, sugar paste is the best icing for cake toppers due to its elasticity.

Storing sugar paste properly

Before anything else, it is best to let your sugar paste decorations dry entirely. Make sure you do this before you store them in a sealed container. After that, be sure to place it in a dry and cool area in the kitchen. Suppose you have made delicate flowers; please put foam or tissue paper in your container.

Remember that if you store your sugar paste decorations properly, they will stay delicious. In addition to that, it will continue to be as crisp and colorful as when you made it.

Moreover, it would be best to store opened packs of sugar paste well. Doing so ensures that the icing will maintain its workable condition till the next time you use it. In that regard, you should wrap the extra sugar paste in cling wrap. Likewise, you can put it inside a sealed container. Make sure you do so to stop the icing from drying out. Also, it would be best not to freeze or refrigerate your sugar paste for cakes at all.

What Is Fondant?

For the most part, you use fondant to coat cakes and other baked goods. With that, you begin by rolling it into thin sheets. Afterward, you drape it over the cake’s surface to create a smooth presentation.

Also, you can effortlessly create fondant with corn syrup, sugar, and water. Moreover, a more structured fondant for sculpting typically has gelatin in it. Most of the time, bakers use marshmallow fondant on their cakes. Remember that you can make it from powdered sugar, water, and melted marshmallows.

One thing that makes fondant unique is its ability to endure temperature changes. Bear in mind that it is better when compared to buttercream. In addition to that, you can sculpt the fondant to make remarkable three-dimensional decorations.

Often, you can utilize molds and roll them to create flowers. Besides, fondant can be in many flavors and colors. For instance, you can easily customize the plain fondant with flavorings and food colorings. That is why most bakers prefer this kind of icing for its versatility.

is sugar paste the same as fondant

Storing fondant correctly

Most of the time, the fondant will dry out instantly. That is why it would be best to wrap or cover it in cling wrap, especially when not used. Afterward, make sure to roll unused fondant into a ball. Then, make sure to coat it with a thin layer of your solid vegetable shortening.

Next, ensure to cover it in cling wrap tightly. After that, store it at room temperature in a sealed container. By doing this, your fondant will last for approximately a month.

Also, never freeze fondant. No matter what, it must not get any contact with the fridge or freezer. For this reason, you should always store it at room temperature. The same applies when covering a cake, so be sure to keep the cake at room temperature.

Tips And Tricks

Typically, fondant can pick up lint and dirt instantly. That is why it is best to refrain from wearing fuzzy clothing whenever working with fondant. Also, be sure to utilize guide rings on the fondant rolls to help achieve an even thickness. Keep in mind that this applies whenever you are rolling out the fondant.

Moreover, you can always add a tiny amount of Gum-Test. Doing so stops drooping. Remember, it only applies to fondant decorations that need to maintain their shape.

Also, it is essential to dust the work surface from time to time. In addition to that, be sure to add your rolling pin with icing sugar lightly. Do so before you start rolling out the sugar paste. Furthermore, you can purchase non-stick rolling mats. Keep in mind to utilize plastic rolling pins and dust with icing sugar. The reason is that it is less likely to mark the fondant when compared to wooden rolling pins.

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