What Can You Use Instead Of A Bundt Pan

What Can You Use Instead Of A Bundt Pan?

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Wondering what can you use instead of a bundt pan? We have a list of the best alternatives and how you can easily make your own at home!

Bundt pans are incredibly unique and create beautiful cakes. However, not everyone has one. Luckily, we have made a list of the best alternatives for bundt pans and have even included some ways you can make a DIY bundt pan at home. We have also included comprehensive tips and tricks for using these substitutions and how to convert a recipe to fit them.

What Is A Bundt Pan?

A bundt pan is a very unique kind of pan that isn’t similar to any other. The pan is made from a very thick material and is shaped into a kind of decorative donut with high fluted sides.

This unique shape sculpts the cake while it bakes. So, when removing it from the pan, you have a beautifully shaped cake that doesn’t need much in terms of decoration afterward.

Bundt pans can be made from a wide variety of materials. The most common material used to make bundt pans is usually some type of aluminum mix, which is both affordable and durable. However, they can also be made from cast iron or ceramic. The material the pan is made of does to a certain extent affect how the cake will bake.

Bundt pans are used to make bundt cakes. These cakes don’t really refer to any specific type of cake batter used, but the most common is a sponge cake batter. Generally, any type of dense buttery cake with a moist crumb and tender texture will work.

What Can You Use Instead Of A Bundt Pan?

When looking at what you can use instead of a bundt pan, unfortunately, there are only two routes you can follow. You can either try and make your own bundt pan or use an entirely different type of pan which similar features.

Bundt pan substitutions – making your own

If you have no bundt pan, you can easily make your own at home. You only need three items; a 9-inch round cake tin, an oven-proof small bowl, and some pie weights.

If you don’t have pie weights, you can also use dry rice, heat-proof marbles, or granulated sugar – anything that is heatproof and will be able to hold down the small bowl and prevent the batter from going underneath it.

Place the glass bowl in the middle of the cake pan and fill it with the weights. Pour your cake batter into the pan.

You may need to use two make-shift bundt pans because of the amount of batter you will have. Bundt cake pans are very deep, so, you can either choose a deep cake pan or simply make two smaller (flatter) bundt cakes.

Some of the substitutes we will mention below are more DIY than they are a pure substitute, however, you can also use that equipment as-is for an easy hassle-free alternative.

Substitute For A Bundt Pan

Tube pan 

A tube pan is really the only type of baking pan that closely resembles a bundt pan. Unfortunately, the only resemblance is its donut shape. Tube pans are generally much bigger compared to bundt pans and have straight sides.

Tube pans are generally used to make sponge cakes. What this means is that they will give your cake a lighter texture because of how it conducts the heat.

Round cake pans

Round cake pans should definitely be used as a substitute for a bundt pan. But, the key comes in with choosing a specific one.

Personally, we would choose one with high sides so that it closely resembles the size of a traditional bundt pan. This will also allow you to use the large batch of bundt cake batter you have made and prevent you from having to bake two smaller cakes.

You can use a plain round cake pan or a springform cake pan. A springform cake pan has removable sides which will make it easier to loosen the cake from the pan and get it out without breaking the cake.

Cake rings

If you are using cake rings, you will need a large one and a much smaller one. The concept works in the same way as the DIY bundt cake alternative does. The smaller cake ring is placed inside of the large cake ring to resemble a tube cake pan.

The cake rings are placed directly onto non-stick baking paper. This also means that they are easy to remove, just like the springform cake pans.

And, you can even shape your own cake rings using aluminum foil! Just make sure you make it this enough to stand on its own and that the seal is tight.

Pie dishes

Pie dishes have very short sides but will do in a pinch. And, they often have fluted edges that will hint at the idea of a bundt cake. You can also stack layers of cake made using the pie dish to make a type of layered bundt cake.

You can still use our DIY method mentioned above using a pie dish, but we would rather recommend cutting out a small ring after the cake is baked.

Muffin pan

You may be completely confused as to why we would recommend a muffin pan as a bundt pan substitution. The matter of fact is that almost every baker will have a muffin pan, so it is arguably the easiest substitution.

You will be making snack-sized portions instead of one large bundt cake. But, it is a fantastic way to test the recipe, especially the flavor, texture, and color.

substitute for bundt pan

Tips When Choosing A Substitute

  • Consider the size of your batter vs. the size of your bundt pan substitute. Bundt cake pans are usually quite large and contain a lot of batter. So, any “bundt cake recipe” will contain more batter as compared to making a regular 9-inch cake. So, you will either have to choose a slightly larger (but flatter) alternative to hold all of the batter or make two flatter cakes. You can also simply choose an alternative that has high sides to hold more batter.
  • Another easy way to fake a bundt cake is to bake the cake batter in a regular round pan. Once baked, simply cut out a center in the layer of cake. Make sure you are a sharp serrated knife for the cleanest cut. You can also use a cookie-cutter.
  • It is crucially important that you butter your bundt cake pan well. This also includes the bowls you are using to make your own pan.
  • If you truly still want your cake to resemble a traditional bundt cake, then you can carve out the details in the baked cake. This will take some extra time and will leave you with off-cuts of cake.
  • If you don’t want to bother carving out details in the cake but still want it to resemble bundt cake in some way, the best way to go about it is to simply drizzle the cake with a glaze and add some garnishes. But, keep it simple and minimal – as bundt cakes usually are.

How To Convert A Bundt Cake Recipe When You Have No Bundt Pan

There are two factors to consider here; the amount of batter your pan can hold and the baking times.

A standard bundt pan holds between 10-12 cups of cake batter. So, you can choose a substitute for a bundt pan based on a similar capacity.

For example, two 9-inch round cake pans will hold roughly 10-12 cups of batter. Below we have listed which pans will hold the same capacity of batter(10-12 cups)  as a standard bundt pan.

  • Three 6×2-inch round cake pans
  • Two 9-inch round cake pans
  • One 10×2-inch round cake pan
  • 9×3-inch tube pan
  • 10×2.5-inch springform pan

You also have to take into consideration the baking time. Bundt pans are very deep, so, if you are baking a flatter cake, the baking time will most likely decrease. Just keep checking the cake once 20 minutes have passed to ensure that it doesn’t overbake.

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If you don’t own a bundt pan it doesn’t mean that you cannot make bundt cake! You can use any of our effortless alternatives and simply adjust the baking times. Let us know in the comments below what you think and if you have any other clever substitutions for bundt cake pans.

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