The Easiest and Most Delicious Gingerbread Cookie Mixes

The Easiest and Most Delicious Gingerbread Cookie Mixes

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This list of gingerbread cookie mixes only includes the best brands out there! They can all be found online and are budget-friendly too!

Today, we will be diving deep into the world of gingerbread pre-mixes, specifically for chewy cookies! We’ve included a wide range of products and guarantee that there will be one you absolutely love! This list includes regular mixes, cake and cookie mixes, organic mixes, vegan mixes, and of course, a gluten-free cookie mix as well.

What Are Gingerbread Cookie Mixes?

Gingerbread cookies are inspired by the flavors of traditional gingerbread. This is a type of product that generally refers to anything made with ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The recipe also always includes a sweetener such as molasses, honey, or regular granulated sugar.

The cookies use similar flavors to that of gingerbread. They are the perfect sweet treat for cold autumn and winter days and are generally used in a decorative manner.

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These cookies are shaped into gingerbread men and gingerbread houses over the festive season. They are decorated with royal icing and various pieces of candy.

So, naturally, cookie mixes were inevitable. Making anything from scratch these days, while it has many benefits, does take an immense amount of time.

So, the gingerbread cookie mixes are a way to save time and sometimes even money! They consist of only dry ingredients including the spice mix. All you have to add are wet ingredients so you can hydrate them. This often includes milk, cream, eggs, oil, butter, or water.

The dough that you make from the mix can still be shaped into anything you’d like. And, you can even bake them for longer to make hard cookies. These cookies are perfect for decorative gingerbread houses that won’t be eaten.

The Best Gingerbread Mix

Below, we have compiled a list of the best gingerbread cookie mixes out there. In our opinion, the Betty Crocker gingerbread cookie mix and the Krusteaz gingerbread cookie mix are the best pre-mixes out there.

We have also included an organic mix and some gluten-free gingerbread mix options.

If you want to make these cookies more chewy, you can add a tablespoon or two honey or molasses. It will also help enhance the spices of the cookies.

Betty Crocker gingerbread cookie mix

Betty Crocker has always been known as a front-runner of baking mixes. Naturally, their gingerbread cookie mix became an instant hit! What we love especially about it is how quickly it takes to make.

All that you need is some butter, eggs, and water. Once the mixture is made and your dough has been shaped, you bake them for about 10 minutes, and just like that, delicious gingerbread cookies!

You can also make gingersnaps with gingerbread mix. They are just as easy and equally delicious!

Krusteaz gingerbread cookie mix

What we love most about this specific pre-mix is that Krusteaz has developed a recipe that works for making gingerbread cake and cookies! To make the cookies, all you have to add is butter and eggs. The cookies take less than 20 minutes to bake and make about 12 large ones.

For the cake, you would need eggs, oil, and water. You can substitute the oil for butter to give it a richer flavor.

And for those who take special care to avoid artificial ingredients, this pre-mix doesn’t contain any artificial flavorings or preservatives.

Other foods gluten-free gingerbread cookie mix

This is one of the best gluten-free gingerbread cookie mixes out there. And, unlike most gluten-free baked goods, this one is light, fluffy, and packed with flavor! These cookies are made with a cassava flour base which is also quite healthy.

Other noteworthy characteristics about it are that it is also paleo-friendly, completely grain and nut-free, and doesn’t contain any gums, soy products, corn, or nightshades.

And, to make it even better is that it doesn’t contain any refined sugars. Coconut sugar is what gives these gingerbread cookies their sweetness and delicious crunch.

Trader Joe’s gingerbread cake and cookie mix

Trader Joe’s is another well-known brand that is very close to our hearts. They have a ton of incredibly delicious baking mixes, but this specific gingerbread mix is out of this world!

These cookies boast flavors of ginger and molasses. It even includes some crystallized (candied) ginger pieces in the mix itself! The cookies are very soft and chewy, with a slightly crunchy edge.

For these cookies, you need oil, eggs, and water. And, they are also some of the quicker mixes to bake. You can make a batch of them in less than 15 minutes. The cake itself also is very quick and will be fully baked in about 30 minutes.

Mom’s Place gluten-free gingerbread mix

This is another excellent certified gluten-free gingerbread cookie mix. One thing that will either make you instantly buy or avoid it is the additions you have to use. This includes eggs, butter, vanilla, honey, and molasses.

Now, while this is a lot and does take away from the whole “instant cookies” idea you are going for, adding those specific ingredients fresh makes a world of difference! The flavors are much more prominent and the texture of your cookies will be far better compared to full pre-mixes.

An added bonus is that this mix doesn’t contain any GMO ingredients and is only made using natural ones too. No artificial colorants, flavorings, or preservatives.

Foodstirs organic gingerbread cookie and cake mix

We simply had to include an all-organic gingerbread mix. Foodstirs is a brand well-known for its healthy mixes and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Being completely organic, they also naturally didn’t include any GMO ingredients. And the mix itself is completely vegan. Now, they do call for eggs and butter to be added when making the cookie dough. However, you can easily substitute these with vegan alternatives.

And, you can also make gingerbread cake with this mix! You only need buttermilk (or milk), oil, and eggs. Again, you can easily substitute these with vegan alternatives.


Let us know what you think about these products in the comments below. And, if you want to you can try making these Gingerbread Cupcakes using one of these mixes.

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