How To Make Candy Melts Thinner

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Last Updated on May 1, 2022

Are you curious about knowing how to make candy melts thinner? If you are, you have to keep in mind that candy melts can be pretty thick despite melting your candy melts well.

In that regard, it can be challenging to dip your treats. And as a consequence, it will make an incredibly thick coating. Besides, you do not want to keep heating your candy melts. The main reason is that you might burn your chocolate.

So, it is essential to thin out your hot, melted candy melts; keep in mind that you will have a much better consistency that is more effortless to work with; not only that but also the finished product will have a smooth chocolate coating with no thick bumps or lumps. Overall, thinning is undoubtedly the best way.

How To Make Candy Melts Thinner?

Essentially, there are plenty of ways to make candy melts thinner. For one thing, you can use a store-bought thinning aid; keep in mind that several brands have created their thinning aid.

Besides, thinning aids usually have a mixture of oils. Plus, every brand is unique from one another. And, according to the instructions, you may combine two tablespoons of thinning aid into twelve ounces of a bag of candy melts; remember, do so after they have melted.

how to make candy melts thinner for dipping


How to make candy melts thinner for dipping? In most cases, shortening is the go-to method for most individuals whenever they thin out their candy melts. Luckily, it is a food product that you may have at home. And because of that, it is indeed a convenient choice.

So, after you have melted the candy melts as indicated in the step-by-step instructions, ensure to add a teaspoon of shortening. Then, do not forget to stir it into the melted chocolate.

Remember, it would help to keep adding a teaspoon at a time; do so till you attain the desired consistency. Besides, making it too thin may lead to the candy slipping right off. Because of this, be sure to add a small amount of shortening. After that, perform a practice drip to test the consistency.

Cocoa butter

For the most part, how to make candy melts thinner without shortening? Well, there are many options you can choose from, like, for one thing using cocoa butter.

In essence, chocolate has cocoa butter. For this reason, it provides a smooth texture since it melts in the mouth. In addition to that, adding pure cocoa butter to hot candy melts will immediately make the mixture more liquid.

Besides, using cocoa butter sticks to the standard ingredients in candy melts. Not only that, but also it remains true to its chocolate origins.


How to make candy melts thinner with oil? Please note that half a teaspoon of oil can already help thin candy melts. Besides, most oils are liquid at room temperature, meaning the candy melts may not harden. Regardless, adding oil will undoubtedly make the candy melts more effortless to work with for the most part.

Additionally, if you use coconut oil, keep in mind that it will add a bit of coconut flavor. Also, feel free to use canola or vegetable oil; they do not have any noticeable flavors. Remember, make sure to put one-half teaspoon of oil at a time.

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Paramount crystals

Essentially, paramount crystals are hydrogenated palm kernel oil. Although, it is not in liquid form. Instead, manufacturers pack them in tiny crystals that appear dry. However, it will immediately melt when you add them to the hot candy melts.

Furthermore, you have to consider that most individuals prefer to use paramount crystals since they provide the candy melts an excellent texture when hardened.

Please note that your shortening can make the hardened candy melts quite soft because shortening is naturally soft at room temperature. On the other hand, paramount crystals are innately a stiff solid at room temperature. And because of that, the candy melts will be crisp as well.

So, it is best to buy paramount crystals to help thin out your candy melts, carob, and melted chocolate. Nevertheless, if you are searching for an excellent product that will make the candy melts crisp when solid, not to mention liquid when hot, there is no denying that paramount crystals are the best choice.

Cake pops

Have you ever wondered how to thin candy melts for cake pops? You can use Candy Melts candy for decorating, dunking, drizzling, and dipping. But, for the most part, it is famous for being a coating for cake pops. For that reason, Candy Melts are indeed an excellent way to personalize your cake pop creations, whether you melt them utilizing a double boiler or a melting pot.

What Are Candy Melts?

The flavored and colored confectionary ingredient you commonly see when baking is candy melts; their purpose is for you to melt and use them as a candy coating for different types of your favorite treats; these may include pretzels, cake pops, and truffles.

Furthermore, you are free to utilize Candy Melts to create molded candies. In addition to that, they are undoubtedly safe to use with most silicone and plastic candy molds. Moreover, you must remember that Candy Melts can come in different flavors and colors. And because of that, it is convenient to customize your treats for any occasion using your Candy Melts candy.

Also, the primary ingredients in candy melts comprise oil and sugar; keep in mind that the sugar provides sweetness while the oil gives the candy break down when heated.

Besides that, Seasonal Candy Melts have added flavors such as cookie batter, peppermint, strawberry, or peanut butter. Nevertheless, unless otherwise indicated, almost all standard Wilton Candy Melts candy wafers have a vanilla flavor.

Uses for candy melts

For the most part, you have to consider that a popular way to use your candy melts is to make chocolate lollipops. And usually, you can find plenty of various lollipop molds in stores and online. But the most important thing to do is to search for that particular one that fits the occasion.

Afterward, all you necessarily have to do is melt your most preferred color of candy melts. Then, ensure to pour them into your lollipop molds. After that, make sure to add a stick; you are good to go. An alternative way is to skip the stick and make customized chocolates instead.


How To Make Candy Melts Thinner With Oil?

In thinning candy melts, you may use half a teaspoon of oil, making it easier to work with your candy melts. Plus, you have to consider that most oils are liquid at room temperature.

How To Make Candy Melts Thinner Without Shortening?

For starters, it is best to know that there are many choices you can choose from, such as paramount crystals, oil, and cocoa butter. For instance, you may add your pure cocoa butter to the hot candy melts. And as a result, it will instantly make your candy melts thinner than usual.

How To Make Candy Melts Thinner For Dipping?

Shortening is undoubtedly the most popular method of thinning out your candy melts; you have to remember that it is a food product you may already have at home, which explains why it is a convenient option.

How To Thin Candy Melts For Cake Pops?

Start by melting your Candy Melts using a double boiler or a melting pot; by the time you finish it, you can personalize your cake pops with Candy Melts. Remember, there is no denying that Candy Melts are a popular way of coating your cake pops.

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