How To Cut Ice Cream Cake

Last Updated on May 1, 2022

How to cut ice cream cake? First, it is best to utilize a long serrated knife with a pointed tip. Also, it is best to place the knife in warm water for a couple of seconds before you officially start. 

Besides, it would help to rewarm the blade every few slices. Moreover, you must remember that ice cream cake is a match made in heaven. The main reason is that you have two of the most famous desserts: ice cream and cake. Although, serving one up can be a challenging task.

Furthermore, you cannot slice into it as instantly as a regular cake. Likewise, you do not want to try scooping it up like typical ice cream. In this regard, it would be best to understand how to cut an ice cream cake so you can prevent a melty mess. 

Lucky for you if you have enjoyed many ice cream cakes since the following tips and tricks would be a piece of cake for you. Unfortunately, if you have never had the opportunity to dig into an ice cream cake, it will be tricky; nonetheless, no need to worry because we have plenty of helpful methods for cutting, serving, and storing ice cream cake. 

How To Cut Ice Cream Cake?

Before anything else, how long do you leave an ice cream cake out before cutting? In most cases, it varies depending on the cake size, including your freezer. But, usually, it is best to leave the ice cream cake out at room temperature for about thirty minutes. 

For instance, you only need to sit out your 6″ cake for around twenty minutes. On the contrary, please sit out your 12″ x 16″ for about forty-five minutes. Depending on the room’s temperature, you could even let it sit out longer. 

What is the easiest way to cut an ice cream cake

Furthermore, what knife do you use to cut an ice cream cake? As mentioned earlier, the ideal knife is a long, serrated knife. With this, ensure to place the serrated knife in a glass of hot water; doing so will warm it before you eventually slice the ice cream cake. 

Also, make sure to dry any excess water off your serrated knife; remember to do so before you slice the ice cream cake. After making several slices, you must consider that your serrated knife will undoubtedly become cold. So with that, it is necessary to rewarm it before you slice again. 

Facts about ice cream cake

Essentially, ice cream cakes are a mixture of frozen and pastry treats placed together. Talk about a convenient alternative to serving regular desserts. 

Though, there is no denying that ice cream cakes can present a challenge to those individuals who only know how to slice a regular cake. That is why one must adjust their cutting method to evenly cut through the cake and ice cream. 

Also, you do not have to worry since there are numerous tips you can undoubtedly learn and apply whenever it comes to thawing, cutting, and serving your ice cream cakes. So with this, it is undeniable that these specific recommendations will help you obtain an excellent and even slice of this delicious and irresistible dessert. 

Moreover, what is the easiest way to cut an ice cream cake? You have to remember that there are different ways to cut an ice cream cake; each one has a unique way of achieving a perfect slice without making a mess.

Furthermore, most individuals think they need to wait a relatively long period for their ice cream cake to melt. However, it is not the case; keep in mind that you will have a big mess that is tricky to slice if you wait too long when thawing.  

Step-by-step instructions: How to cut ice cream cake?

Step 1: Allow the ice cream cake to thaw for around ten minutes. 

In most cases, ten minutes is indeed the golden number; keep in mind that it provides your cake with sufficient time to thaw. As a result, you can slice your ice cream cake effortlessly. 

Step 2: Be sure to dip your knife in hot water. 

After slicing the ice cream cake, ensure to dip the long serrated knife in hot water; you have to understand that it is no secret that heat is the arch-nemesis of ice cream. So with that, dipping the serrated knife in hot water will heat the blade to glide effortlessly through the ice cream cake. 

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Step 3: Make sure to wipe the knife before cutting again. 

Remember that it is crucial to wipe your knife off before you slice again, especially after dipping your serrated knife into the hot water. Also, please note that hot water can be detrimental to the ice cream cake. Consequently, it will make a sloppy mess, wettening the sides. 

Because of that, it would be best to ditch the watery, mucky cake fiasco and ensure to wipe the serrated knife off before you cut the ice cream cake. 

Serving ice cream cake

It would be best if you serve your ice cream cake in a place out of direct sunlight. Besides that, make sure to cut your cake into triangular pieces. Then, ensure to serve it on individual plates. 

Also, an excellent choice to cut out any mess would be to serve the ice cream cake’s slices in little bowls. Please note that your ice cream cake may start to melt. And because of that, the bowl will indeed catch any mess.  

serving ice cream cake

Tips And Tricks

First, you must always return any leftover ice cream cake to the freezer directly after serving. For that reason, it would help you greatly if you store your leftover ice cream cake in a sealed container. Plus, you have to consider that ice cream cake must remain edible longer than a regular cake. The main reason is that you can freeze it. 

Concerning thawing an ice cream cake properly, it is best to remove the ice cream cake from the freezer approximately thirty minutes before serving it; bear in mind that this time will allow your ice cream cake to soften. Besides, it is crucial to do it before cutting. 

Additionally, homemade versions of this particular dessert often thaw immediately. However, you must consider that people typically freeze commercially made products at a lower temperature. For this reason, it needs more time to thaw. 


How Long Do You Leave An Ice Cream Cake Out Before Cutting?

Ideally, make sure to leave your ice cream cake at room temperature for around thirty minutes. Nevertheless, it would be best to consider that it depends on the room's temperature. 

What Knife Do You Use To Cut An Ice Cream Cake?

There is no denying that it would be best to use a long serrated knife with a pointed tip. So with this, be sure to place your serrated knife in warm water for several seconds before you begin. 

What Is The Easiest Way To Cut An Ice Cream Cake?

There are many ways to slice an ice cream cake in most cases. But, utilizing a long serrated knife and placing it in hot water before slicing would be the easiest way to cut your ice cream cake, considering that you thawed it for around thirty minutes. 

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