Is Red Velvet Cake Chocolate Cake With Red Food Coloring

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Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is red velvet cake chocolate cake with red food coloring? For the most part, you may have heard stories that red velvet is just a chocolate cake with red food coloring; however, that may not be the case at all. 

It would help if you considered that the red color of a red velvet cake is a by-product of the combination of ingredients utilized to make its signature velvety texture. 

In general, the origin of red velvet goes way back. In the 1800s, bakers started adding cocoa powder to the cake mixture to soften the flour’s protein. The inclusion of cocoa powder resulted in a lighter and fluffier cake, which eventually earned the name velvet cake. 

Additionally, the cake recipe became popular during the Great Depression, as the people often used cocoa powder because chocolate bars are expensive. The cake recipe also made its way to the American South, where buttermilk became the main ingredient. Plus, the counteraction between the buttermilk, vinegar, and baking soda aided in the leavening process. 

Moreover, the cocoa powder contains anthocyanin, an antioxidant and PH-sensitive, reacting to acids and bases. When cocoa powder reacts with acidic ingredients like buttermilk and vinegar, it turns red. However, the finished product is more of a bloody brown and not the bright red color you achieve from using red food coloring. 

Is Red Velvet Cake Chocolate Cake With Red Food Coloring?

Before anything else, red velvet cake is a southern staple used as a flavor in doughnuts, cheesecakes, and other treats. But what makes a red velvet cake? 

what flavor is red velvet

In general, red velvet cake is famous in the Southern U.S. In addition to that, red velvet cake is a vanilla cake that contains a few tablespoons of cocoa powder and red food coloring. 

Also, you typically add vinegar and buttermilk. As a result, it provides a hint of tanginess which balances out the sweetness in the cream cheese-butter frosting that goes with the cake. 

Besides, the red velvet cake’s crumb is excellent, soft, and smooth, not to mention it tastes like mildly cocoa with a slight tart edge. Not only that, but also, the cream cheese frosting is an essential part of a red velvet cake, which has a smooth, soft, tender, and light texture. 

However, today the red color in a red velvet cake is derived from the red food coloring. Red velvet cake is different from other cakes because of its color, complimenting frosting, ingredients, and texture.

Red velvet cake color 

Is red your favorite color? If so, would you be interested in knowing how do you make red cake color? Well, for starters, you can color your cake red.

Also, when making your red velvet cake, the trick in using red coloring is to lower the pH level in your cake batter. To do this, substitute your baking powder with baking soda. 

Likewise, you may use a natural non-alkalized cocoa powder or raw cocoa powder, and you may add white vinegar or buttermilk to your red velvet cake recipe to achieve a bright red color. This simple modification will make a big difference in whether the red color bakes out in the center, leaving your cake with a red-orange hue or maintaining a bright red color throughout your entire cake. 

However, if you want a cake with bright red color and not a red velvet cake, you can make a primary yellow or vanilla cake recipe that uses whole eggs instead of egg whites. You can add yellow, orange, and red food coloring to achieve a bright red color in your cake. 

Americolor Candy Oil Food Color, 2-Ounce, Red

Furthermore, how do you make red chocolate? But before that, you might be asking if you can make red chocolate; of course, you can. In that regard, you can add food coloring to your melted chocolate to make it red. Also, ensure that you are using an oil-based food coloring; you can use it to color candy melts. 

Moreover, avoid using water-based food coloring like gel-based icing colors or liquid food coloring to color candy melts because the water on those food coloring can cause your chocolate to seize, making it useless. 

Besides, to make colored melted chocolate, place your white chocolate melts or chopped white cooking chocolate inside a dry microwave-safe glass bowl, and microwave your chocolate at thirty-second intervals. 

Then, ensure to stir your mixture between the intervals using a metal spoon until melted. After short bursts inside the microwave, you may stir to ensure that the chocolate will not burn.

Additionally, if you want to give a red color to your white chocolate or confectionery coatings, you can use candy coloring purchased at craft and cake decorating stores or online. 

Also, you can use Chefmaster liquid candy coloring, and it will be thin enough to be squeezed into tiny droplets, which is ideal when coloring a small amount of chocolate. 

Furthermore, to make red, white chocolate, ensure to purchase a red dye darker in the shade than the red color you want to achieve because red food color can make your white chocolate pink. For that reason, ensure to use oil-based dyes or powder dye and not water-based dyes because it will cause your white chocolate to seize. 

Nonetheless, when using an oil-based food dye, avoid using too much to make your chocolate taste bitter.

Red velvet cake flavor 

Are you curious to know what flavor is red velvet? Many people wonder if a red velvet cake is just a chocolate cake with a red color. But that may not be the truth; while it is inevitable that red velvet cake has a chocolate flavor because of the addition of cocoa powder as the main ingredient, red velvet cake is not considered chocolate cake. 

How do you make red chocolate

Moreover, red velvet cake has less cocoa powder than the typical and traditional chocolate recipe. So, if the red velvet cake is not a chocolate cake, what flavor is red velvet? 

For the most part, the red velvet cake uses cocoa powder like chocolate cake, but the red velvet cake has its unique taste and texture. Since red velvet cake uses less cocoa powder, the chocolate flavor you can taste is mild compared to chocolate cake. While chocolate cake also uses buttermilk like red velvet cake, it also has vinegar, red food coloring that adds acidity, and its distinctive bright red color. 

Furthermore, red velvet cake possesses an acidic taste from the buttermilk and vinegar and the cream cheese frosting. The cake’s sweetness balances out the acidity of the red velvet cake, and the cocoa powder in it adds a mild chocolate flavor.


What Makes A Red Velvet Cake?

Essentially, red velvet cake is a vanilla cake with a few tablespoons of cocoa powder. In addition to that, you add red food coloring to it. Besides that, you usually put buttermilk and vinegar since they can give tanginess. And as a result, it balances out the cream cheese butter frosting's sweetness that goes with your red velvet cake.  

How Do You Make Red Cake Color?

For starters, the best trick in utilizing red coloring is to lower the pH level in the cake batter. You can do so by substituting baking powder with your baking soda. Also, feel free to utilize raw cocoa powder or natural non-alkalized cocoa powder, including buttermilk or vinegar, to attain bright red color. 

How Do You Make Red Chocolate? 

You can do so by adding red food coloring to the melted chocolate. In addition to that, make sure to utilize an oil-based food coloring. And please refrain from using liquid food coloring or gel-based icing colors. 

What Flavor Is Red Velvet?

You have to keep in mind that red velvet cake uses less cocoa powder. Because of that, the chocolate flavor you can taste is only light. In addition to that, red velvet cake has an acidic taste that comes from vinegar and buttermilk, including the cream cheese frosting. 

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