What Do You Need For An Under The Sea Birthday Party?

What Do You Need For An Under The Sea Birthday Party?

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If you’re trying to come up with an idea for a birthday party, under the sea birthday party is a great theme to choose from. It’s fun, playful, and magical, something that all kids will love. So, what do you need for an under the sea birthday party?

Things You Will Need for an Under the Sea Birthday Party
What Do You Need For An Under The S...
What Do You Need For An Under The Sea Birthday Party?

What it comes to an under the sea theme, you can let your imagination run wild. There are many great elements you can include, from mermaids to sharks. Not only do you need some great decorations, but you also need some amazing desserts that fit the theme, as well as a fitting color palette and activities. 

Color Palette

For your silverware, tablecloths, napkins, plates, and backgrounds, you want to stick with a color palette. The right color palette can really tie the theme together. When choosing colors for your under the sea party, stick with shades of blue, green, and coral, then add some pops of yellow, red, and orange.

Under the Sea Party - Color Palette

Under the Sea Decorations

When it comes to an under the sea party, you can have a lot of fun with decorations. You’ll be sure to want to include lots of fish decorations, like balloons, wall decorations, and centerpieces.

For a true under the sea experience, tape swirled party streamers to the wall to make it look like seaweed. Attach some ribbon to paper lanterns to make them look like an octopus. Fill some empty vases, or even fish bowls, with sand and seashells.

Activities for an Under the Sea Birthday Party

No birthday party is complete without some fun activities. There are many great games and crafts you can do at an under the sea party.

1. Instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, you can play pin the tail on the whale

2. Fill up a kiddie pool with sand outside and allow the kids to search for hidden treasures.

3. Let the kids decorate picture frames with fish foam stickers and seashells, so they can then put their favorite photo from the party in it.


Dessert is one of the most important aspects of any party. From cake to cookies, and everything in between, there are many desserts you can make to fit this theme.

For making a birthday cake, a cake decorated in seafoam frosting will fit beautifully into the theme. Baking cookies shaped like fish is an adorable way to recreate a school of fish. Homemade rice crispy treats can easily be shaped to make different sea creatures like starfish and mermaid tails.

Under the Sea Fun

Under the sea can be a great theme for your kid’s birthday party. From the decorations, desserts, and games, there are many ways to make this theme great.

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