Should Carrot Cake Be Refrigerated

Should Carrot Cake Be Refrigerated

Last Updated on February 20, 2022

At room temperature, most unfrosted cakes do not need refrigeration. Yet, should carrot cake be refrigerated? Essentially, if you leave it at room temperature, the cream cheese frosting will melt. In addition to that, it will fall off the cake.

Should Carrot Cake Be Refrigerated?

Because the ingredients consist of fresh carrots, the cake can produce molds. However, it depends if you indeed kept your carrot cake in a humid or warm climate. That is why, after cooling the cake, make sure to wrap the cake layers in cling wrap. Afterward, store them in the fridge till you are ready to use them.

How long is carrot cake good for at home?

For starters, freshly baked carrot cake will last for around one to two days at room temperature. Keep in mind, when properly stored.

Moreover, an uncut, iced, and decorated carrot cake can last for about a week in the fridge. Although, once you cut it, you should only store it in the refrigerator for approximately two to three days.

how long is carrot cake good for

In that regard, you should always refrigerate the cake that has fillings or frostings made with eggs or dairy products. These include whipped cream, custard fillings or frostings, and buttercream.

Furthermore, you can keep unfrosted cake layers in the fridge for approximately one week. On the other hand, frozen cake layers will last in the freezer for around two to three months.

Nevertheless, the accurate answer on how long does carrot cake lasts relies on storage conditions. With that, it would be best to keep your freshly baked carrot cake in a dry location.

The most effective approach in telling if a carrot cake has spoiled is to smell it. Likewise, you can also observe any changes in appearance. Because of that, you should throw away the carrot cake if mold starts to show.

Refrigerate carrot cake

Again, does carrot cake need to be refrigerated? The answer is definitely yes. With that, you should ensure to store the carrot cake in the fridge. Remember, you must refrigerate the carrot cake, especially if decorated with cream cheese frosting.

Furthermore, the frosting serves as a protectant. In addition to that, it will help maintain the carrot cake moist and fresh. Moreover, if you have cut the carrot cake, you may utilize plastic wrap. Doing this also helps to protect the cake. Not only that, but also you may cover the exposed areas with extra cream cheese frosting. Doing so will indeed help seal in the moisture.

Freezing carrot cake

Is it okay to freeze carrot cake? The answer is yes. But, before anything else, make sure to wrap the carrot cake with plastic freezer wrap or aluminum foil. Likewise, you can put it in a heavy-duty freezer bag.

Bear in mind that the carrot cake can last for around four to six months in the freezer. Although, please take note that it will only remain safe beyond that time. Besides that, check the freezer temperature. With that, you should freeze it at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips and tricks: Should carrot cake be refrigerated?

Whenever the frosting is runny, the main reason is that the cream cheese has melted a little. Because of that, try placing it back in the fridge for around thirty minutes to reset.

In addition to that, you can put more confectioner’s sugar. Doing this helps it return to the correct consistency. Always remember that adding more sugar will make the icing sweeter. Because of this, make sure to taste from time to time.

Additionally, ensure that the cream cheese and the butter are at room temperature for smooth frosting. So with that, be sure to beat the butter and cream cheese till fluffy and creamy. Also, ensure to do this before you add the remainder of the ingredients.

Besides that, it would help to cover the carrot cake with cling wrap or foil. Doing this stops it from drying out. Because of this, it indeed maximizes the shelf life of your carrot cake.

Lastly, you should know that carrot cakes belong to spice cakes. That is why it would help to use baking spices such as ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

What Not To Do When Making Carrot Cakes

1. Do not use a lot of baking powder

Oil-based varieties include carrots. The main reason is that it maintains its moisture. In addition to that, it helps it last for days. However, you will lose the leavening power that creaming sugar and butter would provide. That is why most home cooks tend to overdo their recipes by putting a lot of baking powder. Doing this prevents a dense oil-based cake.

It is best to understand that it will solve the leavening issue. Yet, it adds a chemical taste to the carrot cake. As a result, you will have made an off-tasting finished product by beating the eggs with the sugar. After that, you stream in the oil gradually.

2. Never grate your carrots too large

To begin with, make sure to utilize the smallest setting of the box grater. Likewise, ensure the same thing with the food processor’s grating attachment. Doing so will make the carrots into fluffy pieces. Not only that but also you should strive to aspire for airy and light. With that, avoid chunky and oversized pieces.

refrigerate carrot cake

Also, consider the cake’s baking time. For instance, it is not enough to bake the carrots in thirty-five to forty-five minutes. Also, keep in mind that it is at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The main reason is that oil, eggs, and flour tend to cover the carrots.

3. Avoid frosting the cake while warm

Bear in mind that a still-warm cake will indeed make the frosting into a runny liquid. Because of that, it differs from the lush and thick topping necessary for your carrot cake. That is why it is best to let the carrot cake cool entirely on racks. Besides that, make sure you do this before you frost and assemble.

Ultimately, a perfect cream cheese frosting is from cream cheese and butter spiked with powdered sugar. Apart from the fact that it is sweet and tangy, it is unavoidable to make a mess when heated.

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