What To Add To A Spice Cake Mix

What To Add To A Spice Cake Mix

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The old-fashioned spice cakes are a household favorite. However, homemade versions are a whole new level. So, what to add to a spice cake mix? It is time to get baking and break out all those delectable spices. 

Essentially, a delicious spice cake relies on the selection and combination of spices so that no spice dominates others. Likewise, select a tasty frosting that will complement the spice flavors and not overpower the spice cake’s flavor. 

Can I Add More Spices? 
What To Add To A Spice Cake Mix
What To Add To A Spice Cake Mix

Generally, spice cake mixes contain dry ingredients in an airproof container. Then, add the wet ingredients when you are about to bake. Similarly, this is applicable if you utilized a box of mix you bought at the convenience store.

Remember, it is okay to adjust the spice level to your tastes. In addition to that, you have complete control to experiment on the number of spices you want to add if you desire a zany and bold spice cake. Likewise, it is best to make a subtle spice cake that does not overpower a cream cheese frosting.

Can I Add More Spices

Moreover, you can increase the spices if you want it for your recipe. Remember, be cautious when increasing the number of cloves, allspice, and nutmeg because the following spices are overpowering the spice cake if added too much.

What to Add to a Spice Cake Mix?

Essentially, begin with a spice cake mix as the base. Then, transform it into an even more delicious spice cake with extra ingredients. You can use various spices such as cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. However, if you do not prefer to add cloves or nutmeg to the spice cake mix, you can exclude them. However, cloves and nutmeg are great ingredients to add to a spice cake mix because they give an excellent flavor. 

Moreover, you can use a combination of brown sugar and granulated sugar. As a result, it adds moisture to the spice cake. Keep in mind that you can use only 3/4 cup of granulated sugar or brown sugar. Likewise, buttermilk, oil, and applesauce can add extra moisture to the spice cake. Also, the best thing about it is that it helps to keep it tender for days. If you prefer not to use applesauce, then you can use at least a cup of buttermilk. However, it is best to add applesauce to the spice cake mix.

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In addition to that, you can even add a cup of chopped walnuts or pecans to make it flavorful. Also, add currant or dark raisins to it. Considering this, make sure to add around a cup of these ingredients to the recipe only because it would weigh down too much. Likewise, when adding the raisins or pecans, ensure to put a little amount of flour. Doing this will make them suspended in the spice cake. Also, they would not sink to the bottom as the spice cake bakes.

  • Pilgrim Pumpkin Cake – Add water, baking soda, nuts, pumpkin, and eggs. 
  • Upside Down Apple Spice Cake – Add peeled apples, butter, nuts, and light brown sugar. 
  • Apple Spice Dump Cake – Add melted butter, chopped nuts, and apple pie filling. 
  • Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake – Add oil, water, eggs, cinnamon, nuts, pumpkin, and vanilla pudding.

How to Create an Easy-to-make Spice Cake?

First and foremost, preheat the oven, then prepare the baking pans to use. Afterward, whisk the spices and dry ingredients. Then, combine the applesauce and sugar. After that, blend the vanilla and eggs. Mix in two additions of dry ingredients with buttermilk. As you pour it into the prepared pans, bake it till it sets. Then, let it cool. Finally, apply the cream cheese frosting and spread it all over the cooled cake. You can even add sprinkles and pecans if you want to.

Tips for an Easy-to-make Spice Cake

You can lay paper towels on top of the spice cake to function as a protective shield between the moisture and the cake that will gather on the container lid, aluminum foil, or cling wrap. Only do this if there is no time to allow the spice cake to cool entirely before covering it.

Make sure that you grease the sides and bottoms of pans. Afterward, sift a little flour into every pan. Make sure to shake hard so that the pans are floured properly. In addition to that, discard surplus to help spice cakes drop from the pans effortlessly. Moreover, make sure to divide the batter into pans. Doing this allows equal distribution through cakes and prevents air tunnels. 

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