Cakes That Look Like Books – 5 Best Ways To Write On Cakes

Last Updated on May 17, 2022

Making cakes that look like books may seem like a daunting challenge. But trust us, once you know the secrets, it’s as easy as baking a cake!

Today, we will expose the secrets professional bakers have been using to make these beautiful cakes that look like books. We will briefly cover how to make the physical book itself, but our main focus will be on writing. So, are you ready to elevate your cake decorating skills?

What Are Cakes That Look Like Books?

There are two main ways that you can make cakes that look like books. The first is a stack of books that are all closed. But, if we are being completely honest, this is not an easy cake to make and requires many pieces and intricate details. There are of course ways you can simplify it, but it won’t look as good as you would probably want it to.

So the second, and more popular cake that is made into a book is one with open pages. This way, you can essentially just write some script on the inside or draw a picture. You don’t have to worry about getting the physical appearance of the book right. You can put all your focus and energy into writing a beautiful message or making the pages fit a specific theme.

For example, you can make a themed cake with ancient ruins written on them. Or, you can write in hieroglyphics, a made-up alien language, or a thoughtful poem.

How Do You Make Cakes That Look Like Books

As we have mentioned, making a cake that looks like a stack of books is incredibly difficult, laborsome, and takes up a ton of time. And, there is no way of cheating this method without lowering the overall look of the cake.

So instead, we will be focussing on cakes that look like books that are open. To make these cakes is easy. You need two equally sized rectangular sheet cakes. You can decide how thick or thin these should be. We like a single layer of roughly 1 1/2 to 2-inches in thickness.

Then, roll out a sheet of fondant to make the book cover. Place this layer directly on the cake board.

Next, place the sheet cake layers on the book cover. Then, you can start carving the cake to look like a book. Coat it with some buttercream frosting and cover it with a layer of white fondant. Make details on the sides to show pages by gently scratching the fondant with the back of a knife.

Now, the tricky part comes when you have to write on the actual cake. Luckily, we have some of the best-kept secrets today which will make your life easy! And, the different techniques also open up the possibilities of what you will be able to write.

What Can You Use To Write On Cakes?

As you can see from the brief tutorial above, it is relatively easy making an actual open book. The tricky part is the writing. There are thousands of fonts, styles, languages, and embellishments you can put on a page. However, you can be quite limited if you don’t have the proper tools.

So, we have compiled a list of some of the best tools for writing on cakes. This way, you can create hyper-realistic cakes that look like books. So, are you ready to get started?

1. Edible marker/pen

This is possibly the best tool to use for fine detail and intricate scripts. It works exactly like a regular marker, except its’ ink is completely safe to eat. It will help you create clear and crisp linework and make perfect curves and loops.

And, the best part is you can easily find these pens in a wide variety of colors. You will most likely use the black pen the most, but sometimes it is nice to have the color options available too.

You can have a look at this list of the best edible markers you can buy online.

2. Royal icing

Royal icing is probably the most used non-marker technique for writing. However, it takes a lot of practice to get right and it is incredibly difficult to create fine and small details. You will not be able to write in small fonts or create tight loops for tiny cursive scripts.

However, with practice and patience, you can learn this skill and soon write on cakes, cookies, and loads more.

3. Fondant lettering

Fondant lettering is another option you can try. However, it will only really work for bulk lettering. It is however still an option.

The easiest way to make fondant letters is to use small letter cutters. You can find a wide variety of fonts and sizes. So, at least there is some versatility. Then, roll out the sheet of fondant to the thickness you like. Cut out the letters and stick them onto the fondant book page using some water or royal icing.

4. Buttercream frosting

You can also pipe out letters using buttercream frosting. This technique is bulky and only works for large fonts. Do not try it with cursive text.

You will need a piping nozzle and a template of your script. Then, using a thin needle, carefully make out the letters on your fondant. Using the buttercream frosting, pipe dots in the shape of the letters. You can also make lines, but when using thick frosting, it might break and look sloppy.

5. Melted chocolate

The melted chocolate option works similarly to the royal icing one. However, from our experience, you will get thinner lines using royal icing. It just has a better workable consistency for writing.

Nevertheless, melted chocolate is also an option that works especially well for cursive fonts.

Just remember that your melted chocolate will have to cool before it is piped onto your fondant. Otherwise, it can cause the fondant to start melting or it will not stick to it properly.

How do you make an antique book cake

Wrapping It Up

Making cakes that look like books are easy to make once you know the trade secret! And, it is even easier and simpler than you initially thought it would be! So grab yourself a marker or use one of our other techniques.

Once you have honed your skills, let us know what you think about our tools in the comments below!


How do you make an antique book cake?

You can first start by making the actual shape of the book like you would any other. The key to making it look antique is by using edible dust and powders in the colors of brown, grey, and black. When applied to the edges, you can create an antique appearance. You should also consider the color scheme of the book. Antique books were mostly made in darker shades.

How can I write on cake without icing?

The best way to write on a cake without icing is to use an edible marker. They come in a variety of color and tip thicknesses. You can create intricate details, cursive lettering, or bulky fonts. Other options is to create fondant letters or use melted chocolate.

What is an icing pen?

An icing pen is essentially a tube-like vessel with a tiny piping tip. It works in the same way a piping bag does, but it is shaped like a pen to make writing easier. In our opinion and having tried this tool many times, it doesn't work as well as you may think. Rather use an edible food marker. It is a guaranteed tool that can also do a lot more.

Can you use edible marker on buttercream?

You can color buttercream frosting using an edible marker. However, it doesn't look neat and the ink sometimes bleed into the surrounding frosting. The buttercream is also very soft, making it even more difficult. These pens work on fondant surfaces because they won't move, mis-shape, or bleed. You can create crisp lines and details with a marker.

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