Another Name For Swiss Roll – 5 Fascinating Countries & More

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Last Updated on July 19, 2022

Swiss rolls may seem old-school, but you’d be surprised as to how popular it still is! So, today we’ll be looking at another name for Swiss roll globally.

What Exactly Is A Swiss Roll?

Swiss roll goes by many different names. This is why so many people often get confused about what exactly it is. But, just to clarify, the concept of a Swiss roll remains the same regardless of where it comes from, what it is called, and even the ingredients and flavors used to make it.

So, what is the idea behind a Swiss roll? In the simplest form of the explanation, a Swiss roll is made from a thin layer of sponge cake and a filling. This filling is added on top of the layer. Then, the sheet of cake is rolled up into a cylinder. This roll can then be decorated in many ways.

The exact origin, even when it originated, is unknown. Even where the term “Swiss roll” can from is up for debate. The earliest published record of this cake was in 1852 in the Northern Farmer, a journal published in New York.

What is a Swiss role in England

Different types of swiss rolls

So, as we have mentioned, a Swiss roll is probably just the most common name this cake goes by. But, almost every country has a different name for this dish. Not to mention, they have their own variation of it too. While in Japan they fill it with whipped cream and strawberries, in Spain they fill them with jam, cocoa powder, and nuts.

The fillings and flavors do differ, but they are all still a type of Swiss roll.

Now, some dishes are similar to Swiss rolls but aren’t. One common example is a roulade. Some countries do call their Swiss rolls roulade. But, that term specifically refers to any type of base (bread, pastry, cake, etc.) with any filling. A Swiss roll is only allowed to be made with a sponge cake base.

So, some types of Swiss rolls can be a roulade, but not all roulades can be a Swiss roll.

Another Name For Swiss Roll By Country

So, here we go. The most common name for Swiss roll by country. These are the only countries that we felt have the deepest connection with Swiss rolls, but as we have said, almost every country has its version.

And, we will also be covering some other mention-worthy countries later on.

1. Switzerland

This may come as a surprise, but Swiss roll doesn’t come from Switzerland. Shocking, and a little bit confusing, we know.

In Switzerland, these baked goods are called Roulade or Biskuitroulade. And, in Swiss High German, it is referred to as Gateau roule.

Traditionally, Biskuitroulade is made from vanilla sponge cake and either has an apricot or strawberry jam filling. It is also completely dusted in powdered sugar before being stored or served.

2. United Kingdom

Swiss rolls are also extremely popular in the U.K. There, they have a very wide variety of fillings and flavors available.

The most popular filling used is still a jam-based one. These can also contain whipped cream and are covered with a chocolate or sugar syrup drizzle on the outside. Many companies also make their jam-filled Swiss rolled with rolled granulated sugar coatings.

Then, you also can easily find a chocolate-filled Swiss roll. It can be made with a chocolate-mousse filling, chocolate frosting, or plain melted chocolate.

A popular Swiss roll item called “Caterpillar cakes” is sold there too. These are made to look like caterpillars and are popular at kids’ birthday parties.


3. United States

The United States is one of the countries that actually use the term “roulade” to refer to their Swiss rolls. They too have many different variations.

One of their most popular types of Swiss rolls is called a chocolate log and is a cream-filled chocolate sponge cake roll coated with melted chocolate.

You can also find an ice cream cake roll. This is the name for a Swiss roll that has been filled with ice cream.

4. Latin America

In Latin America, Swiss rolls are surprisingly popular desserts. the names there however differ a lot. It can be called pionono or Brazo de reina.

These Swiss rolls are filled with either guava jam or arequipe (caramelized milk jam).

In Argentina, it goes by the same name, but the filling is made with a mixture of sweet milk custard and a caramelized milk jam. In Chile, it is only made with sweet milk and is covered with powdered sugar.

In Ecuador and Guatemala, you can find these by the name of Brazo gitano, which means “gypsy’s arm. And, in Puerto Rico, Brazo de gitano is filled with cream, chocolate truffle, and milk custards.

Other Mention-Worthy Countries That Use Another Name For Swiss Roll

Another name for Swiss roll in Italy is rollo. This refers specifically to a chocolate sponge roll filled with ricotta and marzipan.

In India, they are simply called jam rolls and in Japan, roll cakes. In Indonesia, they will go by bolu gulung or simply Swiss roll.

In many of the Nordic countries, there is a very wide range of different names for Swiss rolls. They are even very specific. They go by roulade, rullade, rullekake, swissrull, or rulltarta.

Now, one region we were surprised by most is Japan. This country seems to have a lot of different Swiss rolls available. But, they don’t have a special name for it. They just call it Swiss roll or chocolate Swiss roll. This is likely due to the British influence for centuries.

What is the meaning of Swiss roll

Wrap It Up

As you can see, there are no shortages of name options. Another name for Swiss roll mainly depends on where you are and the flavor it is. But, most countries will be able to recognize the universally used term.

If you enjoyed this informative article on another name for Swiss roll, make sure to check out our site. We have loads more you can get familiar with!


What is a Swiss role in England?

A Swiss roll in England is arguably the simplest form of Swiss roll you can get. While there are a few different flavors, they are all made with a layer of sponge cake and a jam, whipped cream, or icing filling.

Is Jam Roly Poly the same as Swiss roll?

These are not the same desserts. Swiss rolls are made with a pre-baked layer of cake with a filling. Jam Roly Poly is a steamed, baked, or boiled pudding. The dough is lined with jam, rolled, then cooked.

What is the difference between a roulade and a Swiss roll?

A Swiss roll can only be made with a layer of sponge cake and a filling. The term roulade on the other hand refers to any item that has been filled and rolled. This can include bread, pastry, chicken fillets, etc.

What is the meaning of Swiss roll?

The term Swiss roll refers specifically to a thin flat sheet of sponge cake. It is filled with cream, jam, or icing, which is then rolled up into a cylindrical cake. Then, the cake can be glazed with melted chocolate, rolled in granulated sugar, or dusted with powdered sugar.

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