Where To Buy Egg Whites – 2 Convenient & Easy Options To Use

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Last Updated on July 19, 2022

Separating egg whites by hand is time-consuming and very messy. So, today we will look at where to buy egg whites to make your life a breeze!

We all but guarantee that your entire baking experience will become a lot less stressful and tedious. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right in!

Are “Egg Whites” Literally Just Separated Egg Whites?

Believe it or not, but yes. You can buy plain egg whites that just have been separated from their yolks. As simple as it seems, this concept quickly became popular in thousands of kitchens!

The idea is that it saves the user a ton of time having to separate the eggs themselves. Not to mention that the entire process can be quite labor-intensive and frustrating. Just think back to when you were nearing the end of the process and some yolk got into your clear whites – infuriating!

Now, imagine that you have to separate a hundred eggs for a big event coming up. Or that you have to bake cakes for a living that uses egg whites a lot.

So, that is essentially the entire motivation behind this product. Convenience and saving a ton of time. And if you thought that this premium product will cost you a ton of extra money, believe it or not, but it is pretty much the same price as regular eggs.

How is this possible? Well, they simply sell the egg yolks separately as well!

Can you buy just egg whites at the store

Are egg whites the same as liquid eggs?

First, let’s quickly give you an overview of what liquid egg whites are. Essentially, the concept is similar to regular egg whites, but instead, they are blended to create a smooth liquid. This makes it much easier to weigh out and even use in dishes.

Other than the consistency, liquid egg whites do not differ from regular egg whites in any way. The two products are just sold in different forms. That’s all!

Choosing The Best Egg Whites – Where To Buy Egg Whites?

There is not much to consider before buying egg whites. We would say the biggest thing to look out for is that you are buying actual egg whites (not liquid egg whites) and that the product doesn’t have any additives.

We also only buy organic eggs or at the very least, egg whites from free-range eggs. This is our tiny contribution to making the world a better place. And, before you think these items will be a lot more expensive, they are not.

You can also buy liquid eggs as they are virtually the same. In fact, they may actually end up being easier to use.

Finally, when it comes to which brand is best, it pretty much depends on the product in front of you. As we have mentioned, buying organic or free-range egg whites is always best, no matter which brand you choose. And, at the end of the day, those types of egg whites are all good quality (provided they don’t have any additives).

We personally like the Whole Foods Market Organic Egg Whites and the Happy Belly Cage-Free Egg Whites.

Where to buy egg whites in-store?

So, you have finally decided to give in to this wonderful product. Where do you start with finding them? These egg whites can be found in stores and online. And they are surprisingly easy to locate once you know where they are.

In stores, you will likely find them close to the dairy fridge section. They are usually placed close to the milk, butter, and yogurt aisle. However, if you cannot find them there, they might be closer to the cold prepared foods section. Otherwise, you can always just ask a shop attendant to help you find these.

So, in terms of actual shops, you can buy egg whites, your best bet is to first look at a supermarket such as Walmart, Target, or Costco. These stores are located pretty much located everywhere in the country, so it will be easiest to find the egg whites there.

Alternatively, you can go have a look at your local baking supply store. Because egg whites are mostly used by bakers, many baking shops have started selling egg whites and liquid egg whites in bulk. Buying them in bulk will save you money, but naturally, you will need to preserve them if you aren’t going to use them all at once.

And finally, if you still cannot seem to locate these egg whites anywhere, try a drug store or health shop. Both of these may seem unconventional, but if you are desperate, you may find some eventually.

Where to buy egg whites online?

Now, buying egg whites online guarantees that you will find what you are looking for. You can either purchase the egg whites at an online shop that delivers to your doorstep, or at a site like Amazon.

No matter where you decide to buy them from (online) this option of buying offers you convenience and efficiency. You can look for the exact product you want and the quantity you need. This way, you won’t have to go searching an entire day in stores and still not find anything.

And, more often than not, online shops offer specials or discounts that make the egg whites a lot more affordable.

How To Use Store-Bought Egg Whites

Okay, so now that you have bought the pre-separated egg whites, how do you use them?

You will need to measure out exactly how many egg whites you need for your recipe. One large egg white equals 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of measured egg whites. So, if you need 2 egg whites for your recipe, you will use 4 tablespoons of egg white.


Now that you know exactly where to buy egg whites in stores and online, you can immediately start baking at full steam ahead! These pre-separated egg whites will save you time and allow you to put all your effort into making your beautifully baked goods.


Can you buy just egg whites at the store?

Buying pre-separated egg whites at a store are possible. In fact, the entire concept is becoming more popular by the day. It offers convenience, saves you money (because you don't waste the yolks), and saves you a ton of time.

What section are egg whites in the supermarket?

You will definitely find egg whites in the cold fridge sections of your supermarket. First look next to the dairy products (by the milk, butter, and yogurt section). if you cannot find it there, it may be in the prepared cold foods section. Otherwise, you can loo for frozen egg whites.

Which brand of egg white is best?

There isn't one brand of egg whites that is definitively better than others. We always recommend buying free-range, cage-free, or organic egg products. So, in that sense, we would recommend Happy Belly and Whole Foods Market.

Is liquid egg white the same as egg white?

Liquid eggs are not completely the same as regular egg whites. The only difference is their consistency. Liquid eggs have been blended or beaten to make a smooth liquid that is much easier to use. Other than that, the two products are nutritionally exactly the same and can be used in the same way.

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