What To Make With Heavy Cream

What To Make With Heavy Cream?

Last Updated on November 30, 2020

Heavy cream is used for pastry fillings, toppings, and piping. Also, it holds its shape excellently. So, what to make with heavy cream? It is perfect for making homemade pie and is an all-purpose, versatile choice that you can use for different baked goods. It has at least 36% to 40% milkfat. Likewise, its higher fat content makes it a great thickening agent. That is why it is best to stock plenty of it in your refrigerator. 

Essentially, it is the starting point for every delicious, pillowy, and lush dessert topping as long as you can whip and whisk it. It can add flavor and texture to the baked goods you are making because of its higher fat content. Also, leftovers of it is not a problem at all. Please do not throw it since a small amount of it can make any dessert more delicious. In addition to that, 3/4 cup of milk and 1/4 cup of butter can substitute for it. However, not if used to make it into whipping cream.

Facts about Heavy Cream

It is also labeled as heavy whipping cream, and it has the highest amount of fat in the dairy section. Because the higher the fat content a liquid contains, the simpler it is to whip into solid peaks. As a result, it is widely utilized to create whipped cream. Only it can be whipped into peaks since other liquids do not have sufficient fat content. For instance, whole milk contains a fat content of less than 3.5%. Because of this, it is not as thick as heavy cream.

An ounce of heavy cream has 7 grams of saturated fat, 11 grams of fat, and 103 calories. Also, it contains a low mineral content with 18.4 mg of phosphorus, 22.3 mg of potassium, and 19.3 mg of calcium. Sodium content is at 11 mg; however, the cholesterol is at 41 mg. Also, an ounce of it is rich in vitamin D and vitamin A.

Many recipes with it whipped with confectioner’s sugar can make a delectable topping for ice cream and fresh fruit. Also, it can be made into a frosting when mixed with a stabilizer. Do not over whip it since too much beating can result in it turning into butter. As a substitute for it, you can use milk by diluting it with a small amount of water. Make sure to use half a cup of water and half a cup of heavy cream for every cup of whole milk.

It should be kept in the fridge constantly since it is highly spoilable. Likewise, please place them in the coldest part of your fridge to ensure it to be of its best quality. It is crucial to maintain it cold throughout the baking process since it will not whip if it is not cold enough.

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What to Make with Heavy Cream?

Want to add flavor to your coffee? Add heavy cream to it. Make something deliciously new about your coffee by creating a holiday creamer. It involves baking spices like nutmeg or cinnamon, including whisking flavored sugar, syrups, and extracts. In addition to that, since it freezes and thaws excellently, pour your heavy cream into an ice cube tray, then freeze it overnight. Afterward, use the frozen cubes for your iced coffee.

Uses for Heavy Cream - Ricotta Cheese

You can also use it to make homemade ricotta cheese. Adding salt and lemon juice to hot boiling heavy cream will curdle into fresh ricotta cheese. Doing this will make spreadable cheese for crackers and bread. On top of that, you can create hand-shaken ice cream. Put sugar, vanilla extract, and cream in a resealable bag. Afterward, store the resealable bag in a bigger bag with salt and ice. For ten to fifteen minutes, shake the bag, then freeze.

Scones and Biscuits

To achieve that remarkable texture, creamy and delectable taste, use heavy cream in scones and biscuits. Also, heavy cream gives cream biscuits a yummy and fluffy texture. Likewise, they are super light, flaky, moist, and yummy to eat. 

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Pastry Pipings and Fillings 

Heavy cream can be whipped and utilized as piping for baked goods such as cakes and cookies. Similarly, pastry cream, which is made with heavy cream, is commonly used in éclairs, fruit tarts, and cream puffs.

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What To Make With Heavy Cream - Pastry Pipings and Fillings 

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Whipped Cream

Mix cold heavy cream with a small amount of sugar, maple syrup, honey, and vanilla. Then, beat on high till it results in a stiff peak. Afterward, use it as a delicious topping for coffee and fresh fruits, especially berries. In addition to that, whipped cream is a perfect topping for pies, strawberry shortcake, and a slice of cheesecake.

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