What To Do With Pie Crusts?

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Last Updated on June 21, 2022

Thanksgiving is never complete without pie. And when making pie, it is unavoidable to have scraps, so what to do with the pie crusts? They indeed say you cannot have too much of a good thing. That is why there are leftovers. However, you do not need to feel like you are wasting good food because you do not need to throw it. What you can do is to make something better from it. And if you think that the dough is limited to a few recipes, you are mistaken since there are many ways to make delectable desserts using pie crusts.

What is Pie Crust?

A pie crust is essentially the pastry shells of a pie created out of butter, salt, sugar, water, and flour. It is possible to blind bake a pie crust that could last up until three days ahead. Allow the pie crust to cool down before covering it to keep it fresh, and put it on the counter of your kitchen till it is ready to be filled and served.

Please place it in the fridge as long as the pastry was at room temperature before it was rolled out. Doing this could last up for approximately three days. Likewise, please place it in the freezer to last up to six months in sealed plastic or airtight container. It is because pie dough freezes well. In addition to that, this will make it easier to make some pie since there is extra dough.

What is Pie Crust

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How to Know If a Pie Crust has Gone Bad?

Check if it has a sour smell, the appearance has molds present on it, diminished texture, and a dry feel.

What Recipes Can You Make with Pie Crusts?

Pie Bites

Tasty tiny bites of pie crust, each stuffed with whatever fruit filling you desire, such as apple, blueberry, and cherry. Pie bites make an amazing ice cream topping. It is a classic holiday candy that is perfectly sized for everybody to enjoy.

Homemade Pop Tarts

Homemade pop tarts are easy to make. They are also called pie crust pastry or shortcrust pastry. You can choose whatever filling you desire may it be jam or jelly. They are incredibly flaky and tender. It has this delicious buttery flavor depending on the oil used that will have you hooked for weeks.

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Empanadas are also known as hand pies. They can be made with various delicious fillings since they are multipurpose. Likewise, you can be creative with the empanada fillings. Empanadas are an excellent way to use leftovers. Making empanada dough from pie crusts for baking is another benefit because you can customize the dough by adding various spices or herbs to complement or contrast the fillings and add flavor.

 In addition to that, you can make a big batch of empanada dough. Roll it out, then cut it into discs. Afterward, freeze the discs that were separated with wax paper for later purposes.

Apple Pie Dumplings

Apple pie dumplings are made by adding pie dough and Apple pie filling to a baking dish and cooking it until lightly browned and tender. Afterward, serve the dumplings warm and add a drizzle of heavy cream or a large scoop of vanilla ice cream if you want.

What To Do With Pie Crusts - Apple Pie Dumplings

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Flaky Cinnamon Rolls

For every flaky cinnamon roll, it is best to roll out the dough very thin. Afterward, fold it in half several times till it formed into a small square. Next, shape it back into a ball and re-roll it out. Repeat two to three times. Make sure to sprinkle the rolling pin and pastry cloth from time to time with sweet rice flour and cornstarch in between the process. Split into three to four individual balls before rolling out the last time for easier handling.

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Tartlets are a household favorite. The butter pie crust is tender and crispy. Besides, these bite-size shortbread tarts are the most incredible and remarkable desserts. Also, it is simple to make these homemade mini tart shells. Their base is ideal for any filling from mousses, ganache to sweet custards topped with fruits.


Quiche can be made using pie crust. It is a combination of heavy cream and milk to make a rich and creamy filling. You can also add spinach, white cheddar cheese, feta cheese, crab meat, bacon, and ham.

What To Do With Pie Crusts - Quiche

Pie Soup Crackers

If you love soup, then I suggest you scoop up the ramekin corners after baking and save up that golden brown edges. The crust collected will be mixed with a creamy filling to make pie soup crackers. Making homemade pie soup crackers can be easily whipped up in the food processor.

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