What Is High Ratio Shortening & Where To Buy

What Is High Ratio Shortening & Where To Buy?

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Looking for excellent high ratio shortening and want to know where to buy it? The search is over; this article will guide you all about it. Generally, shortening is any fat in baking that is solid at room temperature. Also, it provides baked goods a crumbly and soft texture. In addition to that, shortening does not possess any flavor or odor. And you no longer need to store it in the fridge. Common examples include margarine, vegetable shortening, and hydrogenated solidified oils.

Moreover, high ratio shortening is best when you are making icing. The main reason is that it makes the icing more convenient to work with your recipe. Additionally, the high ratio shortening is firmer than usual shortenings. Likewise, it keeps the icing from not breaking down. 

What is a Shortening?
What Is High Ratio Shortening &...
What Is High Ratio Shortening & Where To Buy?

Shortening arose since it coats each flour’s protein molecule. As a consequence, it makes it more difficult for long strands of gluten to be produced. That is why the strands become shorter than usual. Because of this, it got its “shortening” name.

Today, shortening usually refers to hydrogenated oils. For instance, vegetable shortening is semi-solid fat with low water content and high smoke point. Because of this, it produces tender results in baked goods. Furthermore, oils make a more solid pastry. On the other hand, fats result in a flaky pastry.

Additionally, the amount of shortening in batters and doughs differs depending on the baked goods. With that, cakes have 10 to 20 percent shortening, and piecrusts have above 30 percent shortening. In addition to that, loaves of bread have approximately 1 to 2 percent of shortening. Also, keep in mind that adding the shortening in the recipe increases tenderness to the baked goods. As a consequence, high proportions may result in the cake collapsing.

Moreover, shortening is excellent in baking. For this reason, it has beneficial qualities. It has a high degree of plasticity, good shortening power, and long storage life. Its characteristic flavor is pleasant and bland. In addition to that, it can lubricate and weaken the structure of baked goods to produce tenderness. 

Is Shortening Similar to Crisco?

It is indeed wrong to refer to Crisco as a shortening. It is because a shortening is, in fact, a type rather than a particular ingredient. For this reason, shortening covers plenty of products. In contrast, Crisco is a famous vegetable shortening brand made by The J.M Smucker Company in the USA. Also, it is the initial shortening product made entirely of vegetable oils.

In recent years, Crisco is the best option in the cake decorator’s pantry. However, trans-fat usage in all foods has resulted in problems since present laws banned it. Similarly, the harmful trans-fat found in the old Crisco formula is the main factor; it gives the buttercream its yummy flavor. Hence, the latest recipe has a greasy feeling aftertaste in the mouth. 

Is Shortening Similar to Crisco

Try out this recipe: Tasty Bakery Frosting Recipe with Crisco

What is a High Ratio Shortening and Where to Buy It? 

It is a hundred percent fat with no additional water or salt. Also, it has micro emulsifiers. For this reason, it enables the mixture to keep more liquid and sugar. That is why it is more temperature stable. Moreover, it does not make the icing taste greasy.

It also helps to keep more air after whipping it, which will add volume. Likewise, it is white in appearance, so it will not change the color of the icing. Furthermore, it helps to maintain the cakes moist and provides them with a smoother texture. Hence, high ratio cake recipes often use it. With that, it is a guarantee that it is worth your money, although it is more expensive than Crisco.

Thereby, high ratio shortening is the best choice for a smoother buttercream icing. Likewise, buttercream icing created with high ratio shortening is creamier and more flavorful than Crisco. Moreover, you can purchase high ratio shortening online. In addition to that, Sweetex is the brand name.

Sweetex Golden Flex Icing Shortening

Although a high ratio shortening costs more than Crisco, you can use less shortening when you make your recipes with it. With that, you can use about 2/3 cup of high ratio shortening for every cup required in the icing recipe. Furthermore, you can buy high ratio shortening at Walmart.

As an alternative, look for a store brand that has trans-fat. With that, make sure to check the labels of the grocery store’s brand. However, the flavor is not as delicious compared to buttercream icing created with the high ratio shortening. That is why the best approach is to select brands containing trans-fat.

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