Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

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Last Updated on June 6, 2022

A pull-apart cupcake cake is an incredibly clever way to satisfy guests when attending and even hosting birthdays. In addition to that, it is best for baby showers.

Moreover, you do not have to prepare knives, forks, and plates. You can make your pull-apart cakes by arranging cupcakes into a particular shape before applying the frosting. Afterward, add the decorations.

Also, since you will be creating a set of cupcakes, there is no need to cut it as it is perfect for grabbing a piece of it and enjoying it.

Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

Essentially, a pull-apart cupcake cake is a cake and a cupcake. At times, the designs can look complicated and challenging to make, but the truth is that they are innovatively assembled cupcakes that you frost and decorate.

Also, these pull apart cupcake cake designs are endless, as the limit is only your imagination. Plus, there is no worry if you do not have the luxury to bake cupcakes and make the frosting. The main reason is that you can always buy ready-made cupcakes and frosting, although homemade cupcakes and frosting are always the best.

Once you have the necessities, you can assemble your cupcakes to what kind of design you want and then get creative with a piping bag and frosting.

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Facts about pull apart cupcake cake

In general, what is pull-apart cake? Well, pull apart cake is a cake that looks like a sheet cake and has easy portioning; with this, ease in the sense that you do not need a cake knife to cut the cake. The reason is that it pulls apart effortlessly.

Moreover, some call it a cupcake cake; however, it refers to a cake shaped like a cupcake and not as a cake made from arranging cupcakes into a cake.

Additionally, you can make a pull-apart cupcake cake by arranging cupcakes on a cake board or serving platter. Then, frost over and form into different shapes not limited to a rectangle or square.

Pull apart cake has gained popularity because many people like portion control when eating snacks and desserts. And since you can pull one cupcake from the pull-apart cake, it has made it easier to portion the entire cake without a knife which makes it convenient. Pull apart cake is easy to make, and you can create cakes with different shapes and sizes with it. With a bit of imagination, the designs can be endless.

How do you secure pull apart cupcakes

Making pull apart cupcake cake

How to make pull-apart cupcake cake? For the most part, a pull-apart cupcake cake is super easy and fun to make. Remember that a few things are needed to create a pull-apart cupcake cake.

First, you should have a specific idea or vision of what your pull apart cupcake cake will look like at the event. In this regard, you can print a design that will serve as a guideline to make the process easier for you.

Next, you need to prepare and bake as many cupcakes depending on the size of your pull apart cupcake cake. Also, you have to prepare your buttercream frosting or any frosting that you think will compliment the flavor of your cupcakes.

After that, ensure that once done baking your cupcakes and making your frosting, allow your cupcakes to cool completely; keep in mind that cooling your cupcakes will help prevent your frosting from melting and getting messy.

Then, make sure to arrange your cupcakes into your desired designs; you can use your printed guide for accuracy. Likewise, you can color your frosting based on your preference.

Afterward, spread it evenly on top of your cupcakes. And finally, pipe an additional frosting depending on your designs. In addition to that, add other garnishes if needed.

Moreover, if you notice gaps between your cupcakes, you can place small cookies such as vanilla wafers or sandwich cookies to fill the gap; bear in mind that some create an edible bridge using small cookies or pretzel sticks to bridge between cupcakes. Doing so makes the frosting more even. Not only that but also you can opt out with jumbo-sized marshmallows to fill the gaps if desired.

Assembling pull apart cupcakes

How do you assemble pull apart cupcakes? Before anything else, if you are having difficulty creating your pull-apart cupcakes, do not worry because here are ideas to make pull-apart cupcakes.

Remember, the first step in assembling pull-apart cupcakes is to bake your cupcakes ahead of time; doing so ensures that it is adequately cooled. Besides, you may bake your cupcakes one or two days in advance.

Second, the cupcakes you made must have the same height. So with that, it is crucial to measure the amount of cupcake batter on your cupcakes. In so doing, it ensures that your cupcakes will be even.

Then, be sure to arrange your cupcakes into the design you want; you can stagger or place them in a zigzag pattern. Because of this, it will undoubtedly minimize the gaps between each cupcake.

After you have arranged your cupcakes, be sure to frost your cupcakes using your frosting. Next, with an offset spatula to spread the top of your cupcakes. Also, you can use a cake scraper to level the surface of your cupcakes. Not only that, but also you must ensure that it has a flat surface.

Once satisfied, add the necessary designs that you want. With that, you can pipe more frosting or add garnishes. Also, you can use your offset spatula for the corners and edges of your pull-apart cake. Doing so will clean off. Likewise, it will form the corners and edges.

Securing pull apart cupcakes

Typically, how do you secure pull apart cupcakes? Remember, pull apart cupcakes may be nice to have and serve at birthday parties; however, minor incidents can occur if you are not careful when handling them. In addition to that, when making your cakes, like cupcakes falling apart before the party has begun.

In that regard, here are tips and tricks to secure your pull-apart cupcakes. So, first things first, make sure you completely cool your cupcakes. Always remember that warm cupcakes can melt your frosting, causing it to slip from your cake board and even ruin its shape and design.

That is why to secure your cupcakes on the cake board; you should place a dollop of frosting on the bottom of each of your cupcakes; make sure to do this before arranging them on your cake board.

Likewise, you can use a photo or picture to guide you when arranging your cupcakes on the board. Besides, using a compass in arranging can help it become more accessible and organized. Plus, the small amount of frosting on the bottom of each cupcake will serve and act as an adhesive before putting it on the cake board.

Ultimately, the process of putting a small amount of frosting is essential as it will ensure that your cupcakes do not move around when you are planning to transport or move the pull-apart cake.


How To Make Pull Apart Cupcake Cake?

First, it is essential to prepare and bake plenty of cupcakes. Though, it relies on the size of your pull apart cupcake cake. Plus, you have to prepare the appropriate frosting. Remember, once you finish baking, allow it to cool completely. After that, ensure to arrange your cupcakes; you can always copy the printed guide for accuracy. Lastly, pipe your frosting depending on your designs. Likewise, you may add garnishes if necessary.

What Is Pull Apart Cake?

In most cases, a pull-apart cake is essentially a cake that appears like a sheet cake. For this reason, it has easy portioning. It is also very effortless to serve since you no longer need a cake knife to slice your cake.

How Do You Assemble Pull Apart Cupcakes?

For starters, you must create cupcakes with similar heights, so it would be necessary to measure the quantity of your cupcake batter; do it to ensure your cupcakes remain even. Afterward, you are free to arrange the cupcakes into the design you prefer. Then, make sure to frost the cupcakes, and do not forget to spread the cupcakes' top to have a flat surface.

How Do You Secure Pull Apart Cupcakes?

It is necessary to place a dollop of your frosting on every cupcake's bottom part. Also, ensure to do this before arranging them on the cake's board.

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