Pre-rolled Fondant Sheets

Pre-rolled Fondant Sheets

Last Updated on January 19, 2023

Want to know about pre-rolled fondant sheets? If you do, then this article is just for you. Essentially, fondant is a kind of icing. Typically, you use it to decorate pastries, cakes, or cupcakes. Keep in mind that the fondant’s texture is distinct from most icings. Also, because fondant is icing, it does not harden like gum paste.

Additionally, fondant has an essential ingredient referred to as glycerine. So what does glycerine do? Well, it is what keeps fondant pliable and soft. As a result, it will be ideal for covering a cake.

In addition to that, it has a gum tragacanth. Bear in mind that it is somewhat similar to tylose. Because of that, it provides the fondant its elasticity. Not only that, but also it enables it to harden on the outside with a crust.

Pre-rolled Fondant Sheets

For starters, you cover pre-rolled fondant sheets over cakes. Not only that but also you use it to cut out shapes for decorations. Bear in mind that you purchase it at specialty stores.

Likewise, you can buy pre-rolled fondant in a dough form. Afterward, roll it yourself. In so doing, make sure to dust the surface with confectioner’s sugar or cornstarch lightly. Then, roll out the fondant using your rolling pin or fondant roller. Also, after every roll, be sure to turn it about a quarter of the way. Doing so will stop it from sticking. In addition to that, make sure the fondant’s thickness is equal.

Next, utilize a rolling pin to drape your fondant over the cake. Ensure to do this when the fondant is at the right thickness. After that, be sure to work fast. Doing so will smooth out your fondant. Also, make sure to use your hands to smooth the sides. At the same time, utilize a fondant smoother for the top. Remember, do not forget to cut off any extra fondant on the cake’s base. With that, use a fondant trimmer or a knife.

Things To Consider When Decorating Ready To Use Fondant

To stop fondant from sticking, you can spread a thin layer of buttercream. Make sure to apply it over the whole cake. And be sure you do it before you lay the fondant down. On the other hand, ensure to attach the icing. You can do so by brushing on a tiny amount of light corn syrup for cookies.

Moreover, you must always ensure that the cake has cooled entirely. Do this before you apply the fondant. With that, it is best if you do not rush the process. Consequently, you will indeed create a mess if you do not.

Additionally, it is indeed helpful to decorate with fondant ahead of time of an occasion. With that, it is best to do it two to three days in advance. And keep in mind, you should never prepare it much farther than that.

With regards to decorating cookies like sugar cookies, make sure to use a cookie-cutter. With that, use this to cut out the fondant. And place it on the cookie’s top. Furthermore, you should know that cookies tend to spread a bit in the oven. So with that, no need to worry about the fondant’s overlay.

Ultimately, it is best to roll the fondant out. After that, lay it over the cake in a single piece. Then, utilize a knife for trimming the extra. It would be best if you cut since the excess weight can indeed lead to cracks.

Tips When Using Ready-made Fondant

Always remember that fondant is indeed an edible icing. In addition to that, it has a hundred percent edible ingredients. However, in most cases, individuals take the fondant off the cakes. They do this when they intend to consume their cake. The main reason is that a few people do not like the fondant’s flavor or texture.

Make sure to knead in shortening if your fondant is dry. Doing so will help you achieve the correct consistency. In addition to that, ensure to knead in the confectioner’s sugar if it is sticky. Not only that, but also you may utilize a pasta maker. In so doing, you can roll out fondant.

Furthermore, you can brush corn syrup in a one-fourth inch edge at the frosting’s bottom. Additionally, it would be best to use vodka when attaching fondant decorations. The main reason is that the alcohol dries instantly. In that regard, it is like quick-drying glue.

Bear in mind that pre-made fondant dries instantly. That is why if the fondant turns extremely hard, be sure to knead it delicately using your hands. After that, add a tiny amount of shortening on them. Because of this, the warmth will indeed make it smooth. Also, make sure not to use water since it will dissolve the fondant.

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How To Color Fondant?

If you want an excellent tint for your fondant, make sure to use color-right concentrated or icing colors. The main reason is that they provide bright and bold colors. Because of that, they do not alter the fondant’s consistency.

Furthermore, ensure to wear your food-safe gloves to blend in the desired color. In so doing, you will prevent stains on your hands. However, please avoid using liquid-based food colorings. Due to excessive liquid, it can indeed soften the fondant.

Additionally, you can combine more than a single fondant color to get a whole rainbow of shades. After that, make sure to put a tiny amount of dark teal fondant into white fondant. Doing so will result in a lighter teal. Also, to achieve purple, blend blue and red fondant.

Moreover, it is best to use up your leftover fondant for another project. So with that, do not throw the scraps away.

Storing Leftover Pre-rolled Fondant Sheets

Before anything else, make sure to keep your fondant wrapped in plastic wrap after using them. It would help if you did so because fondant dries out instantly. Also, be sure to roll unused fondant into a ball. Then, be sure to coat it with a thin layer of solid vegetable shortening after decorating. As always, wrap tightly in plastic wrap. Then, store the fondant at room temperature. With that, it would be best to put it in an airtight container. Doing all of these will indeed make your fondant last for approximately a month. Finally, never freeze fondant.

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