How Much To Charge For Fondant Cake

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Last Updated on May 2, 2021

Not one hundred percent sure how much to charge for fondant cake? Don’t worry; here are the basic guidelines to figure out how to do this. In this regard, you must first have a minimum price point. Because of that, it would be best to make it clear that your cake begins at a particular rate. After that, add it depending on the extra fondant cake designs.

In most cases, customers come to you with the estimated number of individuals they need to feed. For this reason, it would help if you were ready to provide them a starting price based on the number of tiers and size of the fondant cake. 

How Much To Charge For Fondant Cake?

It costs 50 dollars for a six-inched round fondant cake. It can feed about four to six people. An eight-inched round fondant cake that can feed eight to twelve people costs about 80 dollars.

In addition to that, a ten-inched round fondant cake can serve fifteen to twenty people that cost 110 dollars. In contrast, a twelve-inched round fondant cake can feed twenty-five to thirty-five people that costs roughly 150 dollars. And a fourteen-inched round fondant cake costs 200 dollars that can feed about forty to forty-five people.

how much cost a fondant cake

Moreover, a two-tiered fondant cake typically costs more or less 150 dollars. With that, it can feed a minimum of twenty-five people. Likewise, a two-tiered fondant cake is appropriate for a big party. On the other hand, a three-tiered fondant cake usually costs approximately 300 dollars. Because of that, it can serve a minimum of forty people.

For the most part, a two-dimensional sculpted cake cost about 185 dollars. And this can feed around fifteen people. Additionally, if you want a bigger sculpted cake to feed roughly twenty-five people, it would cost 250 dollars. On the contrary, a three-dimensional cake can feed close to twenty people, cost about 300 dollars.

Tips On How To Charge For Fondant Cake

In pricing a cake, calculate the labor or the hours of estimated work multiplied by your hourly rate. Then, add it with the cost of ingredients and overhead expenses. With that, this is the basic formula on how much to charge for fondant cakes. Not to mention that you should factor in your expertise. For instance, a customer asks for an intricate cake topper; you should ensure to include that in the final price.

Hourly Rate

Essentially, please modify your hourly rate to your skills and experience. But, if you are a beginner and unconfident in your skills, determining the hourly rate can be hard. Because of this, you should ensure to pay yourself at least minimum wage, despite still learning. In this regard, improve your skills over time to increase your hourly rate.

Hourly Rate

Cost of Ingredients

It will help if you keep the grocery receipts to determine the price of each ingredient. Bear in mind that you no longer need to figure out how much a container of salt is. All you essentially have to do is identify the essential measurements. For example, the exact measurements of brown sugar per cup or the baking powder by the teaspoon for a recipe.

In addition to that, you have to know how many servings of each ingredient a bag or container has. Likewise, do not forget to calculate the cost per unit of each ingredient.

Overhead Expenses

It includes variable expenses such as parchment paper, cardboard cake rounds, and cake boxes. Additionally, the specific molds or cutter that you purchase to finish a fondant cake. Purchases like stand mixers or conventional ovens and fixed costs such as rent and electricity belong to overhead expenses.

Besides, you should include tools like airbrushes. Then, compute the depreciation of those tools over their estimated durability. After that, add them to your overhead expenses.

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Estimating How Long The Cake Will Take

Remember that fondant cakes will either take less time or longer than you expect them. If the cake takes longer than you think it will, then that is where things can get difficult. Whenever this occurs, all you need to do is decide on the best estimate you can. Although, this does not include inactive time, such as allowing the fondant feature to harden.

Charge More For Extra Fondant Cake Designs

Keep in mind that sculpted cakes need much more time for structuring and designing. So, please be realistic regarding the hours it takes. For instance, an intricate four-tiered cake for ten people does not mean you will spend fewer hours on it than a cake that feeds thirty people. Because of that, please be upfront about the work involved with your customers.

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