How Long Does Ice Cream Cake Last?

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Last Updated on March 1, 2022

Ice cream cake is one of the most delicious desserts ever invented. There are so many great different flavor combinations you can enjoy for this fun summer dessert. If you plan on enjoying this tasty dessert, you will want to know how long does ice cream cake lasts.

Ice cream cakes are often available at grocery stores or ice cream shops. However, you can also make your own version at home. They are wonderful for serving at birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any form of celebration.

What Is Ice Cream Cake?

Ice cream cakes consist of layers of ice cream and cake and are often topped with some type of frosting or ganache. They can come in a variety of different styles including round, square, rectangle, or roll. 

Many times whipped cream is used as the frosting of choice, as it is lighter than other frostings. However, some people may also top their cake with a layer of ganache instead of frosting, or in some cases in addition to. Generally, frostings such as buttercream or cream cheese frosting are not used.

When making the layers, other ingredients may be added as well. Some people will add cookie crumbles, fudge, sprinkles, caramel, or fruit in between the layers.

The assembly of the cake is often done in a mold or cake pan. The ice cream is often softened slightly at room temperature to make it easier to spread onto the cake.

When ready to assemble, the ice cream is spread onto the cake and any additional toppings are added. Some recipes will call for multiple layers of cake and ice cream, whereas others will just have one.

In cakes with multiple layers, you can even alternate what flavors of ice cream and cake you use for an exciting and tasty dessert. Once both of the layers are complete, the cake is put into the freezer to set. Once set, you can add the whipped cream frosting or ganache and final toppings.

Common ingredients

The foundation for this dessert is ice cream and cake followed by frosting and toppings. The most common cake flavors include chocolate and vanilla, though you can also use other flavors.

There are many different ice creams flavors people use for ice cream cake including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies and cream, peanut butter, and mint. Though there are many different flavors with mix-ins that can be used, it can make the cake difficult to cut if the chunks are too big.

The frosting is most commonly whipped cream frosting. Whipped cream frosting often consists of heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla. However, some recipes may call for additional ingredients such as milk, gelatin, or cream cheese.

Ganache is another common ingredient for ice cream cakes. Ganache simply consists of melted chocolate, often semi or bitter-sweet and heavy whipping cream. It makes for a super tasty addition to your cake.

How Long Do Ice Cream Cakes Last?

Ice cream cake generally only lasts for seven to ten days in the freezer. It will not keep as long as just plain ice cream or frozen, unfrosted cake layers. Since it often contains whipped cream frosting, which has a short shelf life, it is best when eaten within seven to ten days.

If your ice cream cake does not contain whipped cream, cream cheese, or buttercream frosting, it will be able to last up to two months. However, if it does contain any of those ingredients, it is best to eat within 10 days.

After seven to ten days, it will likely begin to form ice crystals. It will begin to lose its desirable texture and flavor as it develops freezer burn. Though it will technically still be safe to eat, it will not be appetizing.

How To Store Ice Cream Cake?

In order to prevent freezer burn, it is important to properly store your ice cream cake. A whole ice cream cake should be stored in a cake box or in an airtight container in your freezer.

Any leftover slices can be kept in an airtight container as well or in a Ziploc bag. Additionally, you can also wrap slices in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil to help keep them from getting ice crystals.

When ready to serve, let it sit out at room temperature to slightly soften. If you try to eat it right out of the freezer it will likely be too hard.

How to tell if it is no longer good?

how to store ice cream cake

In most cases, this dessert, unlike others, doesn’t necessarily go bad, it just develops ice crystals and gets freezer burn. In this case, it will develop an unpleasant taste and texture, but won’t necessarily be unsafe to eat.

However, in rare cases, it can go bad. The first thing that will likely go bad is the whipped cream icing, as it is the most perishable ingredient. If you notice any dark or brown spots in the frosting, toss it out.

In addition, if there is an off smell, taste, or appearance, it is a good idea to just throw it out. Over time, moisture can get into it if it is not properly stored and cause a change in texture.

Understanding How Long Does Ice Cream Cake Last

Before you may have wondered how long do ice cream cakes last. Well, on average it will last for seven to ten days before it will begin to develop ice crystals and get freezer burn creating an unpleasant taste and texture. It is best to store in a cake box or an airtight container in your freezer.

The great thing about ice cream cakes is that you can enjoy them in various flavor combinations and toppings. Traditionally, they will have whipped cream frosting, but it can vary by recipe. They are a favorite among many people and are great for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.

Do you have any questions regarding how long do ice cream cakes last? If so, please ask any questions regarding these unique and tasty desserts in the comment section down below.

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