How Many Does A Quarter Sheet Cake Feed

How Many Does A Quarter Sheet Cake Feed

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How many does a quarter sheet cake feed? Also, if you are asking, what is the size of a 1/4 sheet cake? For the most part, a quarter sheet cake is usually thirteen inches by nine inches and one or two inches deep. 

Because of that, you can feed around thirty people; keep in mind that smaller slices can indeed render up to fifty-four pieces. Besides, it is an excellent choice for small and small to medium party sizes.

How Many Does A Quarter Sheet Cake Feed?

Generally, you have to keep in mind that the number of servings relies on the cake’s size, including the serving size. Although, a quarter sheet cake with more depth will serve more people. Likewise, slicing the quarter sheet cake into tiny pieces will undoubtedly feed more people. 

Also, the typical quarter sheet cake will serve between thirty and fifty people. For instance, the number of servings depends on specific serving sizes of a 9 “x13″ x2” quarter sheet cake: 

  • 3 “x3” servings can feed up to twelve people.
  • 2 “x3” servings will feed about eighteen people. 
  • 2 “x2” servings can feed around twenty-four people. 
  • 1 “x2” serving will feed approximately fifty-four people. 
1 4 sheet cake dimensions

Moreover, how many slices can you get from a 1/4 sheet cake? In most cases, you can get about twelve slices for a one-fourth sheet cake. 

Regarding the 1 4 sheet cake dimensions, a one-fourth sheet cake pan will measure thirteen inches by nine inches. In addition to that, one or two inches deep. Sometimes it can be smaller; it can measure twelve inches by eight inches and be two to three inches deep. 

If you wonder how much does a 1/4 sheet cake weight? It weighs about seventy-five ounces; keep in mind that this particular 1/4 sheet cake has a yellow cake layer base. And you ice it with white buttercream icing. 

Facts About Sheet Cakes

Essentially, sheet cakes are rectangular, frosted, and single-layered cakes best for parties with at least a dozen people. In most cases, you can prepare them in one of three sizes: full, half, and quarter. Nevertheless, choosing the sheet cake size relies on the number of guests and servings needed at the celebration. 

Moreover, it would be best to consider that making a sheet cake is somewhat like baking any cake. Instead of utilizing round cake pans and creating several layers, you only need to bake a single-layered sheet cake. Likewise, the ingredients are typically similar to what most use to bake any cake. However, a sheet cake will have larger quantities.

Also, you are free to buy a prepared sheet cake from the bakery or supermarket. Likewise, you can order one to customize the design and colors according to the occasion. 

Besides, you may encounter numerous bakers creating sheet cake with two thin layers; they commonly separate it using ganache or frosting. Nonetheless, sheet cakes are bigger and more prone to breaking than regular ones. So with that, it is necessary to have much experience turning the cake out of the sheet cake pan. Remember, there is no denying that practice makes perfect. 

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Tips And Tricks

You may notice that sheet cakes are a staple for birthdays, especially kids’ parties. Not only that but also for all types of celebration. Occasionally, they can be an excellent option for a nice casual dessert at home

If you are an amateur baker, begin with an easy sheet cake recipe for a more casual event. Then, you may serve the cake in the pan you baked it in. In addition to that, please utilize quarter sheet cake pans with convenient lids that fit right onto the pan. 

Furthermore, it would be best to remember that sheet cakes are thinner than regular ones. In addition to that, they are prone to drying out. Not only that but also, they are undoubtedly susceptible to breakage because they are bigger than usual types of cakes. 

So with these, you must always prepare the pan with some cooking spray. Also, place a little piece of parchment on the cake’s base. Doing all of these will indeed prevent your sheet cakes from sticking. 

Additionally, mark every slice on the sheet cake with a bit of garnish. Feel free to add nuts, berries, chocolate, or candies. Doing all of these will help you cut the pieces evenly to serve your guests properly. 

Moreover, rather than creating one thick layer and slicing it horizontally, you may try making two separate thinner cakes. After that, stack them with some delectable icing. 

Overall, sheet cakes are more effortless to assemble, stack, and decorate, considering you put them in the refrigerator or freezer wrapped in cling wrap. 

Things To Consider When Making Sheet Cakes

In general, sheet cakes differ from one another. That is why it would help to consider the size of the meal accompanying the cake; bear in mind that sheet cakes are the finale of long food-loaded meals. So with that, you may notice that there is a high probability that your guests are too full to attempt a decent slice. 

On the other hand, if the cake is the only food for a casual farewell party at work, for instance, there is no denying that individuals will take larger portions. 

Moreover, please note the event, guests, and kind of sheet cake to determine whether the portion size is small or big. After that, ensure to multiply the number of people by your chosen size. 

What is the size of a 1/4 sheet cake

Additionally, you may ask yourself, what is the best way to measure a sheet cake pan? You do not have to worry since you can conveniently measure your sheet cake pan by placing a measuring stick on the inside edges of the pan. Doing so will indeed measure its length and width. 

When measuring the depth, you can put a stick against the pan’s base and measure up to one-fourth inch of the pan’s height for the depth. 


Ultimately, a quarter sheet cake can feed around twelve to twenty people. Because of that, it is ideal for small company events and even for birthday parties. Plus, they work well for kids’ parties. The main reason is that there is room for minimal decorations without having too much sugar-laden cake leftover to tempt the kids later. 


How Many Slices Can You Get From A 1/4 Sheet Cake?

You can have around twelve slices from a one-fourth sheet cake for the most part. Nonetheless, smaller slices can undoubtedly yield up to fifty-four slices. 

What Is The Size Of A 1/4 Sheet Cake?

Well, a one-fourth sheet cake is typically thirteen inches by nine inches. In addition to that, it is one or two inches deep. 

How Much Does A 1/4 Sheet Cake Weight?

It generally weighs around seventy-five ounces, especially if you have a one-fourth sheet cake with a yellow cake layer base. In addition to that, you can ice it with some delicious white buttercream frosting. 

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