How Long Do Raspberries Last In The Fridge

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Last Updated on February 12, 2023

Do you love raspberries? And do you commonly use them in your recipes? Yet, you don’t know how long do raspberries last in the fridge? Well, you are in luck because they last for around 5 to 7 days.

How Long Do Your Raspberries Last In The Fridge?

First off, raspberries’ shelf life mainly depends on storage conditions. In addition to that, how ripe the raspberries were when you bought them. That is why you should constantly refrigerate them for maximum shelf life.

Moreover, it would help if you only left out raspberries at room temperature to use them immediately. Bear in mind that raspberries are indeed perishable. Likewise, they do not ripen.

Additionally, it is best to store the raspberries in the fridge. With that, make sure to put them in a clamshell container. Though, it would be convenient if you bought raspberries in a closed container. And as a general rule of thumb, throw away any moldy or bruised raspberries. Make sure to do so before refrigerating them. Apart from that, make sure to check your raspberries for any color discoloration.

Things To Consider When Buying Raspberries

First and foremost, be sure to check what is inside before putting a container in your shopping cart. Then, inspect your raspberries for any discolorations, molds, and soft spots. Remember, it is best to shop for seasonal produce. Keep in mind that you can find it at the farmer’s market. By doing so, you can ensure your raspberries’ freshness.

Besides, farmers typically select produce for sale the day before or early in the morning. For this reason, it is only for the best that you purchase farm-fresh produce. And if you do so, you will have raspberries with a longer shelf life.

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Benefits Of Raspberries

Before anything else, you should know that raspberries are a great source of vitamin C and fiber. Not only that but also they have several other essential minerals and vitamins. Besides that, they have low calories yet high antioxidants.

Because of those, raspberries are indeed perfect for your diet. Talk about a nutritious and delicious meal. And the best thing of all is that you can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, frozen raspberries are always a healthy choice at any time of the year.

How To Clean Raspberries?

For starters, you should not wash raspberries till you use them. The main reason is that the extra water will lead to spoilage. However, you can rinse strawberries because they are firmer than raspberries.

Moreover, it is improper to wash the raspberries under running water. The reason being is the pressure of the water will squish the raspberries. Plus, it is more likely to occur if you pack them on top of each other in their plastic container.

Additionally, water droplets tend to stay in the package after washing. Not only that, but also it will cause the raspberries to be soggy. That is why it is best to fill a big bowl with cold water. Afterward, put the raspberries in a colander. Then, make sure to dip it in the water bath. In so doing, it will keep the raspberries fresh.

Next, ensure to transfer the raspberries to a paper towel-lined, watertight container. Then, store them in the fridge. Also, make sure to pick a large container. Doing so will allow the raspberries to lay flat in a single layer.

Furthermore, it would help to wash the raspberries thoroughly to remove the dirt. It is essential to do so because raspberries typically grow near the ground. In addition to that, they have sponge-like flesh, and they are porous. For these reasons, there will be dirt. And commonly, you will not notice it even after you rinsed it.

Also, be sure to dip the raspberries in a distilled white vinegar and a 3:1 mixture of water. Doing this helps to extend the raspberries’ shelf life. Then, make sure to dry gently with a cloth or paper towel.

Storing Your Raspberries Properly: How Long Do Berries Last?

If you intend to consume your raspberries within a day, it is all right to leave them on the countertop. With that, make sure you cover them. Nonetheless, it is always best to store your raspberries in the fridge. Doing so will stop it from spoiling. Apart from that, make sure to place the raspberries at the front of the refrigerator. In so doing, you will notice them instantly.

Freezing raspberries

Please take note that it is always good to have raspberries on hand for your juices and smoothies. That is why freezing them is beneficial. Besides, you can store them for several months. So, wash the raspberries as usual and dry them with a towel. Be sure to dry them till there is no more water on them. Afterward, place the raspberries in a freezer bag. Then, to avoid clumping, be sure to lay the raspberries in a single flat layer.

Also, remember that raspberries can last for around ten to twelve months in the freezer if stored properly. Although, they can still stay safe exceeding that period. With this, make sure to keep frozen at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

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Tips And Tricks

For starters, you should utilize a shallow box with holes to allow air circulation. Do this whenever you need to package the raspberries. Also, use a shallow container since it prevents top raspberries from crushing underneath.

However, if you do not own one, be sure to use a plastic bag. And make sure to poke several holes in it. Furthermore, you can always buy clamshell containers. It lets you view what is going on inside.

Also, always take advantage of a sale on raspberries at the local farmer’s market. Please never hesitate since you can undoubtedly freeze all those raspberries. As a result, you will always have available raspberries throughout the year. Nevertheless, it is better to do so compared to purchasing overpriced imports. Keep in mind that it usually happens when the raspberries are not in season.

Whenever pre-freezing, be sure to put the raspberries in one layer on a tray or a baking sheet. Then, ensure that they do not touch one another. Afterward, put the tray into the freezer overnight. In so doing, it will allow the raspberries to freeze solid. Also, you can utilize a silicone mat. Using this will prevent them from sticking to the tray.

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