Why Is My Cookie Dough Too Dry

Why Is My Cookie Dough Too Dry?

Last Updated on March 11, 2022

Is your cookie dough too dry? There are several things that can go wrong when making cookie dough, with the dough being too dry being one of the most common problems. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent and fix dry cookie dough.

Dry cookie dough can happen with any type of cookies, such as chocolate chip, gingerbread, and sugar. This can then lead to dry, crumbly cookies, which is not a desirable result. Before you get to baking, you will want to know how to deal with this common problem.

Why Is My Cookie Dough Too Dry?

Dry cookie dough is a common problem many bakers face at one point or another. When this happens, the dough becomes crumbly and difficult to work with. It can also result in dry cookies that easily fall apart.

By figuring out what is causing your cookie dough to be dry, you can then figure out how to fix it. In addition, this will also let you figure out how to prevent it next time it happens.

Overmixing and overworking

Overmixing is a common mistake people make when baking. When overmixing, you are working the ingredients too much causing it to become tougher.

When you mix the dough too much, the gluten overdevelops and can cause a dry, rubbery cookie.  In addition, when you mix you add air into the dough. Too much air can cause the cookies to rise too much and then deflate while baking, leading to flat cookies.

Dough for cut-out cookies can also dry out if you overwork. If you handle the dough too much with your hands or roll it out too many times, it can begin to dry out and become crumbly.

Not enough fat

Fat is very important in cookie dough, no matter what type of cookies you are making. Fat works as a binding agent in cookies and adds flavor. In addition, it also gives cookies moisture and makes them soft.

Butter, shortening, egg yolks, and oil all act as fat in recipes. By not adding enough, your dough can’t bind together and will also not have enough flavor.

Not enough liquid

Like fat, liquid is very important in a cookie recipe. The liquid in recipes helps give cookies moisture and helps hold the dough together.

Eggs, water, and milk all work to add liquid to a cookie recipe. Without enough liquid, your cookies will end up dry and crumbly.

Too much flour

Flour is a very important ingredient in cookies, as it acts as the base of your cookies, providing structure and weight.

Flour is one of the most comment ingredients people overmeasure. By adding too much flour, there won’t be the proper balance with the flour, fat, and liquid, resulting in dry cookies.

Cookie dough dried out in the fridge

Many cookie dough recipes need to chill in the fridge to prevent them from spreading out too much as they bake. Depending on the recipe, the dough can chill for anywhere from 30 minutes to three or more hours.

With many cookie recipes, you can let the dough chill overnight or even for up to three days. However, if you store your dough overnight or longer and don’t cover it properly, it can dry out.

what to do if cookie dough is too dry

How To Prevent Dry Cookie Dough

The easiest way to fix dry dough is too prevent it from ever happening. Fortunately, there are some handy tips for achieving the best cookies.

Weigh out your flour

It is important to properly measure flour out, as not measuring it carefully can you to add way more to your recipe than you need. The best way to measure your flour is to weigh it out, as it is the most accurate.

Carefully measure out all your ingredients

Measuring out all your ingredients is important to good cookies. Don’t skimp on the fat or liquid in your recipe, as they are vital.

Only mix as needed

Be sure to only mix your dough as long as your recipe calls for. You want to mix your ingredients until they are just combined, not any longer than needed.

Chill dough and cover if need be

If the recipe calls for you to chill the dough then be sure to do it. If you plan to chill your dough overnight or longer then be sure to cover it up with plastic wrap.

How To Fix Dry Dough

If you end up with dry dough, don’t panic, as you can still fix it. You can still have delicious cookies if you know how to save them.

Add more liquid

If your dough is crumbling, you can add a splash of liquid to it.  A bit of milk or water is the best thing to use.

Add more fat

You can also add a small bit of butter, shortening or oil to give your cookies more fat. Just be sure not to add to much as it can make your cookies greasy.

Let your dough rest

If your dough starts to become dry as you are working with it, let it rest for a bit. As it rests, the gluten will start to relax from being overworked and the cookie dough will become soft and malleable again.

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No More Dry Cookies

Dry cookie dough can lead to crumbly, dry cookies. To prevent this, be sure to carefully measure all of the ingredients and do not overmix.

Do you have any questions regarding why your cookie dough is too dry? If so, please ask any questions regarding fixing dry cookie dough down below.


What to Do if Cookie Dough is Too Dry?

If your cookie dough is too dry, there are a few things you can do. Be sure that you followed the recipe correctly and let the dough rest and chill before working with it.

How to Fix Cookie Dough That is Too Dry?

If your cookie dough is too dry, try adding more fat or liquid. This can help moisten the dough back up.

Why is My Spice Cookie Dough too Dry and Crumbly to Roll Out?

If your spice cookie dough is too dry, you likely added too much flour. Try to add more fat or liquid to balance it out.

What to Add if Cookie Dough is Too Dry?

If your cookie dough is too dry, add more fat or liquid. This could be butter, oil, shortening, milk, egg or water.

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