Can You Toast Bread In A Microwave?

Last Updated on March 23, 2022

Toast is one of the most popular breakfast items, but can you toast bread in a microwave? Though the best way to toast bread is by using a toaster, there are ways you can toast bread. This can be handy to know if you don’t own a toaster in your home.

Simple yet delicious, toast tastes great with butter, jam, Nutella, honey, avocado, or your favorite topping. It is especially great if you pair it with bacon and eggs, but is also great on its own. Though wheat and white bread are the most popular types of bread to toast, there are other types that work great for toasting such as sourdough or rye.

Can You Toast Bread In A Microwave?

You can use a microwave to toast your bread if you don’t have a toaster. Though it wouldn’t be as crispy as toast from a toaster will be, you can still achieve a crisp on your bread in the microwave.

Microwaves will not work as well as a toaster because of how they produce heat. Toasters use radiant heat to dry out toast and give it a crispy exterior.

Microwaves use microwave radiation, which passes through the food, cooking it. They cause water molecules that are in food to vibrate, which produces heat that then cooks the food. With this process, the water molecules do not escape like they do with a toaster.

Since microwaves do not heat in the same process as toasters, they will not produce toast of the same quality. However, with the right equipment and steps, you can toast your bread in the microwave.

microwave that toasts

How To Toast Bread In A Microwave

To toast your bread in the microwave, you will need a slice of your choice of bread and a paper towel. The paper towel prevents the bread from having to touch the turntable, which is not always clean and also absorbs moisture from the bread.

If possible, use toothpicks or a microwave-safe accessory to elevate the toast above the paper towel. This will give it a more even crispy coating. Though this isn’t necessary, it can help create a better, more even crisp on your toast.

For best results, only place one piece of bread in the microwave at a time. Microwave the bread for 30 seconds. If it is not crispy yet, microwave it for another 15-30 seconds until it reaches its desired consistency.

Be sure to keep an eye on your bread in the microwave. You don’t want to overcook it and end up with a toast that is rock hard. Though the microwave can make toast with a crispy exterior, it will not have the same brown color that toast from a toaster has.

Microwave that toasts

Though you can use a microwave to toast, that is not its main purpose so the toast won’t be quite as good. However, there are microwave toaster ovens that combine the features of both a microwave and a toaster.

Microwave toaster ovens allow you to heat food like a regular microwave and also like a toaster or oven function. They are a great appliance to have if you are limited in space in your kitchen, as they can do several different functions.

Microwave toaster ovens are the next best thing after toasters to toast your bread. They will give your bread a nice, even crisp toast that a regular toaster will as well.

These handy kitchen appliances come with many functions including toasting, baking, broiling, and warming food. They can cook food up to 30-50% faster than traditional ovens. However, since they are small, they are not ideal for cooking large meals, as they simply don’t have the room.

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Other Ways To Toast Bread Without A Toaster

In addition to the toaster, microwave, and microwave toaster oven, there are other ways to make toast. These ways are good alternatives if you don’t have a toaster, but are craving toast.


The broiler option in your oven is great for making toast. Set your oven to the broiler setting and allow it to preheat. Then, place your toast on a baking sheet and cook for about two minutes on each side, or until it reaches your level of toastiness.


Using the oven is another great way to make toast. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place your bread on a baking sheet. Cook the bread for about five minutes on each side or longer until it reaches your desired level of crispy.


You can also make toast using the stovetop. Set your burner to medium or medium-high heat and let it warm up for a few minutes. Add your bread to a skillet and cook for two minutes on each side or until your preferred level of toast.

Waffle maker

Waffle makers can also be used to make toast, just as long as you don’t mind indents on your toast. Preheat your waffle iron and add your bread, cooking for around two minutes or longer depending on your preference.

Panini press

A panini press can be a great option for making toast. Let your panini press preheat then cook your bread for two to four minutes or until it reaches your desired level of done.

Toasting Your Bread

If need be, you can use the microwave to toast your bread. However, don’t expect the same results you see from a toaster.

Do you have any questions regarding can you toast bread in a microwave? If so, please ask any questions on ways to toast bread in the comment section below.


How Do You Toast Bread in a Normal Microwave?

To toast bread in the microwave, place it on a paper towel. If you can, use toothpicks to elevate the bread. Then, cook it for 30 seconds and if it is not crispy enough, cook it for another 15-30 seconds.

Is it Bad to Microwave Bread?

It is not bad to microwave bread, but it will not get the same level of crispy as it does in a toaster. Be sure to monitor your bread in the microwave so you don't overcook it and burn it.

Why Does Bread Get So Hot in the Microwave?

Microwaves cause water molecules that are in food to vibrate, which produces heat. The water molecules in your bread will cause it to get hot quickly, which is why after even 30 seconds to one minute it will be very hot.

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