Can You Deep Fry A Hot Pocket

Can You Deep Fry A Hot Pocket

Last Updated on December 27, 2021

Can you deep fry a hot pocket? Undoubtedly, you can! But first, you have to thaw them properly before you proceed to fry them. Remember, it is essential to do so. Thawing makes it crunchy on the outside and piping hot on the inside.

Can You Deep Fry A Hot Pocket?

Of course, you can! Begin by thawing your hot pocket in a microwave for a minute. Likewise, you can place it in the refrigerator for four hours. After that, you can heat your deep fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, fry for two and a half minutes. Bear in mind that the dough, when you deep fry it, will be crispy. Not only that but also the filling will be gooey and exceedingly delicious.

For the most part, hot pockets are among the yummiest foods located in the freezer aisle. Also, they crisp up to melt into perfection after several minutes in the microwave.

Additionally, there are various hot pockets you can choose from, like breakfast bites and lean pockets. Besides that, you can pick croissant crusts and chicken pot pie, which are special releases. Nevertheless, there are many types of it currently on shelves. In addition to that, they are a guilty pleasure to enjoy from time to time with family and friends.

How to deep fry a hot pocket?

Step 1

Before anything else, make sure to put the hot pockets in the fridge. Afterward, allow them to thaw till they are entirely soft. Bear in mind that it usually takes four hours to do so. However, it depends on the fridge’s temperature.

Step 2

Afterward, make sure to fill a deep fryer or skillet with sufficient oil to cover the hot pockets entirely. With that, be sure that it is at least three inches. Keep in mind that you can use whatever oil you prefer. Nevertheless, vegetable oil, peanut oil, and canola oil are perfect when you fry hot pockets. Then, do not forget to heat the oil till it reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

deep fried hot pockets

Step 3

Next, ensure to pat your hot pockets with paper towels. In so doing, you will remove any condensation that may have developed on the outer crust.

Step 4

After that, put a small batch of your hot pockets into the hot oil. Remember, do not cook more than two to three pockets at a time. Doing so avoids crowding the deep fryer or skillet.

Step 5

Then, make sure to fry the hot pockets for two to three minutes per side, especially when utilizing a skillet. The purpose of frying them is to add additional crunch to the pastry.

Step 6

Finally, take out the hot pockets from the hot oil. And put them on a plate that you lined with a paper towel. Then, ensure to set the fried ones on a baking sheet or an oven-proof dish. Do this if you are making a big batch for a crowd. In addition to that, save the small batches warm in a 200 degrees Fahrenheit oven.

Tips and tricks: Deep-fried hot pockets

Never fry hot pockets without thawing them first. The main reason is that ice crystals can make the oil splatter. Not only that but also the hot pockets’ outsides might burn. At the same time, the insides heat through quickly.

Moreover, ensure to coat the thawed Hot Pockets in a batter created from beer and flour. Do this before you begin frying to attain an extra-crunchy treat. When utilizing a skillet to deep fry Hot Pockets, ensure to check the oil’s temperature with a candy thermometer.

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Can You Air Fry Hot Pockets?

Yes, and keep in mind that air frying is easy to do. With that, its circulating hot air usually cooks the pasty to perfection. As a result, the inside is cheesy, and the outside is crispy. Overall, it is irresistibly delectable!

Moreover, please do not cook at extremely high temperatures, especially when air frying hot pockets. Consequently, you will likely cook the outside pastry fast, or worse; you could burn it. In addition to that, you will have a frozen center. You want to achieve a hot pocket with a correct balance between melted cheesy inside and crispy outside.

Also, bear in mind that air frying is different from microwaving it. The main difference is that the air fryer makes the hot pockets’ crust crispier and flakier. However, if you prefer a soft pastry, it would be best to utilize the microwave.

Fried hot pocket using air fryer

Essentially, air fryers do not need oil to achieve an excellent crust. Also, whenever air frying hot pockets, it is unnecessary to thaw them. In this regard, you can cook the hot pockets straight from the freezer.

Moreover, it would help to air fry in one layer when cooking many hot pockets. Bear in mind that you should not stack them on top of each other. Likewise, it would be best if you did not overcrowd the tray or basket.

In most cases, air fryers are distinct, and several will cook much hotter compared to others. Nevertheless, you will know more about how an air fryer works once you have cooked your first hot pocket. Plus, you will understand what works for your air fryer model, including its food size.

Do’s And Don’ts When Deep Frying


First off, always keep the kitchen a child-free zone since little hands can cause accidents. Also, it is essential to dispose of the oil cautiously. With that, be sure to let it cool entirely. Then, pour into a jug. After that, please put it back into its initial container.


Do not pour your used oil down the sink. Otherwise, you will have blocked pipes. Also, do not leave a pan of hot oil unattended ever. Always remember that it will only take one to two minutes for the oil to overheat. And as a consequence, it will undoubtedly catch fire.

Furthermore, do not fill the pan more than two-thirds with oil. The main reason is that it will bubble up when you add your hot pockets. As a result, it will spill over.

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