How To Thin Candy Melts With Vegetable Oil

How To Thin Candy Melts With Vegetable Oil

Last Updated on March 14, 2021

Candy melts are versatile and easy to use, whether you are dipping cake pops, fruit, or your favorite snacks. However, candy melts can thicken up when you are working with them, making them difficult to use. Fortunately, you can thin candy melts with vegetable oil so it is easier to work with.

Vegetable oil is a staple in most people’s kitchens. It is a versatile product, used for both cooking and baking. However, many people don’t realize it is a beneficial ingredient when working with candy melts.

Why Does Melted Candy Get so Thick?

Whether you are dipping Oreo balls or cake pops, you will notice after a while your candy melts will thicken up. When this happens, it becomes difficult to work with and lumps tend to form. This leads to an unsmooth consistency in the food you dip.

Temperature plays a large factor in your candy melts thickening. A cold room or work area will cause the melts to thicken up and set, making it hard to work with. To avoid this, you can keep your candy melts on low heat, stirring regularly, or use a melting pot.

Why Does Melted Candy Get so Thick

Humidity also affects the texture of candy melts. When moisture is introduced into the melts, they stiffen up. Try to work in an environment with low humidity, using a dehumidifier if necessary in the room.

In addition, make sure your candy melts are still good. Expired candy melts may not melt as well, or thicken up very quickly, as they could have been exposed to various temperatures over time.

How to Thin Candy Melts with Vegetable Oil

There are many different items you can use to thin candy melts when it thickens up. Since most people have vegetable oil on hand, it can be a quick and easy fix. It is also a more affordable option than other thinning agents and it can be used for many different things as well.

When your candy melts thicken up while dipping desserts, add between 1/2-2 teaspoons of vegetable oil to your melts. Use a rubber spatula or spoon to make sure the vegetable oil gets fully incorporated into the candy melts. This will help prevent any separating between the two ingredients.

Wilton Candy Melts Pastel Color

You may need to microwave or heat your melts on the stove to warm them up again. This will make mixing the vegetable oil much easier.

If you are working in a cold or humid environment, it may be a good idea to mix the vegetable oil in at the very beginning, before you start dipping. Start with adding two teaspoons of vegetable oil per one bag of candy melts. Heat as you normally would and be sure to mix it well to fully combine.

With the addition of vegetable oil, your dipped items may need to sit for longer than normal. Be sure not to add too much vegetable oil, as the candy melts may not fully harden on your dipped desserts. The oil will not change the taste or color of your candy melts.

Thinning Candy Melts using other Oils

In addition to vegetable oil, coconut oil can also be added as a thinning agent. Adding a 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil at a time can help your melts achieve a smooth, thin consistency. However, it is important to note coconut oil will add a slight coconut taste.

Canola oil can also be used in a pinch. Start with 1/2 teaspoon to begin, adding more as you see fit. Avoid using olive oil to thin your melts, the melts will not set properly and it can affect the taste.

Vegetable shortening is also a great option for thinning your melts. It is the go-to method for many people and adding one teaspoon at a time will help achieve a lovely, smooth consistency. It will not change the flavor or color of your melts.

Say Goodbye to Lumpy and Thick Melted Candy Melts

Candy melts are a wonderful tool for dipping all your favorite desserts. They come in many beautiful colors, which is great for different parties. However, they can easily become thick and difficult to work with when you are dipping.

Fortunately, vegetable oil, which most people have in their house anyway, can be used to thin out lumpy candy melts. This will allow the snacks you dip to have a smooth, clean candy coating. It will also make the candy melts much easier to work within general.

Do you have any questions on how to thin candy melts with vegetable oil? If so, please ask them in the comments down below.

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