What are Petit Fours

What Are Petit Fours?

Last Updated on December 2, 2021

What are petit fours? It is an appetizing, savory, and sweet dessert ideal for sharing. They are the perfect treats for tea parties. Moreover, petit fours in French means a small or little oven. It also refers to a time when it was created using brick ovens in the 18th-century.

What are Petit Fours and the Easiest Way to Make Them

Petit Fours are elegant French desserts that are also ideal for brunches and bridal showers. These beloved treats have sweet and savory varieties. Although these treats are popular for being intricate, making the icing drape beautifully and smoothly over the cakes is usually the most difficult part. But not to worry because there is an easy way to make petit fours.

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First, make the cake batter for the petit fours. Then, bake in the correct size of the baking sheet pan. Please take into consideration that it will shrink a bit as it cools, so cut in rectangles. Afterward, slice the rectangles into two layers. After that, spread fillings onto every rectangle with the prepared fillings, then layer them together. Chill, later on, cut each into squares. Finally, put the toppings like white chocolate.

In making the icing, you can use a double boiler or microwave. Though, utilizing the double boiler will more likely guarantee great results. Doing this will enable you to adjust the consistency as required, and it maintains the icing’s fluidity. On the other hand, utilizing the microwave will oftentimes make you reheat the icing to maintain the correct consistency.

What are the Different Types of Petit Fours?

Petits Fours Glaces – This kind of petit four is commonly decorated with sophisticated piping. Likewise, these are small cakes topped with marzipan. Afterward, enrobed in either chocolate or fondant.

Petits Fours Sec – They are dry cookies. Usually baked for a long period at low temperatures. Palmiers, macarons, duchesses, and sable becurre are famous examples of this kind.

Petits Fours Sec

Petits Fours Deguises – These are desserts with dried and fresh fruit dipped in a sweet coating like cooked sugar or chocolate.

Petits Fours Frais – They are tiny pastries that should be consumed the same day they are created since the longer these sit, the more they lose essential quality. Excellent examples of this kind are cream-filled pastries such as tartlets and eclairs, including sponge cakes like financiers and madeleines.

Different Flavors of Petit Fours

Lemon Coconut – Lemon coconut is a delicious and appealing tea-time treat. Also, sweet and delicate that is ideal for weddings, baby and bridal showers. It is a product of lemon icing and moist coconut flour topped with white chocolate.

Strawberry Champagne – It is poured with fondant icing flavored with champagne and made of strawberry frosting. It is sweet, rich, and decadent. Also, you no longer need to add sugar because it is already sweet, so avoid using sweet champagne. With that, it is perfect for Valentine’s day. Although it can be time-consuming to make this, it is best to plan before you surprise your special someone.

Strawberry Champagne petit fours

Chocolate Raspberry – Chocolate and berries are the perfect combinations. It is topped with filled raspberries, covered with rich chocolate. Likewise, it is drizzled even more with chocolate to achieve an elegant and delectable dessert.

Tips for Petit Fours

It is ideal for packaging petit fours in a cake box for gift-giving or festive candy. The mixture should form a two-inch soft bread at 223 degrees Fahrenheit to 234 degrees Fahrenheit, so use your fingers to test hardness. If a candy thermometer is unavailable, you can use the cold water test instead.

Make sure to use a clean spoon when dropping a small quantity of the mixture into a small bowl of cold water but not ice cold. Then, pick up the mixture carefully from the cold water. Afterward, check the mixture’s firmness since the higher the temperature reached, the more difficult the mixture will be after it cools. Besides, the cold water test can be utilized together with a candy thermometer for precise measurements.

Moreover, press the petit fours firmly but gently with your hands over the surface before slicing it. Doing this will squeeze out any extra filling to avoid any layers to slide. Likewise, do not over-bake because it will make the layers dry.

How Long Can Petit Fours Last?

At room temperature, it will last for approximately two days. If kept in the fridge, it will last for about a week. Moreover, it will last in the freezer for around two to three months. Do not forget to put the petit fours in an airtight container.

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