Can You Freeze Petit Fours

Can you freeze petit fours? Yes, you can! However, keep in mind that your storage method relies on the incorporated icings and fillings. First of all, petit fours are fancy bite-size cakes perfect for classy desserts. Second, it is ideal for special celebrations. 

Of course, all you have to do is place them in a sealed plastic container. Then, store the sealed plastic container in the freezer. Doing this will make them last for about a month. Also, you do not need to put the petit fours covered with fondant in the fridge. The main reason is that fondant will remain fresh in a sealed container for approximately five days. 


First and foremost, create the cake batter. Then, bake in a sheet pan. It would be best to use a 12×17 inch half sheet pan because the cake will overflow in small pans. Likewise, it would be too thin in bigger baking pans. It will shrink for a bit as the cake cools, though do not worry because it is perfectly normal.


To make sweet and soft petit fours, you will need the best petit four pan. You do not want to fail when serving these in bridal showers, baby showers, and weddings. The essential part of a petit fours recipe is the baking pan. That is why you should always use the most suitable baking pan size.


WAYS TO MAINTAIN THE QUALITY OF PETIT FOURS It would help if you baked the petit fours sufficiently to keep them fresh. Thus, never make petit fours more than a day in advance if you want to serve them exceedingly fresh. Bear in mind that it does require time and space in the freezer. That is why it would help to protect the finished petit four from harmful conditions.

Can You Freeze Petit Fours