Wedding Cake Contract Example

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Last Updated on June 5, 2021

Choosing a wedding cake is an exciting time for engaged couples. An important part of the process is filling out a contract, so you will want to be familiar with a wedding cake contract example. The contract will make sure you and your baker are on the same page.

The contract makes sure all the details are in place. In addition, if there are any disputes on either side, the contract will settle them. It is an important document in the wedding planning process.

Wedding Cake Contract Template Example

The point of a wedding cake contract is to have all the information regarding the cake written down. It ensures all the details are correct and that everyone is all on the same page. It is an important document, as it is vital to make sure your cake is everything you wanted.

Baker’s Contact Information

The contract will contain the baker’s contact info. This will include their name, bakery address, phone number, and email. If you ever have a question about your cake, you will be able to easily contact them with this information.

Bride and/or Groom Contact Information

The contract will also have the contact information for either the bride, groom, or both. This will allow the baker to have your information, so if they ever have a question or concern, they can reach out to you. This will include your name, address, phone number, and email, in case the baker needs to contact you.

Cake, Filling, and Frosting Flavors

There will be a section on the contract that includes the cake, filling, and frosting flavors you have chosen. If you are having a cake with more than one tier, you might have multiple flavors of cake. If you went with cupcakes as well, you likely choose a couple of different flavors.

Cake, Filling, and Frosting Flavors

Cake Design

The contract will also include in detail the design of your cake. This will include whether you went with round, square, or another shape of the cake. In addition, it will also include any decorations, such as flowers or fondant designs.

Size of Cake/Number of Servings

To ensure you order enough cake, the contract will include the size of cake you have. It will have down how many tiers you order and how many servings that will be. This is an important section, as you want to make sure there is going to be enough cake for all the guests to enjoy.

Date and Time of Wedding

To make sure the cake will be ready in time, the date and time of the wedding will be included. Many people will order their cake six months to a year in advance to make sure the baker will be able to make the cake for their wedding date.

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Wedding Venue

Generally, the contract will list the wedding venue. This will include the address, phone number, email, and contact person. This information is important if the baker is going to be dropping off the cake.

Delivery or Pickup Time

The contract will include a section on whether the cake will be delivered to the venue or if someone will pick it up. This will ensure the cake will safely arrive at the venue on time.

Price Summary

To make sure the cake falls within your budget, there will be a breakdown of the price summary. This will include all the costs to get you your dream cake and allow you to have a better understanding of the total summary. Commonly, the bride or groom will tell the baker around a month before the wedding the final guest count which will allow the baker to get the final price.

Price Summary - Wedding Cake Contract


To secure your wedding date, the baker will ask for a deposit on the contract. The deposit will likely be around $100 and go towards the total cost of your wedding cake order. It will also include when the cake needs to be paid for in full, as it is very important the baker and bride/groom agree on this.

Basic Information a Wedding Cake Contract Example Will Follow

These wedding cake contracts will ensure that you and your baker have all the information about your cake. This will include such information as wedding date, cake flavors, size, price, design, and whether it will be delivered or pick-up. It will contain all the important information you and your baker need to know.

Do you have any questions about this wedding cake contract example? If so, please ask your questions in the comments down below.

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