How Much To Charge For A Half Sheet Cake

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Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Does Ganache Have To Be Refrigerated If you own a bakery or sell baked goods from home, you will want to know how much half-sheet cake costs? Half-sheet cakes are a popular choice for birthday parties, graduation parties, or any medium-sized gathering. They are often vanilla or chocolate and are decorated with buttercream frosting, though some may have fondant decorations.

Several factors contribute to how much you should charge for a half-sheet cake. This includes decorations, flavor combinations, experience level, and location. In addition, you will want to factor in the cost of supplies, ingredients, and labor.

Half Sheet Cake Pricing

On average, most bakeries will charge around $30-$70 for a half-sheet cake. However, some places may charge more based on the type of cake and how it is decorated. Grocery stores will charge on the lower end compared to bakeries.

Half-sheet cakes typically serve 25-40 people, depending on the size of the slice. They can either be one or two layers. Since they can feed a lot of people and are easy to serve, they are great for any medium-sized event.

Before you get baking, you will want to get an idea of how much you should charge for your half-sheet cake. This will help you fairly price your cake and ensure you are going to make a profit off of it.

Half Sheet Cake Pricing


Decorations will play a big role in the price of your cake. A cake that is frosted with buttercream and only has simple decorations, such as writing and piping, will cost closer to $30-$40. A cake with more buttercream decorations, like flowers or intricate designs, will go for more at around $40-$50.

If your half-sheet cake has fondant decorations, it will go on the higher end of the range. A half-sheet cake with fondant will go for around $50-$70. Depending on how intricate the designs are, some places may charge up to $100.

Flavor Combinations

For traditional flavor combinations like chocolate and vanilla, you won’t charge more than average. However, specialty flavors like champagne, coconut, almond, german chocolate cake, devil’s food cake, and red velvet typically go for more.

Cakes with specialty fillings will often go for a few dollars more as well. Different flavors of fruit jams, pastry cream, ganache, and coffee frosting will typically cost extra, up to $3-$10 per cake.

Experience Level

Experience level plays a big role in pricing. For home bakers just starting, they will likely charge $30-45 per sheet cake. However, more experienced bakers with specialty bakeries will in general charge $50 and upwards for half-sheet cakes.


Location will also play a role in how much you should charge. If you come from a big city, you will want to keep up with your competition. Research other bakeries around you to find out how much they are charging to charge a fair and competitive price.

In this case, you will generally charge more if you live in a big city than you would be living in a small town. Big-town bakeries often get expensive.

Cost of Supplies and Ingredients

To make sure you are making a profit, you will need to find out the cost of your ingredients. Figure out the cost for your ingredients and then how much it costs to make your cake based on that. In addition, take into consideration your supplies, such as an electric mixer, bowls, measuring cups, and pans.

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In addition, you also need to factor in your labor. It will likely take 2-3 hours, if not more, to bake and decorate your cake. However, if you are working on making fondant decorations, it will likely take you longer.

It will take time to make the cake, make the frosting, and decorate the cake. Make sure you are factoring in how much time it takes you to prepare the cake, as your time is worth money.

How Much Does a Half Sheet Cake Cost at Costco?

Costco half-sheet cakes are one of the most affordable options, which is why they’re such a popular option among the public. Their 1/2 sheet cakes cost around $19.99 and come in two different flavors, vanilla with white buttercream frosting or chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting. Costco half-sheet cakes usually serve around 48 people per cake. Costco is always my go-to shop when it comes to buying sheet cakes. They are the most cost effective and I also find that they’re the tastiest too. 

How Much Does a Half-Sheet Cake Weigh?

The weight of a half-sheet cake depends on the type of ingredients in the cake, as well as the size of the cake pan used and even the decorations on the cake! However, on average, a 1/2 sheet cake weighs anywhere from 4-5 pounds. The more decoration and the larger the pan, the heavier the cake will be.

How Much is a Half a Sheet Cake at Kroger’s?

Kroger offers a range of different-sized sheet cakes. Their 1/2 sheet cake serves anywhere from 25-30 people and costs around $28.99. Other sizes include 1/8 sheet cake which serves 8 people and costs around $14.99. Another size available is a 1/4 sheet cake which serves 12-15 people and costs around $17.99. The final size is a full sheet cake which serves 50-60 people and costs around $41.99.

How Much is a Half Sheet Cake at Meijer?

Meijer is a grocery chain store that offers some great sheet cakes – let’s take a closer look. Meijer offers two different sizes of sheet cakes. Their 1/2 sheet cakes cost around $39.99 and their 1/4 sheet cakes start at around $22.99, depending on the style.

How Much is a Half Sheet Cake at Shoprite?

Shoprite is another store that offers many sizes of sheet cakes. Their 1/2 sheet cake costs around $35.99. However, their other sizes include a 1/8 sheet cake at $19.99, a 1/4 sheet cake at $29.99, and a full sheet cake at $64.99. They also offer a 1/2 sheet cake with fresh fruit filling at $43.99 and a full sheet cake with fresh fruit filling at $79.99.

How Much is a Half Sheet Cake at Food Lion?

1/2 sheet cakes at Food Lion are one of the most popular sizes and they’ll cost around $28.50. They also come in different sizes. For example, a 1/8 sheet cake costs around $9.99, a 1/4 sheet cake costs around $16.99, and a full sheet cake costs around $46.99. As well as sheet cakes, they offer 8″ round cakes. A single layer is $7.09 and a double layer is $9.99. You can also buy cupcakes which retail at around $17 for 12 and $24.99 for 24.

How Much is a Half Sheet Cake at Wegmans?

1/2 sheet cakes serve around 36 people at Wegmans and cost around $32. Their other sizes include a 1/8 sheet cake for $10.99, a 1/4 sheet cake for $21, and a full sheet cake for $54. Wegman’s also offers sheet cookie cakes. Their 1/2 sheet cookie cake costs $22, their 1/8 sheet cookie cake costs $10.50, their 1/4 sheet cookie cake costs $16 and their full sheet cookie cake costs $42. They also offer mini-flavored cakes. Their mini white cake is $9, the mini chocolate cake is $9 and the mini carrot cake is $10.

Understanding How Much Does a Sheet Cake Cost

If you are a home baker, you will want to start off charging between $45-$65 on average for a sheet cake. You want to do your research based on how much your ingredients cost, your decorations, how long it takes to make, and your location. You want to be certain that you are going to make a profit from selling your cakes.

Do you have any questions about how much to charge for a half-sheet cake? If so, please ask any questions you may have in the comments down below.

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