Determining Two Tier Cake Pricing

Determining Two Tier Cake Pricing

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If you are planning to bake and sell cakes, you will want to know two-tier cake pricing to ensure you are charging a good amount. There is often a lot of work that goes into baking and preparing a two-tier cake. When it comes to cakes, prices can vary largely.

There are certain factors that will contribute to the cost of making a two-tier cake. This includes cake flavors, frosting flavors, design, and size. To make sure you are making a profit, you will want to know the right price to charge.

Cake Layers vs Tiers
Determining Two Tier Cake Pricing
Determining Two Tier Cake Pricing

It is common for people to confuse cake layers and tiers. However, they are two different things.

Layers are individual cakes that are stacked on top of each other, with frosting or filling between each layer. Cakes may have two, three, or even four layers. Once the layers are stacked and covered in frosting, they make a whole cake.

Tiers are cakes that are stacked on top of each other. Tiers commonly consist of two, three, or four cakes. Each tier consists of a cake that has multiple layers.

Cake Layers vs Tiers

Small two-tier cakes often start with an 8-inch base cake and a 6-inch top cake. For medium two-tier cakes, it is generally a 10-inch base cake and an 8-inch top cake. For a large two-tier cake, it is often a 12-inch base cake with a 10-inch top.

Two-Tier Cake Prices

If you have your own bakery or are wanting to sell your homemade cakes, you will want to know how much to charge. Prices vary largely based on size, ingredients, location, decorations, and competitors. For example, a cake elaborately decorated with fondant will cost more than one with a simple buttercream finish.

Most bakers will charge anywhere between $4-10 per serving when it comes to two-tier cake pricing. A two-tier cake with an 8-inch base and a 6-inch top,  which is the most common size, will serve around 30 people. This will mean the average two-tier cake will cost between $120-$300.

Factoring different aspects of making the cake will help contribute to how much you should charge. Understand these different aspects will help you figure out the right price.

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For a simple cake with little to no decorations, bakers will often charge on the lower end, between $4-5 for serving. However, cakes with more decorations, like flowers, will cost around $5-6 per serving. Cakes that have fondant and feature elaborate decorations generally go on the high side, between $6-$10 per serving.

Cake and Frosting Flavors

Common cake flavors like vanilla, white and yellow typically won’t cost more than normal. However, bakeries may charge more for fancier flavors like almond, Boston cream, coconut, turtle, tiramisu, and key lime. In addition, any cake flavors that contain alcohol will likely cost more.


Though most two-tier cakes are 8-inch round cake and a 6-inch round cake, there are some bigger sizes as well. A 10-inch round cake and an 8-inch round cake will serve between 48-60 servings. This will cost anywhere from $192- $600, depending on the flavor and decorations.

For a large two-tier cake with a 10-inch round cake and 12-inch round cake, it will serve around 75-90. This will cost anywhere from $300-$900 depending on the decorations and flavor choice.


Location can also play a role in pricing. Oftentimes, bakeries in big cities will charge more than small towns. There is more competition in bigger cities, which can drive up the price.

How To Price Cake?

When first starting out selling cakes, people will often charge less as they are getting established. Some new, home bakers will charge around $2-$3 per serving. As they gain more experience and perfect their trade, they will begin to charge more.

Ingredient Cost and Labor

It is important to factor in the cost of ingredients and labor when pricing a cake. Try to figure out the cost of ingredients per cake, so you get an accurate estimate on the cost to make it. To do this, you can determine the price based on how many servings are in the product you bought and how much you are using per cake.

In addition, labor will be factored into the cost. It can take several hours to bake and decorate a cake, so you want to make sure the cost of labor is being covered. Also, take into consideration the cost of baking supplies as well.

Ingredient Cost and Labor

Different Factors To Determine Cake Cost

There are many different factors that will lead to determining the price of a two-tier cake. On average, they will cost anywhere from $4-10 per serving.

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