How To Make A Two Tier Cake Without Dowels

Last Updated on January 17, 2021

Making sure you know how to make a two-tier cake without dowels is essential in baking. Keep in mind that height adds to the cake’s aesthetic. However, it should require a firm foundation that every baker needs to learn. Multi-tiered cakes without a great foundation will eventually collapse, making you waste all the effort you put into a cake.

Two-tier cakes usually get away without having a dowel or cake board in between, as long as the cake is well balanced. Having the right type of cake gives you an edge; for the lower tier, use a dense cake-like pound cake to provide the upper-tier ample support. Adding frosting in between the tier will make it act as a glue that holds them together. It is ideal for stacking the cakes while the icing is freshly applied to avoid the icing cracking. 

On the other hand, it would not be a great thing to do is to stack a light sponge cake or mousse filled cake together without dowels; without them, the cake will sink and plunge. 

Cake boards provide excellent support to each tier of the cake. Buy cake boards that are sturdy so it will not bend so easily. Make sure to utilize cake boards similar to the cake layer so that it will not overlap. 

What are the Two-Tier Cakes?

Essentially, tiers and layers are different from one another. For this reason, a tier of cakes consists of many layers of cakes. Hence, there are many layers of cakes inside one-tier.

Moreover, a two-tier cake requires two cakes which are composed of layers in two distinct sizes. Keep in mind that the standard sizes are commonly a 6-inch cake stacked on top of an 8-inch cake. Also, it can feed around forty to fifty people. Although, it relies on the sizes of the slices of cakes you are serving to your guests.

What Are The Two-Tier Cakes

It is best to have two-tier cakes considering that it may not appear to feed plenty of guests. However, stacked cakes are bigger compared to ordinary cakes. With that, it means you can cut the slices thinner and still have a decent slice of cake.

Furthermore, ensure that you use a denser cake when making two-tiers. Though, it does not mean that is the only option you need to consider. Fluffy cakes are stacked into two-tiers as well. For this reason, make sure that you bake sufficiently thick layers. 

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What You Will Need to Make a Two Tier Cake without Dowels


  • Cake board
  • Angled spatula

Icing Spatula

Step by Step Instructions on How to Stack a Two Tier Cake without Dowels

Step 1

Prepare the cake and supplies.

Step 2

Grab a thick cake board for the bottom tier with a diameter of at least two inches bigger than the bottom tier cake. Then glue the bottom tier cake to the cake board using frosting or icing.

Step 3

Keep in mind to evenly coat each layer with frosting; doing this strengthens the cake’s structure since you will not use any dowels for support.

Step 4

Paste frosting on the middle of the bottom tier cake before placing the top tier. Remember that the top tier’s cake board is at the same diameter to overlap.

Tips and Tricks for Making Two-tier Cakes without Dowels

Step 5

Clean the corners of the cake with an angled spatula after stacking the cake. Design accordingly. 

Tips and Tricks for Making Two-tier Cakes without Dowels 

Regardless of the number of cakes you are layering, it is ideal to have at least a 2-inch to 4-inch difference in a tier. Two-tier cakes are a lot easier to stack when it is fondant because their fondant exterior gives out a sturdy hold than cakes covered with buttercream or frosting.

Never use aluminum pans for stacking. Although they are inexpensive, they are not strong. Likewise, they do not produce excellent results in making two-tier cakes. That is why you should invest in good quality baking pans that will last longer.

If you are using buttercream, ensure that you scrape off the spatula onto the sides of the bowl. Then, you can get another scoop of fresh buttercream. Doing this will keep away the pesky crumbs from getting into your buttercream.

Tips and Tricks for Making Two-tier Cakes without Dowels

Moreover, do not use regular size straws when making a two-tier cake. It is best to utilize bubble tea straws because they are easier to cut. Likewise, they are thicker. In addition to that, do not make the straws taller than the cake. As a consequence, the top tier will not be on the same level as the bottom tier.

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