Substitute For Eggs In Cake Mix

Substitute For Eggs In Cake Mix

Last Updated on March 25, 2022

Are you having trouble finding a substitute for eggs in cake mix? Frequently, people need egg substitutes because they run out of them. Or they cannot purchase from the store. 

However, sometimes there is a specific reason for doing so. Some people avoid eggs because of health, religion, beliefs, and dietary restrictions. 

And in baking, adding eggs can make a different result than the one without it. Yet, it is possible to do so. There might be a difference in taste and texture; still, the result will be the same for the most part. 

Substitute For Eggs In Cake Mix

First things first, what is the best egg substitute for cake? Remember, eggs are essential in baking as they act like glue and bind the cakes.

However, if you are vegan or have an allergic reaction to eggs and want to bake a cake, replacing eggs may require consideration. Also, you will need to consider if the egg substitute has the same moisture, protein, and fats as real eggs. 

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Besides that, you will need your egg replacement to support other ingredients in the recipe like flour, sugar, and butter without overpowering them and to come up with a result that tastes good. 

On that note, here are my top two best egg substitutes for baking a cake. First is the vinegar and baking soda. To replace one egg, mix one teaspoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of vinegar. 

Remember, the popular vinegar choices are apple cider and white distilled vinegar. Plus, this baking soda and vinegar combination works great for baked goods that are light and airy, like cakes, cupcakes, and quick bread. 

The second is carbonated water. A 1/4 cup or 60 grams of carbonated water can serve as a replacement for one large egg. Likewise, this egg replacement adds moisture and acts as a leavening agent. Not only that but also the carbonation traps air bubbles to help you have a light and fluffy cake. 

Also, what can I substitute for eggs in cake mix? Remember, cake mix is convenient whenever making a delicious cake. But, most cake mixes require eggs to make the batter. And if some instances that you are not allowed to use eggs, there is no need to worry because here are some egg substitutes that you can use in your cake mix. 

Vinegar and baking soda

This mixture is the most accessible egg replacement in cake mix for the most part. To replace one egg, be sure to mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of vinegar. With this, it will give your cake batter volume; however, it will not help with the flavor of your cake.


A quarter cup of unsweetened applesauce can replace one egg. It will add a smooth flavor to your cake. In addition to that, it will add moisture to keep your cake from drying as it bakes. However, it will make your cake batter denser.

Can milk substitute eggs

Plain yogurt

To replace one egg, use 1/4 cup of plain yogurt. It is pact with healthy protein and has a smooth texture; make sure that cakes using plain yogurt as an egg substitute can be denser. 

Ripe banana

A quarter cup of mashed ripe banana can replace one egg; it will also add a nice flavor to your cake and add nutrition. 


To replace one egg, mix a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds with three tablespoons of water. Then, allow the mixture to thicken. However, at times, it will add a nutty flavor. 

Protein powder

Since protein in eggs aids in the cake’s structure, you can use your protein powder as an egg replacement. One egg is equivalent to one tablespoon of protein powder mixed in three tablespoons of water. As a result, it will make your cake fluffy, delicious, and golden.

Substitute For Eggs In Baking

Eggs are multipurpose and healthy to eat that is why it is popular and added to many recipes, especially in baking. However, people avoid eggs for various reasons, such as allergies and dietary preferences. 

Most of the time, eggs have several uses in baking that contribute to structure, flavor, color, and consistency. But most importantly, eggs are best for binding; it helps combine ingredients and hold them together. 

It is also used for leavening, as eggs trap pockets of air that cause baked goods to expand during baking. The eggs also add moisture as the liquid from eggs is absorbed by other ingredients in the recipes. 

Moreover, eggs help improve the taste of baked goods and give baked goods their golden-brown appearance. The following are several egg substitutes that you can use in baking: applesauce, chia seeds, mashed banana, and other pureed fruits like pumpkin and avocado; not only that but also commercial egg replacers such as ground flaxseeds, silken tofu, vinegar, and baking soda, yogurt, buttermilk, arrowroot powder, nut butter, carbonated water, agar-agar, gelatin, and soy lecithin. 

Furthermore, each egg substitute has different effects on every baked good. Some egg substitutes can be suitable for dense or heavy baked goods, while others are good for light and fluffy. 

Also, there might be a need to explore and experiment with some egg replacements in achieving the desired texture and flavor for your recipes. Likewise, to know what works best in a particular recipe.

What is the best egg substitute for cake

Is milk an appropriate alternative for eggs? 

If you are wondering, can milk substitute eggs? Remember, there are specific recipes to use milk when replacing eggs. In most cases, you can replace some recipes with the same amount of water or milk, or even less, and the recipe can work well since eggs are 75 percent water. 

In most cases, you can mix milk with vinegar. Because of this, the milk will give moisture to the batter, and the proteins will provide its structure. Also, the vinegar mixture will react with the baking soda in the recipe. As a result, it will release the carbon dioxide that helps the cake rise. 

If the recipe does not require other liquids, the egg provides moisture. In that regard, you can replace the eggs with milk confidently. 

However, please note that there are recipes in which you cannot use milk as an egg replacement. 

In general, you use milk to add moisture to cakes. And if your recipe already requires milk, you cannot replace the egg with milk because it will likely affect your batter’s consistency. 

Also, the calculated ratio of eggs with milk in existing recipes will give you the best results. However, only a certain degree of milk can replace eggs. And because of that, you can only use a quarter cup of milk like condensed milk or heavy cream to replace one egg.


What Is The Best Egg Substitute For Cake?

For the most part, the best egg substitute is baking soda and vinegar. In this regard, to substitute a single egg, be sure to combine a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. Also, please use well-known kinds of vinegar such as white distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar. 

What Can I Substitute For Eggs In Cake Mix?

If ever you cannot use eggs, do not worry since there are plenty of egg alternatives you can use in the cake mix. With that, these include applesauce, baking soda, vinegar, ripe banana, plain yogurt, protein powder, and flaxseeds. 

Can Milk Substitute Eggs?

The answer is yes. Although, only apply it if the recipe does not need other liquids. since eggs give moisture. However, please note that there are particular recipes in which you cannot use milk as an egg alternative.  

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