Removing A Cake From A Bundt Pan In 3 Easy Foolproof Steps

Last Updated on July 17, 2022

Removing any cake from its pan is nerve-racking! So, imagine removing a cake from a Bundt pan! Luckily, we have a foolproof method you can try!

Today, we will not only look at how to best remove a cake from a Bundt pan but also how to get it out when it seems stuck. And, we have included a short section on how to prevent the cake from getting stuck in the first place. So, are you ready to learn this new life hack?

What Is A Bundt Cake? And What Makes It Special And Unique?

You may or may not know exactly what a bundt cake is, but we can almost confidently say that you have at the very least seen one before. These cakes are made in a Bundt pan. It is more the shape that defines a Bundt cake rather than any specific type of cake or cake recipe.

These cakes have a very distinctive donut-like shape but are much larger in scale. They also don’t have a spherical shape. Instead, they are tall and are slightly larger at their base than their tops.

Bundt cake pans are also sold in various designs. The edges can be quite decorative, making the cake itself beautiful on its own before you have even added any decorations.

The sides are traditionally grooved or fluted in some way. But, there are many different options to choose from out there. This makes it easy to make a Bundt cake that appeals to your liking the most.

How long do you let a bundt cake cool before removing it from the pan

How much batter do bundt cakes need? Which recipes can I use?

Another key feature of traditional Bundt cakes is their size. A standard-sized cake pan is 10-inches in diameter. The exact height mainly depends on how much batter you add. But, it can hold between 10-12 cups (this gives you the ideal-sized cake).

So, you can use any standard cake recipe that makes the following sized cakes;

  • 10 x 2-inch round cake
  • 9 x 2-inch square cake
  • 11 x 7-inch rectangular cake

Removing A Cake From A Bundt Pan

Now that you know exactly what a Bundt cake is, let’s get to the fun part – removing a cake from a Bundt pan.

To remove your cake from this pan is arguably just as easy as removing any other type of cake. The shape intimidates people and often creates a massive misconception that these cakes get stuck easily.

But, by just using proper pan lining techniques, baking temperatures, and baking times, your cake will slide right out. Now, that doesn’t mean that things cannot go wrong. There are some tricks we have that will help you avoid misshaping your cake during the process or even worse, having it tear in half!

The method listed below has been tried and tested. In our opinion, it is by far the best way for removing a cake from a Bundt pan. And, if you need more convincing, it is the only way we do it!

Step 1: Cool your cake

The first step to removing a cake from a Bundt pan is to allow the cake time to properly cool at room temperature. Many people are tempted to remove their cakes from the pan immediately, but doing so has some drastic consequences.

For one, your cake will lose its beautiful shape as it cools because it doesn’t have any support. Then, it is also possible that the top gets stuck to the pan while the bottom breaks off.

Your Bundt cake should always be allowed to cool at room temperature before being flipped over. Even just leaving it for 15 minutes will already make a massive difference.

Place the bundt cake pan on top of a cooling rack. Leave it on a counter away from any direct sunlight or drafts.

How do you get a bundt cake out of the pan without it sticking

Step 2: Flip over the cake

Once your cake has rested inside the pan for a while, you can move on to flipping it over. The easiest way to do so is to hold the cake pan in your one hand. But, be careful because the pan might still be hot. Use a kitchen towel or mitten to help protect your hand.

While holding the pan in one hand, place the cooling rack over the bottom (open side) of the pan. Then, pressing the two elements together, flip them over so that the rack is on the bottom and the pan is flipped over.

Your cake might easily slip out immediately, which is ideal. But, if it doesn’t, have a look at our section on removing stuck cakes.

Step 3: Further cool your cake

Once your cake has been removed from your Bundt pan and is onto the wire cooling rack, you can leave it at room temperature to cool completely. Again, keep it away from any drafts and direct light.

You can use a food net to help keep insects and dust away.

Removing A Cake From A Bundt Pan That Is Stuck

Okay, so you have flipped over your Bundt pan but the cake doesn’t want to come out. What now? The number one rule is to not panic! People usually immediately jump to drastic measures which always end up making it worse.

The easiest solution is to simply give the cake pan a few bangs on the top and around the sides. This is usually enough to loosen the suction between the cake and pan. It is as easy as that! Even if your cake has burnt, this trick will get it out!

How To Prevent Cakes From Sticking To Bundt Pans

We have a technique that we personally use and love the most. Why this one? Because it works every time without fail!

Brush your pan with melted butter, shortening, or margarine. Then, dust the pan with flour until it coats each nook and cranny.

You can also use regular baking spray, but the butter and flour mixture also helps slightly brown the outside of your cake. Because Bundt cakes are almost always served naked, it helps if they have this beautiful color.

Wrapping It Up

We are sure that our educational article on removing a cake from a Bundt pan covered virtually everything that you need to know. But, if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments below!


How long do you let a bundt cake cool before removing it from the pan?

You only have to allow the Bundt cake to cool for 15 minutes inside the pan. However, we do recommend leaving it inside for 30 minutes. This will ensure that the structure has been set and that the cake will keep its shape once removed.

How do you get a stubborn cake out of a Bundt pan?

It is easiest than you may think! Once the cake has been flipped over onto the cooling rack or cake stand, just give the pan a few bangs on its sides and top. This will help loosen the cake from the pan without causing it to tear apart.

How do you get a bundt cake out of the pan without it sticking?

The best way to get your Bundt cake out of the cake pan without it sticking is to use preventative measures. This includes properly lubricating your Bundt pan with our butter-flour technique. If you don't lubricate the corners of the pan, the batter will get in there are get stuck, making it hard to remove the baked cake.

How do you get a cake out of a pan without breaking it?

First, you will have to allow the cake to cool before attempting to flip it over. While it is cooling, the cake contracts and gently removes itself from the sides of the pan. Then, once flipped over, do it slowly in order to gauge whether or not the cake is coming out. If you see it is stuck, stop and reevaluate your technique. And finally, a few bangs will quickly loosen the cake.

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