How to Make Your Own Cake Board

How To Make Your Own Cake Board

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Cake boards are great for decorating your cake and transporting them. Though you can buy them, knowing how to make your own cake board can save you money.

Cake boards are a simple way to give your cake support and some added decoration. They are an elegant way to add a special touch to the cake you make for your next celebration, whether that is a birthday party or wedding. You only need a few ingredients to make your very own cake board at home.

What is a Cake Board?
How To Make Your Own Cake Board
How To Make Your Own Cake Board

A cake board is used to support a cake, or cupcakes, make transportation easier, and improves presentation. They are made from a hard material, such as cardboard, and wrapped in foil. They come in different sizes and shapes, like circles or rectangles.

They are highly recommended for cakes with multiple tiers, as the added support is beneficial. People often write on them with frosting as well for additional decoration. They come in a variety of different colors, though silver is the most common.

What is a Cake Board

A small amount of frosting is often added to the top to help keep the cake in place. It also provides a solid base for when cutting the cake into slices.

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Making Your Own Cake Board

Though you can buy cake boards, making your own allows you to customize it however you like. You can make them in any shape or color you would like. This is great for making a special one for a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, or anniversary.

When making a cake board at home, you can use supplies that you likely already have at home. Heavy-duty cardboard, tin foil, or even wrapping paper. By using scissors or an Exacto knife you can cut the cardboard to the exact size you need, then cover it with wrapping paper or foil.

For your cake board, you will ideally want a border that is at least two inches larger than the cake if you plan to have an elaborate design. This will give you enough support for your cake and room to write a message if desired. However, if you have a simply decorated cake with no writing on the board, it can be only slightly larger than your cake.

Cutting the Cardboard

Ideally, you want to use cardboard that is 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick in width. If you want, you can attach two pieces of cardboard together to create a thicker board.

Before you cut the cardboard, measure out the size you need and trace it onto the cardboard. If needed, you can trace the cake pan you used or one that is slightly larger than the pan you used. Once you are ready, carefully use an Exacto knife or scissors to cut your cardboard.

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Lining with Foil or Wrapping Paper

After you cut your cardboard, trim off any rough edges to create a smooth border. Then choose wrapping paper or tin foil to wrap the cardboard. Using wrapping paper gives you the opportunity to choose from many beautiful different designs and colors. It makes for an elegant yet fun finish.

Before cutting your wrapping paper or tin foil, measure it out accordingly. Leave about an additional 2-3 inches of wrapping paper or foil to ensure you have enough extra material.

Place your cut liner of choice on your cardboard base. Tightly fold the wrapping paper on the board, creating pleats to make a nice, smooth cover that is flat. Use tape, preferably packing tape, to hold the liner down on your cake board.

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Add Your Cake

After your cake board is complete, you can add your cake. Carefully place your cake in the middle of your board. For extra security, you can add a small amount of frosting to the center of your board before placing your cake.

You can now write on your cake board or add any additional decorations you would like. It will provide the extra support you need while transporting and also give it some extra pizza for your next big celebration.

Making DIY Cake Board

Making your own cake board is a great alternative to buying your own. You can the exact size and color you want, by using just a few simple items you have around the house. It is an easy and cheap way to make your own cake board.

Do you have any questions on how to make your own cake board? If so, please ask them in the comments down below.

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