How To Transport A Cake Without A Box

Last Updated on January 14, 2021

Running late and forgot to buy a box? Knowing how to transport a cake without a box is the best option you have in such worst-case scenarios. You want to prevent that perfectly baked and decorated cake from getting ruined when transporting it from a distant location.

Likewise, there is plenty of planning and preparation needed to maintain a beautifully frosted homemade cake for a special occasion of a dear friend/s or family. That is why you are in luck because there are several effective ways you can transport a cake without a box safe and sound.

Options on How to Transport a Cake without a Box

1. Use a Huge Cake Plate or Cake Stand

Big and flat plates come in handy when transporting a cake because of its vast circumference. Balancing the cake over big containers is as easy as using a tray. Place the cake on top of the big plate to have a good grip.

Acrylic Cake Stand

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2. Make a Toothpick Tent

Add a few skewers around the top of the cake that points away from the cake and put a plastic wrap layer over it. Doing this will serve as a protective barrier over the edges. In addition to that, it will not damage the frosting as long as you do not put force on it. Once you arrive at your destination, take the toothpicks out and smoothen your frosting using an angled spatula.

What You Will Need To Transport A Cake Without a Box


  • 8 – 10 pieces of toothpicks
  • Plastic wrap
  • Angled spatula

Step by Step Instructions To Make A Toothpick Tent

Step 1 – Grab a few toothpicks and plastic wrap.

Step 2 – Gently stick about 8 to 10 toothpicks on top of the cake, depending on the cake’s size.

Step 3 – Lightly drape plastic wrap on top of the toothpicks to create a tent.

Step 4 – Once you have arrived at your location, remove the toothpicks and smoothen the surface and edges where the toothpicks are placed.

3. Invest in a Cake Carrier

By all means, a cake carrier is invented to give the cake added protection. A cake carrier makes it easy for you to transport the cake because of its plastic surface and handle. It comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors, plus it is available in any store near you. Open the cake carrier, place the cake inside, and close the cake carrier using its cover and lock.

Cake Server See-Through Lid

4. Check the Car for Level Spots

When transporting to a vehicle, make sure that the cake is placed on a flat and leveled surface, making it easier to balance its structure. A sloped surface could make your cake slide off the board. There should be traction to support your cake from slipping on the floor or trunk. Non-adhesive grip shelf liner prevents that from happening. However, if that is unavailable, a yoga mat can also do the job.

What You Will Need To Transport A Cake Without a Box


  • Non-adhesive shelf liner or Yoga mat

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 – Find a flat and leveled surface in the vehicle.

Step 2 – Place a non-adhesive grip shelf or yoga mat on the surface and place the cake on top.

Tips and Tricks on How to Transport a Cake without a Box

Make sure when handling buttercream that it is well chilled since it can be very messy. If the cake has more than one tier, it is safer to package the tiers separately, then assemble the cake later. You can also package the decorations individually.

Besides, cakes and their fillings and icings are all sensitive to cold and heat. With that, long-distance traveling in summer, you may want to consider not using cream cheese frosting or Swiss meringue buttercream because both are extremely sensitive to heat.

Tips and Tricks on How to Transport a Cake without a Box

Additionally, do not forget to bring spatulas, piping bags, and extra icing to fix any smudges. As much as possible, keep the temperature of the car cool to prevent the cake from melting. If it is too cold outside, it may cause your icing to freeze, making it sweat. Drive safely, avoid steep ramps, speed bumps, and sudden breaks.

Moreover, ensure to inform ahead that your host should make some space for the cake in the refrigerator if the cake requires to be stored in the fridge immediately when you arrive.

Finally, do more spot checks on the cake to ensure that you do not have to make any cake repairs. Likewise, add extra decorations if needed that you brought separately before setting it up or serving it to your friends or family.

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