How To Thin Chocolate Melts

How To Thin Chocolate Melts

Last Updated on April 26, 2022

Do you want to know how to thin chocolate melts? But before that, please consider that chocolate melts are a fantastic chocolate creation that allows everyone to melt chocolate quickly and, as a result, create beautiful treats

However, when melting chocolate melts, they will still have a thick consistency that is unsuitable for chocolate fondue. So, if you like to have that nice smooth consistency in your chocolate melts, you may choose different methods. 

Moreover, you can use a store-bought thinning aid; all you have to do is add two tablespoons of thinning aid with a 12-ounce bag of chocolate melts after melting your chocolate melts. 

You can also use shortening to thin out your melted chocolate melts by adding a teaspoon and stirring it into your melted chocolate; remember that paramount crystals can also help thin out your melted chocolate. 

Furthermore, cocoa butter gives a smooth texture to your melted chocolate. Also, add cocoa butter to thin it out in your melted chocolate mixture. Lastly, adding a half teaspoon of coconut oil can thin out your chocolate melts. 

How To Thin Chocolate Melts? 

What do you do when melted chocolate is too thick? For the most part, it can sometimes be too thick when melting chocolate, making it difficult to dip your goods in your melted chocolate. 

Consequently, it will leave your chocolate burning if you think of heating it repeatedly. Remember, melted chocolate has many uses in making desserts, but sometimes your melted chocolate ends up being too thick.

That is why knowing the various methods of thinning out your melted chocolate are essential. So, here are some techniques you can use to thin out your thick chocolate mixture.

Adding extra fats

You can add oil, butter, and shortening to thin your chocolate; always keep in mind that adding extra fats is the best way to thin out your melted chocolate. 

Moreover, the amount of fat will depend on the consistency of your chocolate. Because of that, be sure to add a small amount and add if required. Also, bear in mind that unflavored oil is the best option.

Adding Paramount Crystals

Paramount crystals are usually from vegetable oils. They are practical and easy to use. So with that, make sure to add a teaspoon of paramount crystals to every cup of chocolate. And make sure to start with a small number of paramount crystals. After that, make sure to add more if required.

Adding warm milk 

For the most part, milk is known to have higher fat content, making it easier to blend with chocolate. So with this, you may add one capful of milk and add more if needed. 

Also, ensure that your milk has the same temperature as your melted chocolate before adding to prevent your chocolate from seizing. Likewise, you can use warm cream. Remember, the whole milk will give you the best results compared to other kinds of milk.

Thinning Melted Chocolate In Microwave

How to thin melted chocolate in microwave? Melting chocolate is easy, but the process can be more intricate and present some significant issues. Chocolate can burn quickly and seize up, turning your chocolate into a thick, gritty paste if it is overheated. 

Melting chocolate using a microwave is easy. But the question is how to thin your chocolate in the microwave. Remember, thinning your chocolate means bringing melted chocolate into a thinner state than regular melted chocolate. 

In that regard, to thin out your chocolate using a microwave, avoid over-melting your chocolate. Since the chocolate thickens as it becomes hot, melt your chocolate slowly over low heat to ensure that your chocolate becomes nice and thin. 

Next, melt your chocolate in ten-second intervals using a microwave-safe bowl, and then remove it when you observe a few chocolate lumps. In addition, make sure to allow the residual heat to melt the chunks. Afterward, stir your chocolate using a rubber spatula. You can also use a glass bowl because glass can hold heat well, keeping your chocolate melted longer. 

Thinning Out Chocolate Melts For Dipping 

Moreover, how to thin out chocolate melts for dipping? If you are melting your chocolate for dipping or want your chocolate melts to become thinner, thinning out your chocolate melts can be easy if you use EZ thin dipping aid or solid vegetable shortening. 

Additionally, the EZ thin helps you control your chocolate melts’ consistency without altering the overall finish when your chocolate melts set. Likewise, when you have melted the chocolate melts, be sure to add a bit of EZ thin at a time until you reach your desired consistency. 

Remember, the amount of EZ thin will depend on the number of chocolate melts you need. Stop adding your EZ thin as your chocolate melts begin to look smooth and glossy. 

If you do not have EZ thin, you can also use a solid white vegetable shortening like Crisco. In addition to that, you can use the same method by starting with a tiny amount and adding more if needed. 

Additionally, milk, water, cream, and butter are not the best to thin out chocolate melts. Remember, those ingredients will affect your chocolate melts and will cause your chocolate melts to seize. As a consequence, they will go to waste. 

Also, you can use vegetable and coconut oil if desired. However, you should use the two ingredients with caution because both can change the texture of your chocolate melts and may cause your chocolate melts not to be appropriately set.

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Thinning Chocolate Melts For Drizzling 

Do you know how to thin chocolate melts for drizzling? You typically use chocolate melts to make chocolate coatings, including drizzling. To thin out your chocolate melts, you can use these simple ingredients to help you achieve that melted chocolate perfect for drizzling.

Store-bought thinning aid

Many brands developed thinning aids to help you with your thick melted chocolate melts. You can choose from any brand and decide what suits you best. Because of this, you may use two tablespoons of thinning aid with twelve ounces of chocolate melts. 


For the most part, it is a convenient product that you may have in your pantry. After melting your chocolate melts, add a teaspoon of shortening and stir shortening into your melted chocolate mixture. Likewise, you can add one teaspoon of shortening until you reach the desired consistency.

Paramount Crystals

It is made with hydrogenated palm kernel oil and will instantly melt when added to hot chocolate melts. 

Cocoa butter

Adding cocoa butter to your melted chocolate melts will make your chocolate mixture instantly more fluid and smooth. Since you make chocolate with cocoa butter, it will give a smooth texture as it melts in your mouth. Although cocoa butter can be expensive, it will provide a smooth chocolate mouthfeel.

how to thin out chocolate melts for dipping


Most of the time, coconut oil is an excellent option because it is solid at room temperature. However, it will add a slight coconut taste to your chocolate melts.

You can also use vegetable and canola oil. They also possess no distinct flavor when added. Add half a teaspoon of oil until your chocolate melts are perfect for drizzling. Likewise, adding oil to your melted chocolate melts will help them melt, not to mention they will be easy to work with.


What Do You Do When Melted Chocolate Is Too Thick?

Please note that your melted chocolate is multipurpose, especially when creating your desserts. Although, at times, it may become exceedingly thick. So with this, you can add extra fats, paramount crystals, or warm milk whenever that happens. 

How To Thin Melted Chocolate In Microwave?

First and foremost, refrain from over-melting the chocolate; keep in mind that your main goal is to gradually melt the chocolate over low heat to make sure it becomes thin and lovely. In this regard, melt the chocolate in ten-second intervals and utilize a microwave-safe bowl. Also, be sure to allow the residual heat to melt the lumps. Then, stir the chocolate using a rubber spatula. 

How To Thin Out Chocolate Melts For Dipping?

For the most part, you may use a solid vegetable shortening or EZ thin dipping aid; it would undoubtedly help you thin out your chocolate melts for dipping. In this regard, add a tiny amount of EZ thin dipping aid until you get the desired consistency. Do this when you have melted the chocolate melts. Likewise, you can apply the same process when using solid vegetable shortening. 

How To Thin Chocolate Melts For Drizzling?

In most cases, it would help to use these ingredients in achieving that melted chocolate ideal for drizzling. These include cocoa butter, shortening, store-bought thinning aid, oils, and paramount crystals. 

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