How To Shave Chocolate

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Last Updated on July 19, 2022

Do you want to learn how to shave chocolate? For the most part, pastry chefs use shaved chocolate for cake toppings and cold desserts like cheesecake and custards.

Also, most of the time, it can be from a bar of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even white chocolate. As there are recipes that call for chocolate shavings, you might be curious about how to shave chocolate.

Suppose you tried using the traditional way by using a knife to make chocolate shavings. In that case, the good thing to know is that there are safer methods to avoid cutting yourself. Plus, it does not involve frighteningly scraping your chocolate bar with a large knife and butcher knife.

How To Shave Chocolate?

First things first, how to shave chocolate curls? Please note that chocolate curls can add so much appeal to a dessert. With this, it can transform ordinary desserts into greatness. So, with a simple tool like a vegetable peeler, you can create chocolate curls in no time.

In this article, I will show you fun and simple techniques so you will be able to make chocolate curls. To begin with, prepare a standard vegetable peeler and a room-temped chocolate bar. Remember, to avoid using a chocolate bar with nuts to make the process easier.

Next, gently peel strips off chocolate from your chocolate bar and flip or rotate the chocolate as it warms in your hands. Also, try digging into the bar a bit and get a hold of your chocolate.

how to shave chocolate chips

If the process does not work because the chocolate bar has not reached room temperature and you have cold hands, you can microwave your chocolate bar for about ten seconds maximum; please do this before trying it out again.

Furthermore, get creative; you can experiment throughout the process and observe how long you can make chocolate curls until it breaks off. Likewise, you can try making different sizes of chocolate curls. In addition to that, you can try making thin, wide, spiral, and even c-shaped circles.

When you finish making your chocolate curls, you can place them inside the refrigerator until they become firm until you are ready to use them; keep in mind that chocolate curls can be delicate, so you have to handle them carefully.

Shaving chocolate bar

How to shave chocolate bar? Whenever you practice making chocolate shavings does not mean it will be a death-defying act. With the correct setup and equipment, making chocolate shavings is easy. That is why, if you want to learn how to shave a chocolate bar, here are some practical methods to create the perfect chocolate shavings you desire.

Vegetable peeler

Before anything else, be sure to choose a peeler depending on what size you want your chocolate shaving to be. Then, using a bar of chocolate at room temperature, place a sheet of parchment. After that, hold your chocolate bar firmly in one hand.

With this, you may hold it with a single long side facing upward to make small curls. At the same time, you can have it flat to create large curls.

Furthermore, you can hold your peeler in the other hand and press it down firmly on the side of your chocolate bar. Afterward, drag the peeler along the edge to create small curls. Also, to create large curls, scrape along the broad area of the chocolate bar on a flat surface.

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Pastry bench scraper

To use a bench scraper, place your chocolate in a piece of paper towel. Then, ensure to set it over a parchment. Afterward, scrape the bench scraper down into a flat surface of your chocolate facing towards you; keep in mind that this method makes many chocolate shavings in one go. Likewise, it will make small, thin, and flat chocolate shavings.

Melon ball tool

Generally, you can use this method to create chocolate shavings with a slight curve. Besides, your chocolate shavings will have good results and a nice curve after using this method.

To make a chocolate shaving with a melon ball tool, place your chocolate bar in a piece of paper towel on parchment paper. Then, gently scrape the surface of your chocolate.

Shaving chocolate chips

In most cases, you might be wondering how to shave chocolate chips because of their size. Well, I can give you some helpful tricks to make it possible.

In that regard, since chocolate chips are too tiny, we will turn them into a chocolate slab before shaving; bear in mind that a homemade chocolate slab is easy to make. Besides, you are free to choose any flavor of chocolate chips that you want to use.

To do this, first, you have to melt your chocolate chips using a double boiler. Afterward, stir constantly using a rubber spatula. Next, remove your chocolate from the heat before it starts to melt completely.

After that, stir your chocolate mixture to become smooth. Not only that but also to have a runny consistency. Then, allow your chocolate to cool for a while. Afterward, pour your cooled chocolate chip mixture into a square tin lined with wax paper.

Next, spread your chocolate using a rubber spatula to even it out; remember to wait for your chocolate to set and harden. After that, flip it and use a vegetable peeler to scrape the chocolate shavings when the slab is ready.

Shaving chocolate in food processor

How to shave chocolate in food processor? If you wonder if you can shave chocolate using a food processor, the answer is yes. Nevertheless, chocolate shavings done by a food processor are not as lovely as when made with other tools.

Additionally, shaving chocolate can be a handful but using a food processor is too much for an easy task. That is why it will be easier to use a straight-edged knife, vegetable peeler, or grater for shaving chocolate.

However, if you need to make chocolate shavings in a tight situation, you can grate your chocolate inside a food processor that makes tiny chocolate shavings.

To do this, you need to refrigerate your chocolate bar for about three hours. Next, break your chocolate into medium-sized chunks and attach a grater disc to your food processor. Then, add your broken pieces of chocolate into your food processor through the feeder tube of your processor as you run it.

Remember, this process only has one benefit: your chocolate cannot get warm as when you hold it with your hands while using a grating tool. After running your chocolate, remove the bowl from your food processor and gently tap your shaved chocolate into a container.

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How To Shave Chocolate Curls?

First and foremost, make sure to prepare your vegetable peeler, including your room-temped chocolate bar. Then, carefully peel strips off chocolate from the chocolate bar. After that, you may rotate or flip your chocolate. Also, be sure to get a hold of the chocolate.

How To Shave Chocolate Bar?

In general, there are various types of equipment you can utilize to shave your chocolate bar; it comprises a vegetable peeler, melon ball tool, and pastry bench scraper. And each one has a different way of shaving your chocolate bar. For instance, you can scrape along the chocolate's wide area to make big curls. At the same time, you may drag the peeler along the edge to make tiny curls.

How To Shave Chocolate Chips?

Start by melting the chocolate chips; perform the double boiler approach. Then, use a rubber spatula to stir. Afterward, let it cool for a while. Next, be sure to pour the cooled chocolate chip mixture into a square tin lined with wax paper; wait for it to set and harden. Lastly, utilize a vegetable peeler to scrape the chocolate shavings when the chocolate slab is ready.

How To Shave Chocolate In Food Processor?

First things first, put the chocolate bar in the fridge for approximately three hours. Then, break the chocolate into medium-sized chunks. After that, ensure to place a grater disc in the food processor. After running the chocolate, be sure to remove the bowl from the food processor. Finally, tap the shaved chocolate into your container.

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