It’s A Piece Of Cake To Bake A Pretty Cake

Last Updated on July 14, 2022

Imagine a freshly baked cake with lots of frosting. Isn’t it just heavenly? Also, if you think it is hard to bake a cake, that is not true because it’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake. Besides, who can resist a light and fluffy cake covered in frosting? 

Please note that making a cake from scratch is easy; whether it is a classic vanilla cake or a deliciously moist cake, it is just a piece of cake if you set your mind to it. 

In that regard, following the instructions or steps is essential when baking your favorite pretty cake, especially when you are still new to it.

It’s A Piece Of Cake To Bake A Pretty Cake

First things first, how to bake a pretty cake? If you want to bake a stunning cake, then here are some easy steps to guide you through the whole process. 

In most cases, baking a pretty cake starts with almost the same process: finding the right recipe. Remember, having the best cake recipe is the first step in making a stunning cake. 

The second step is to prepare your baking pans, including all the ingredients and equipment needed. Afterward, allow the ingredients to reach room temperature; remember that this process will easily mix your butter with your ingredients. In addition to that, it will help yield a cake with volume. 

Next is to preheat your oven for at least ten minutes. Then combine your dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, or soda, and salt in a bowl. After that, cream the butter or vegetable shortening until it becomes light and fluffy; remember that this step makes your cake light and airy. 

Then, be sure to add the eggs one after another, mixing after each addition. After that, alternately add your dry and wet ingredients, starting and ending with your flour mixture. 

Afterward, divide and pour your cake batter into your cake pans. Once done, you can bake your cakes until they cook through. After baking, allow your cakes to cool completely.  

Finally, you can stack and crumb coat your cake before chilling. Then, after you refrigerate it, you can frost and design your cake according to your preferences. 

how to bake a pretty chocolate cake

Baking A Chocolate Cake

How to bake a pretty chocolate cake? For starters, to bake a lovely chocolate cake, you will need a good recipe. Also, it is necessary to prepare all your ingredients, especially the basic stuff like butter, flour, sugar, baking soda, cocoa powder, baking powder, buttermilk, salt, eggs, and vanilla extract; bear in mind that all of these create your chocolate cake batter. 

Additionally, you need to prepare softened butter, softened cream cheese, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and milk for the frosting. 

In this regard, the first process is to preheat your oven while greasing and dusting your cake pans. Next is to combine your flour, sugar, cocoa, salt, baking soda, and baking powder using an electric mixer. 

After that, add your eggs, buttermilk, warm water, oil, and vanilla. Then, make sure to beat them at medium speed until it becomes smooth. Also, be sure to divide and pour your chocolate cake batter into your cake pans. Afterward, bake your cakes until it cooks thoroughly. 

Next, allow your cakes to cool down completely before stacking and frosting them. After that, combine the butter and cream cheese using an electric mixer until it becomes light and fluffy to make the frosting. 

Afterward, add in your cocoa powder and vanilla extract, and then add in your powdered sugar one cup at a time. Also, make sure to cover your cake as pretty as possible. In addition to that, be sure to clean the sides and top using a bench scraper and offset spatula. Finally, you can add your garnishes like shaved chocolate. 

Ingredients for a cake

What are the ingredients used in baking cake? These are the essential ingredients you got to have in your pantry, whether you are a beginner in baking, trying to hone your baking skills or have a passion for making baked goods. 


It is the essential ingredient for baking a cake. If you do not have flour, you will not achieve a cake’s structure as it is the ingredient that binds everything together. For starters, all-purpose is a must.

Rising agent 

It is an essential requirement in most cake recipes, and the most common is baking powder. Some cake recipes also require baking soda. The only difference is that the baking soda reacts instantly while the baking powder has a delayed reaction.

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It is necessary for making sweet goods like cakes. The different sweeteners are processed sugar, usually powdered or in granules; the natural powdered or granulated like coconut sugar and stevia. The last one is the natural liquid sweeteners like honey, maple, and agave.


Most of the time, it can be in the form of butter and oils.


They are also essential when baking a cake. The yolk is what binds the fats and liquids through emulsifying. Also, it brings air into your cake batter, making it light.


For the most part, it helps balance; likewise, it enhances the flavor of your cake. However, avoid using sea salt or thick salts and use your fine table salt.

Milk or cream 

Most of the time, it is the liquid that binds all your ingredients together. It also adds fat and flavor as well.

In most cases, these are the essential ingredients in making a cake. However, you can add more of your ingredients depending on what kind of cake you create. If you want to bake a chocolate cake, you need chocolate and cocoa powder. Besides, you can add various spices and extracts. 

Cake vine

It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake vine! Cooking by the book is a song released in 2004 by an Icelandic children’s show, LazyTown. The actress who portrays Stephanie Meanswell is Chole Lang. 

The video is about following directions while cooking and eating right. In the episode, they are singing about how it’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake, and if you are unsure about the steps, you have to stick to the instructions in the cookbook.

And even if it is tiresome and lazy, you will need to use a good recipe, or your cake will end up wrong. So if you stick to it and follow each recipe’s instructions and steps, you will indeed have a pretty cake.

After being mashed with Lil Jon’s song in 2008, the song has garnered considerable fame online, and different video edits and parodies have resurfaced.


How To Bake A Pretty Cake?

First things first, prepare all the necessary equipment and ingredients. After that, preheat the oven for approximately ten minutes. Afterward, mix all the dry ingredients and have a separate mixing bowl for all the wet ingredients. Next, add your eggs one after the other. In that regard, blend after every addition. Afterward, alternately add the wet and dry ingredients; always begin with the flour mixture. Then, be sure to divide and pour into the cake pans; you may bake your cakes after doing this. Lastly, ensure to let it cool entirely. 

How To Bake A Pretty Chocolate Cake?

Before anything else, make sure to prepare all your ingredients. Then, preheat the oven; be sure to do this while dusting and greasing the cake pans. After that, mix the baking powder, salt, baking soda, sugar, cocoa, and flour utilizing an electric mixer. Afterward, add the buttermilk, vanilla, oil, warm water, and eggs; ensure to beat them at medium speed. Next is to divide and pour the chocolate cake batter into the cake pans. Lastly, make sure to bake the cakes. 

What Are The Ingredients Used In Baking Cake?

When baking a cake, the following are the essential ingredients: flour, sweetener, rising agent, eggs, cream or milk, salt, and eggs.  

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