How To Make Fondant Elephant?

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Last Updated on January 31, 2022

It’s easy to make this cute elephant with fondant icing. Choose your colors, roll out the pink and white fondant together in a long log, and cut it into eight pieces that are about three inches wide each. Take two of the smaller pieces and press them down on top of one another to form ears for your elephant. Roll out red fondant thinly enough so you can wrap around the tusk from behind its mouth like skin, then pipe some dabs of black food coloring along either side for claws.

Making fondant elephant is a relatively easy process. You will need to start by making a small ball out of the white fondant and then roll it into a cone shape. Once you have your cone, flatten it on top of the cake. Then add some pink icing around the base of the cone and let dry for about an hour before adding more color. Read more in detail here: make fondant baby elephant.

How do you make fondant animals?

A: You would need to use a mold to create the shape of your fondant animal, then you would need to fill it with white chocolate. After that, you would need to let the chocolate set up for about an hour before you can remove it from the mold. Then, you would need to cut out shapes from the chocolate and assemble them on top of each other.

Making fondant elephants is difficult, but with a few steps and the right tools, you can make your own. Reference: how to make a fondant giraffe.

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