How Many Calories In Gummy Bears

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Last Updated on May 29, 2022

How many calories in gummy bears? For the most part, gummy bears are a sweet-tasting confectionary. It comprises sweeteners and gelatin. In addition to that, it includes ingredients available in different shapes and vibrant colors.

The Haribo recipe for gummy bears is a big secret. However, there are many alternative recipes for homemade gummy bears; and all it takes is a simple web search.

How Many Calories In Gummy Bears?

Essentially, for one serving of gummy bears, there are 21.8 grams of net carbs and 22 grams of total gummy bear carbs. In addition to that, it contains 2.1 grams of protein and 0 grams of fat.

So, how many calories are in a gummy bear? The answer is nine gummy bear calories. But, in most cases, gummy bears are a fat-free food. That is why they have no fat calories. In that regard, they are indeed a light snack for individuals on a strict diet. For instance, there are roughly 87 calories in a serving size of 10 gummy bears.

However, gummy bears do not have any nutritional value. Because of this, there are no minerals or vitamins in it.

Benefits of homemade sugar-free gummy bears

Did you know that homemade sugar-free gummy bears have impressive health benefits? Remember that homemade gummy bears are different from store-bought sugar-free gummy bears.

For starters, homemade sugar-free gummy bears have vitamin C powder. Because of that, it can undoubtedly lessen your sugar cravings. Bear in mind that a strict low-carb diet usually needs an individual to eat less fruit. For this reason, it would help to consume vitamin C powder. As a result, you can crave less fruit, and you can receive your daily dose of vitamin C.

Furthermore, homemade sugar-free gummy bears can surely curb your appetite. Plus, it will allow you to snack less since it makes you full for an extended period after consuming a small batch.

How Do Manufacturers Make Gummy Bears?

For the most part, manufacturers make them in factories. They start by mixing the ingredients in a giant vat. It consists of water, sugar, corn syrup, food coloring, flavoring, and gelatin. Remember that these flavors commonly come from citric acid and fruit juices.

Bear in mind that gelatin is the gummy bear’s primary ingredient; it is a protein from tissues in animals. That is why it develops a gel-like and thick solution when mixed with water. If mixed in the right concentration, it can possess the chewy gummy candy’s appropriate texture.

Moreover, gelatin is odorless and flavorless. That is why manufacturers usually add flavorings and sweeteners. Doing so will provide the gummy bears with their sweet taste. Also, bear in mind that manufacturers add various kinds of sweeteners. Nonetheless, it relies on the gummy bear.

Haribo Gold Bears / Goldbären, 100 Mini Bags, 980g Tub

Sweeteners: How many calories in gummy bears?

In most cases, manufacturers put different sugars as sweeteners. Commonly, they utilize fructose and sucrose. Not only that but also they add corn syrup. The main reason is that it prevents other sugars from crystallizing and messing up the gummy bear’s texture.

Moreover, corn syrup helps keep the gummy bear’s moisture. Likewise, it maintains costs lower. Also, sorbitol is another sweetener that helps in keeping the gummy bear’s moisture content.

Additionally, these sweeteners preserve the gummy bears from microbial growth. For the most part, the gummy bear’s sweetness is only one of its qualities; manufacturers use natural and artificial flavors to achieve a delicious taste. 

Honey, berries, molasses, maple sugar, and fruits are natural flavors. In addition to that, manufacturers can enhance them by adding artificial flavors.

The role of gelatin in making gummy bears

Typically, gelatin gels possess a natural faint yellow color. For this reason, manufacturers add dyes to make the various colors observed in gummy bears. Also, keep in mind that the gelatin gel’s textural aspects rely on numerous factors.

In that regard, the factors include the method of manufacture, pH, and temperature. Bear in mind that manufacturers physically control the temperature and process of manufacture.

At the same time, they maintain the pH chemically by adding the appropriate acids; the acids comprise lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, fumaric acid, and food-grade acids.

Furthermore, manufacturers add lubricating agents. Likewise, they add shine-enhancing agents; it includes coconut oil, mineral oil, carnauba wax, beeswax, and confectioner’s glaze.

In addition to that, manufacturers put partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Keep in mind that they add all these shine-enhancing agents during the filling phase of manufacture.

gummy bear carbs

Facts About Gummy Bears: How Many Calories In Gummy Bears?

For starters, Hans Riegel, the founder of Haribo, invented gummy bears in 1922. Interestingly, he was a confectionary worker who created hard candies on a marble slab.

Unknowingly, he made a recipe for a chewy candy. After discovering the recipe, he started a new business called Haribo; he named it after combining his name and hometown of Bonn, Germany. Gertrud, his wife, was the company’s first-ever employee, and she would deliver the candies on her bike.

Surprisingly, the company grew to greater than 400 employees in the 1940s. Paul and Hans Jr. took over after Riegel’s passing in 1945.

Furthermore, in 1922, Hans Riegel wanted his candies to stand out, so he needed to think of a unique idea. Then, he realized that children indeed loved chewy gelatin-based candies. Because of that, he decided to create a bear figure out of fruit gum. 

Afterward, he called it “dancing bear.” As years passed, it would be known as the popular Haribo Gold-Bears.

Do gummy bears expire?

Generally, you must only keep unopened gummy bears for around a few months after the expiration date on the package. Also, by the time you have opened the gummy bears, be sure to store them for about six months; consider doing this, especially when you purchase gummy bears in bulk.

Besides, the package usually has a date when you purchase gummy bears by wholesale at the store. Also, remember that the date is just an estimate of how long the gummy bears will stay at their best quality. Because of this, it is not the expiration date. 

Also, remember that the gummy bears can last for several months after the date.

Nonetheless, it depends on how well you store the gummy bears. Also, make sure to check the ingredients’ shelf life. The main reason is that it will differ from brand to brand, including your taste preferences.


how many calories in a gummy bear

The answer is nine gummy bear calories. But, in most cases, gummy bears are a fat-free food. That is why they have no fat calories. In that regard, they are indeed a light snack for individuals on a strict diet.

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